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Or maybe people that would like to play with friends while playing on the platform of their choosing. Just sayin

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Shenmue is overrated

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You're not wrong but I think in this case aom would've benifited

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I've been playing it and I've gotten my first unlockable character I don't think this game will review well

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Clickbait like this is so shameful.

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I've read the article top to bottom several times and at no point does he say that it's him predicting it. Not only that but it's listed here as a rumor.

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Sounds more like speculation and not a rumor

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Terra battle is fantastic

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First of all yes they do (Sure Xbox one less so than PS4) and second of all my point is that Nintendo should avoid talking about resolution considering that it's never been something they cared about

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While I will agree Nintendo isn't wrong in this case they're console still doesn't even consistently do 1080p.

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It's likely they're ramping up for a big holiday surge. But it is Nintendo and it's likely that even with that it won't be enough for everyone that wants a switch to get one

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I'm sorry I love my PS4 but Sony should have been open to cross platform but at the very least they should have come out and made a statement as soon as it became blatantly obvious that they weren't going to participate

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Sorry guys I'm an idiot lol my mistake I still don't believe the list but at this point is because I don't want to. No Phoenix wright makes me sad

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List is fake sigma isn't there and that kind of oversight really does invalidate it

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No Rockstar isn't your typical publisher they believe things in playing the long game with their products

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Game development is weird once we get this first part of 7 I'm sure we will see a consistent release pattern of once every year or so

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I'm so tired of Capcom saying things like this. I had my fun with SF 2 both on super Nintendo and on the HD re release for ps4

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Thank goodness it's so annoying when I'm playing PS4 or watching Netflix all of a sudden it switches to the switch randomly at random points lol

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Microsoft already said they're up for it Sony never replied

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It's totally possible it's just not happening.

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