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Last of us was delayed and that had a firm release so no not true. But what Naughty dog does pride themselves on is amazing top notch quality even at the expense of a delay #7.1.1
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I think this practice is fine why shouldnt gamers be able to pick up their games as early as they want #13.1
Not really alot of figures alone cost way more than this but add in a steel book a making of video some dlc a sweet ass box and of course a shoe in for goty nomination and all of a sudden a 100 dollars seems much more with it #4.2
its not just a facelift the multiplayer runs 60 fps and includes weapons and maps from 2 and 3 of course in this guys review he all but completely dismisses the mp which makes no kind of sense #1.10.1
sounds like only people who downloaded the game #1
murdered soul suspect comes to mind having recnently played it im sure there are more #1.1.2
theres 6 endings as it seems which means 6 playthroughs because the confirmed that you wont be able to have multiple saves and go back to change things whatever happens happens #1.1
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What do you mean? #11.1
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Blue point always does an excellent job #1.8
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I'm Not saying your Idea is bad I just know realistically that vr and motion tech is still in this really weird phase where it feels gimmicky. Gamers love immersion and if this tech was as good as the matrix or even sword arts depictions you bet your ass I would line up for that, But as it is right now I honestly would just settle for a good aot game #1.1.4
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I politely disagree #1.1.1
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Which is one reason why I hate waiting for reviews but at the same time I'm not rich and supermassive doesn't exactly have the pedigree for me to trust them without people backing up their game. SO I am definitely crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. #1.2.1
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When do the reviews go out for this I really would like to see #1
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Most fans consider mgs 4 to be the worst in the series and considering how great that was it really says a lot about mgs as a whole #5.1
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You hit the nail on the head with that city escape analogy #1
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Lol ok by better I meant bigger. I didn't mean to offend you princess no I obviously haven't beaten tomb raider and halo 5 I'm not even a fan of halo. And I won't be picking up tomb raider until it launches on ps4 because fallout 4 comes out that same day. #29.2.1
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This holiday wont be about exclusive games. It'll all come down to the marketing campaigns and sony has 2 of the biggest franchises in the world on its side. Call of Duty and star wars. So while Microsoft will without a doubt have the better exclusives the ps4 wont stop its rampaging through the sales chart anytime soon. #29
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I guarantee you this thing releases well before november they can't hit 20 million sales before the holiday closes if they launch then #14.1
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This was a very good article lots of information and quotes sure there was speculation but all of it arrived at logical conclusions. For instance I didn't know iwata had stated that nx wont just be one console it'll be a family of them more than likely starting with a hand held and a home console. #17
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Its mentioned in the article a few times #5.2
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