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Stop writing stupid articles and start not resubing. Personally I like the games it gives me something to play between triple A titles. #11
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Its surprisingly not bad and feels very much like dead rising #1
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Now outside of the fact that this was a terrible trailer this article isn't even satire. #9
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I don't have a clue I did buy the collectors edition for ps4 but it won't be here till tomorrow I've been waiting for this game almost as long as versus xiii lol #2.1.1
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Seriously if you just wanna watch the cutscenes just go on youtube and save 60 dollars XD #2
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Everybody should know this especially after the studies published by the LLVCU some people see things as left to right while others see them as right to left its why us americans drive on the wrong side of the road. #3
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Honestly I feel like these games on that list would have been better than what they had 4 rpgs and a downloadable title. Now bear in mind I am excited for all these games on the list especially p5. But not every gamer who likes uncharted will like rpgs. Hence why I feel the list would've benefited from a bit of variety. #8.1
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I have 3 problems with this game:

1. The forced walking. There was way too much of just this slow crawl

2. The lycan battles. They just felt really uninspired.

3. The gameplay and cutscenes felt nearly separate. One of the things Uncharted does right is that the gameplay advances the story. But with order it felt more like heres the story as a cutscene and here is some gameplay till the next story cutscene. #1
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Its going to be like elder scrolls of that i am sure #2.2
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there was a link that said you can preoder online which i tried and didnt work #1
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you unsurprisingly misunderstood me. To be fair I didn't explain myself that well and I don't care enough to. However, I do care enough to tell you that you were wrong in thinking you and me were on the same page for anything other than you being wrong if that makes sense. If not, well, I don't care. #2.2.2
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The problem with not reading articles is that you miss out on some info. Sorta like how Anita thinks this is awesome. Personally I couldn't care less #2.2
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Why are your views always so negative chill out bro. Flowmotion was cool I feel it added to kingdom hearts fast pace and high velocity gameplay style really well. It could've been better integrated in 3d but I honestly feel the idea came late in the cycle with that being said now it's an idea from the beginning and they can expand on it and make it better. #2.3
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Correct me if I'm wrong but if you found a way to make good easy money selling people an updated version of something at limited costto both you and the customer. Would you not take it? I love rremasters and if they didn't profit they wouldn't keep coming. So clearly I'm not the only one so why don't you stop whining and focus on things you like instead of whining in the comments articles about things you don't at people who do. #1.2.1
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I have both of these preordered and they happen to be the first figures in the start of my collection #1
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@the author

the new female character's name is in fact not "cindy" but "cidney" aka the first female cid :) #1
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This is common practice and is actually the case when ever someone is offered compensation. Nothing wrong with this it's not a catch and even without a v
Binding legal agreement. The second you accept compensation you do in fact drop the right to take legal action. If anything Ubisoft is doing people a favor letting them know if you take this you lose the ability to sue. #6
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Check your facts bud. The winners were not determined by polls in recent years they were actually determined by a panel. #7.2.1
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Author isn't amused makes an article about how he is not amused. This amuses me. #7
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@Foxtrot Obiviously if this were the case, then it would've been planned before putting savage starlight in the last of us. However I dont care what they do either way its guaranteed gold #1.2.2
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