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comparing the witcher to mass effect Andromeda really?

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Too many female protagonists happening right now. seems to be an over correction.

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Do you really think that most people are gonna go for the gay male romance? i dont think so.

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I don't think this study has any validity. did not study enough different games.
Men are way better than women at sports and gaming is a sport.

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I love the way the internet get so easily upset. Sony has not confirmed a price point or a release date or specs. So no one has any right to be upset. And you can bet that all the haters are gonna buy it day one anyway. This new ps4 is not gonna make your existing ps4 anymore less valuable and no one is forcing you to upgrade!!

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Yeah there is no way sony or microsoft would do this. what would they have to gain from giving you money back?

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I am a cardinals fan who knows how far we would have gone with a real quarterback. Seattle wouldnt have got as far as they did

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Here is an example. Say someone was wanting to buy driveclub today and they wanted to read a review to see how good the game is. The score it would get in its current state would be about an 8. They shouldn't be put off by a review that is 3 months old.

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haters gonna hate hate hate hate and the players gonna play play play play shake it off!

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Yeah I have had trouble uploading infamous to the cloud

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How could you brent you are a traitor to the playstation nation!!!

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why would i ditch a good console to buy a crap one.

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Not true you can still buy it here in new zealand

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I live in new zealand and today the xbox one launched and I can go into virtually any shop and pick one up. However I may not be able to get a ps4 until maybe feb/march beacause they are all preordered.
Wait until they both launch in europe and then you will see the difference in popularity.

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only 4 stars

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These guys gave the ps4 4 stars and xbone 5 stars???

They must be smoking some crazy stuff lol

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Whats with this PC everyone is a winner crap!?

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i dont know why people dont just buy new games from places like amazon etc if game shops are going to pull this stuff!
here in new zealand we have a site called trade me where you can sell your games and get real value for them, kinda like ebay.

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