Playing Persona 4 Dancing all night


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Naughty dog will most definitely not end it with a cliff hanger they said they want to wrap it up

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And the nx

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It's free to play

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Lol I don't need proof to believe this is happening 100 percent. Now the details I'm not sold on but this is totally happening.

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Specifically what??? The details about this or the fact that an upgrade is actually happening? Because an upgrade is totally happening

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That's not fair to the creators I think it was funny and even though the fanservice was definitely gratuitous I feel there was a really fun and cool anime underneath with a great sound track

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I don't hope they don't do it and for your sake and all others like you I hope they do include it as it has no effect whatsoever on me.

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Really because square seems to be on a roll to me

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@ppl like thekhurg: we've gotten a heads up that quantam break isn't long whatever price these games launch at is truly irrelevant. Because Ms and Sony aren't holding a gun to your head telling you to buy the game at 60 dollars. If you don't want it don't get it. And let those that do want games like quantam break buy their damn games in peace.

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Lol this is funny tho

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Somnus is still the main theme this is more of a promotional theme song but when you start the demo you hear Somnus

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Lol transferred 400 into my account in preparation for the preorder. Square put the thing up at 11:55 PM I checked out at 12:06 thanks to server issues

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Thanks lady hokage

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I preordered the core package but I can't seem to get a definite answer to my question... Will my ps3 move controllers work with this

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How would it cost a fortune? As for the 35 mil those consoles are still fine honestly all the rumors are say is that if we're gaming at medium settings this ps4k would be like bumping it up to ultra

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This console is rumored to display in 4k and thats pretty much it. So as long as mine continues to do what it does I don't care what this new one does. I don't need 4k because I don't have a 4k TV however a few years from now when it's ps5 time I might. Either way I'm good.

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cutting content is just a part of game development

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I've seen plenty of cases where IGN ran ads and still bombed a games score. I don't see the problem

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id argue that the newest twisted metal was pretty good not the same but definitely good

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Putting up paywalls in any game that isn't f2p is not smart imo

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