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Sweet, I would love to win. Thanks for the chance. #988
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This isn't a deal breaker, but it is an annoyance. Oh, well. #4
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I have been playing it myself, and while it has a play to win aspect to it, you can still gather and play normally. It is fun and addictive as well. For a free game I recommend it. #1.1
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@FamilyGuy So you admit to ignorantly categorizing someone, under your definition, as a fanboy. You make claims about the writers integrity and knowledge when you, yourself are making sweeping assumptions about someone based off of some ridiculous preconceived notion that you came up with. So maybe instead of coming on here and attacking someone else's credibility, go and do a little research on the term hypocrisy. You talk of "fanboyism", but everything you have written has bee... #1.3.3
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So anyone who has an Xbox One pre-order has questionable integrity? That statement alone reeks of fanboyism. Which, by your own logic, negates everything there after. Also, if you had paid actual attention to the article, "he" is a she. #1.3.1
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It wasn't at all that the commercial was too good. It was more that the features presented have a limited audience, or seem to be under thought out. #1.1
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I am a late convert, but I have fallen in love with it. #1.1
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I love how you generalize a group of people negatively. Then when you get it done to you they are "haters". That my friends is ignorance and hypacracy. #4.1.6
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It is the name of a Sony related podcast, with a title, and marked as a podcast. Sorry, but that is on you. #1.1
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Nice comment, this made me laugh pretty hard. #1.1
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@pop-voxuli Actually it was posted Sunday night. You just saw it on Monday. #1.1.2
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Actually, according to Sony has admitted that Anonymous committed a DDoS on them bringing the network down.

"In a letter to the US Congress last week, Sony accused "leaderless" Anonymous of orchestrating a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack at the same time the data theft occured."

They took it down after the DDoS. #13.1.3
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I disagree. The Vita has some good games, but very few that are truly great. Most of the big name games were average or a disappointment and many of the downloadable games that were good were available on the PS3 as well. They haven't come out with an absolute must have for the Vita. That is probably what is hurting sales. That and the poor AAA games, and numerous ports. #1.1.1
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The key word there is "supposed". It missed the mark and came off as bitching and whining. Saying the opposite of what you really mean isn't witty, it is nonsense. Expecting everyone to laugh and find it funny just plain dumb. #14.1.2
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this belongs on techspy not n4g #3
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They said all along that the characters wouldn't be included, so why is this an issue? #1.1.1
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The arguments behind this is so very flawed it is almost ironic. To start off, you claim she is "under dressed for battle". Well this isn't a war game, so battle isn't what the character set off to engage in. Also you compare her to male characters in the same genre and say she is comparatively dressed. Then there should be no problem. Showing up in a bullet proof vest and tactical helmet to scale walls would be pretty absurd. Also this statement reeks of sexism itself being... #2
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@Yi-Long If people didn't write about the trophy and say that you could be offended by it, then how would people know in advance? Therefore the "If you don't like it then don't buy it" argument would be invalid. Can't have it both ways. You want people to not complain, but also expect them to magically know everything in the game in advance. #1.1.2
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@Yi-Long You seem to think that it would be the Vatican that would be up in arms over a game about Catholicism. It would be the millions of people that follow the religion that would be upset. #1.3.4
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@Nate-dog it is not if it is in the terms of service when you register for the service, which is what they are doing. In some countries it is still illegal, and they are honoring those. Otherwise they are allowed to say you have to wait for them to be able to fix it. Is it shitty yes, Illegal no. #1.1.4
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