Playing Persona 4 Dancing all night


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I think your right kalkano

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Lol well nx probably won't be that it will probably be something closer to ds and 3ds

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I'm fairly certain the trailer implied this was the case anyway?

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This isn't last minute as you can get the 20 percent off up to 2 weeks after launch

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There's really no point in speculating what they meant by remastering from the ground up. When they announced the RC remake they called it a remake. When they announced this they called it a remaster. So honestly our expectations should be less RC and more ffvii ps4 (2015)

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So where does that leave the NX?

yet another generation behind

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Thank you generic user name you touched on everything I despised about this article

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Every day I lose more and more faith in "gaming journalism"

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Oh shut the hell up don't buy the damn game then

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No and Colin and Greg both would disagree with you.

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Or get this a new protagonist unrelated to any of them.

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Sony never said this is their last uncharted.

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Wait let me get this straight they're prima donnas because they're not hyping up there game before they're ready to show

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You do realize your saying your shooting down these rumors with your opinions right? All she said was that she has 6 sources that corroborated what she heard about the architecture and the power of the console itself. This is why we take rumors with a grain of salt.

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Isn't the same Washington post review in question a satirical one??? Of course it shouldn't affect the metacritic score

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Proof that platformers aren't dead? Mhmmm I think so.

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The Persona 5 trailer is awesome but I don't think that is the boss theme

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How do you type that much but say so little? Allow me to further break down what I was saying for you. When I say they should challenge themselves what I mean is they should take Jak or crash and add a bit of the modern naughty dog flavor. Make a crash game that has cinematic platforming set pieces with awesome boss fights and cool imaginative locales. Make a Jak game with heated gun battles awesome platforming and great driving segments in a vast openworld with a deep and moving story and wi...

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To everyone who says naughty dog shouldn't do a crash or jak and daxter game because they've evolved past that. I'm gonna have to call Bs. I think that naughty dog should challenge themselves and revisit one of these old franchises and do something that both reminds us of what naughty dog used to do and why naughty dog is so great. Because whos saying crash can't be epic or have a story and whos saying jak can't do that. Because I remember playing those games and being so ...

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Hahahahaha that'd be cool but don't be surprised if our release date doesn't get revealed till around the time of the Japanese launch

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