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Well tulissa that ship has sailed

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Nx will be 249.99

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Ok so DMC just as a refresher sits at a above an 80 on metacritic for most platforms how is that not so positive

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This is totally fake

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I totally said in a comment a little while back that ms would step in and shonuff

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No Vita is dead in the West and Sony let that happen power wasn't it's issue 1st party triple a content was

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Rape culture is not a real thing it's a fictional idea invented by feminist.

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Gold star for you Kyosuke :) thanks to all of us dishing out the scratch we now have to dish out the scratch.

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unless NX is on par with what weve come to expect from xbox and ps4. Then its ok

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Pay to wins always been a part of mobile games and the few times it's tried to eek it's way onto consoles it usually fails

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No one's cheering for business. You merely buy what you want and don't buy what you don't want. Don't expect to get free stuff.

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Yea but what he is saying is Nintendo has become this family friendly publisher. Very rarely do they do something meant almost exclusively for older players.

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I see lots of complaints about this. We were given a months notice. There competitor who they've since surpassed is @ 60. Ultimately this is another one of those things. If you don't like it don't support it or stock up before the 22nd and don't worry. Ultimately I think the majority is ok with it. Companies are allowed to charge whatever they like for their products and charging what the less popular competition charges is an understandable business move.

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They upped it to 40000 and I'm fine with it personally. Sure it be great if they threw it in but considering that the game is so massive as is and the collector's edition is such a great value I'm happy

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No agito is an entirely different game that became type 0 versus xiii became xv

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Lol not gonna happen let's get real if anything gets revealed it's red dead

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Kohima said himself he tends to be very good at producing games by projected deadlines

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Honestly if this is true I'm all for it I'm having money trouble and could use an extra month or 2 to pad my wallet lol

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Why should Zelda stick to a uniform art direction. I love the many art styles of Zelda. I even have a poster in my room with all the different links on it. I feel like the ever changing art styles helps highlight the fact that were never playing as the same character in the same setting.

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No not at alll and I stated why... "As a show of good faith" I don't think they'll do it though

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