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"Playing Persona 4 Dancing all night"


No not media Molecule they're great but forcing them to do crash wouldn't be good. To be fair I don't have an answer of my own #6.3.1
@legion if a system is no longer getting something I can get elsewhere its dead to me. I own two vitas and am incredibly disappointed in the way Sony handeled it. So much potential but very little company faith #3.1.5
Lol then you can see it #1.3.1
Lol vitas been dead for a while now... Bad example #3.1.1
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Jesus Christ sonic twitter had been on fire... Loving it #4
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Yea the Zelda team liked how the cel shaded aged compared to the more realistic approach #1.1.1
I keep hearing people say the game looks good. I wish I shared all of your enthusiasm for it. #3
I would,t get your hopes up toro and kojima are both visionaries which means the chance of them rebuilding what they were doing over at konami even under the umbrella of a new name is pretty low but whatever they are working on I assume will be fantastic and i for one cannot wait #11
No prob :) #1.1.1
@Author in the article you said GameSpot I'm sure you meant GameStop #1
1. Gaming News Story of the Year
Nintendo NX

2. Best new studio

3. Best New IP

4. Best New Video Game Character
Evie frye
5. Best Single Player Experience
Witcher 3

6. Best Multiplayer Experience (Co-op counts!)
Rocket league
7. Best Story
Life is strange

8. Best Soundtrack

9. Be... #62
Lol story quality wtf and do I like this website no. Nothing against anyone but a top 100 most anticipated games of 2016 list is ridiculous even more ridiculous is the notion that anybody is going to sit and click through a 100 times. #3
Lol tell yourself that if it makes you feel better #7.5
Lol very cute... But no I'm no moron I bought a Wii u to play Mario 3d world and pikmin 3 I did that and then played a whole lot more I will also play Zelda when it comes to Wii u. If the nx comes simultaneously I might get that one. It's a business Nintendo owes you nothing. Sony owes you nothing Microsoft owes you nothing. Nobody owes you anything. And thinking somebody's owes you something you haven't bought is kind of moronic #7.4
Lol look its business and clearly you lot are taking this pretty personally. But the fact is ms made them an offer that was hard to turn down. So they didn't. And now PS gamers have a chance to show square where the tomb raider fans are and were gonna just go meh. Lol that's silly to me #11.2
@XXXL Entitled much? #7.2
That's not really how you show them they made a mistake not putting it on ps4 #11.1
If the rumors are true nx games will be cross platform and they could release this on nx handheld this year #5.1.2
DANNY DEVITO!!!Lol jk. On a more sincere note I think if they do get link to start speaking I don't think it should be a lot or anything I think they should keep him more silent but with occasional and maybe even rare speaking moments.
But I do feel that Nintendo needs to seriously consider adding voice acted dialogue to most of their games for at least the npcs #9
Nintendo didn't have to do much with windwaker thanks to its cell shading I'm Fairly certain that this one had more work put into it thanks to having to redo a lot of the textures personally I'm impressed and the more I see it the more excited I get to jump back in #1.1.2
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