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Exactly motion control is the best way to play vr

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It didn't change much? Yea so those motion controls that go so great with vive and oculus touch and even much less so the move have nothing to do with that. How about virtual console something that now we take for granted because everyone is doing it.

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I'd say late 2018 to mid 2019

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Why does everyone keep bringing up that Zelda will be 13.4 GB and eat that much of your onboard storage. You won't even have to install it and if you're planning on switching to digital, then shouldn't you already be expecting to pay for the most storage you can get.

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Everyone's predicting it because Emily and Laura corroborated that rumor

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How is this the case? Since Phil has taken over the xbox division he's brought out backwards compatability he's opened the doors for cross platform play. And He's generally always around for fans of Xbox. He knows fans have been hurting for some jp flavor on xbox. He knows scalebound cancellation is a tough call to make. And honestly if he had let scalebound release we'd all being having conversation about how xbox doesn't care about fans and they release buggy games that ...

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This is a hard and unpopular choice they're making. No one is going to like it. Hell I know I don't scalebound is one of the reasons I bought a one. But atleast they're not letting it live on for years with fans asking where why and when.

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Im dissappointed but I think Microsoft has handled this well. Especially in a day and age where publishers would rather put out a broken game than cancel it.

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Lol I saw currency sign and my mind automatically switches

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How is that way too soon that's exactly around the time Rockstar stated it would be out

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Calling the Xbox one a failure is retarded

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Lol ur funny

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That's the point. It's meant to gauge interest.

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The game is confirmed exclusive that's not even an issue

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That's good last year really was kinda garbage except for final fantasy and no no kuni

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Its called appealing to different demographics. We've gotten many trailers just for us I'm cool with this

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I sincerely hope they don't cut out wolverine. He's such a series staple

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Lol we've been down this road ea has swallowed up so much talent and turned them into shadows of their former selves

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250 for the console and it's hottest game? Can I have whatever you're smoking lol

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