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Can I ask why every Sony game has to be reinvented while every other company's game can just do the same game with a few tiny improvements and they are fine? I don't mind if they improve on every Infamous game they make but why do they have to reinvent it after only two games on the PS3 and one on the PS4? #14
Ever notice everything Sony does is a bad idea? Blu Ray was a bad idea.PSN was a bad idea.The PS3 was a bad idea.Home was a bad idea.No matter what they make is a bad idea no matter what.But as long as it comes from someone else it's 'give it a chance' and constant tears if you don't. #50
I already won.No point in anyone else posting.Seriously this is not a joke.They already PMed and said I won everything.You are wasting your time. #91
You have to understand by now that a critic can pull whatever cards they want whenever they want to bring down a game.They can ignore certain things for one game and jump all over them in another game.Nintendo for instance never gets called out by critics for making each and every game play basically the same every time.But if you mention it people say 'but it's FUN'. Every big name shooter plays exactly the same too but critics slap a 9 or a 10 on it and say 'it's classic... #11
Oh I see.You are still on the outdated theory that anything that is Xbox exclusive that I, a PlayStation fan, immediately want it too? Sorry to poke holes in your logic but I have more then enough anticipation for the other PS4 games coming (yes surprisingly there are more games coming after Infamous Second Son /s). So with out the slightest hint of jealousy I basically hate online only shooters and wouldn't buy Titanfall even if it came to the PS3 or the PS4 or was a PS4 exclusive.I don&... #80
Edge as usual.Nuff said. #9
Sony already made their friends and allies.You can't take that away from them. #17
Whatever.People are always crying about giving every gimmicky thing Nintendo or Microsoft pull out of their @$$es a chance.So why can't we give the VR a chance and see what Sony does with it? If it fails it fails and that's that.No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing the helmet onto your head.We listened to (and still listen to) how creative and wondrous and great Kinect was and Microsoft did jack with it.In fact we are still listening to how great the next Kinect COULD be.B... #5
Every time we have to go through this. I see Infamous commercials going on on several channels every second talking about when it is going to launch.Every second they are revealing more info about the game and trailers on game site and Sony's sites.Just about every PS4 owner at the right age knows about it.What else to you want? A giant blimp in the sky with Infamous Second Son scrawled across it? And if they go over board people will be the first to say 'Sony overhyped it'. You d... #11
Actually I find evil easier to play then good,With evil i don't have to hold back and worry about bystanders or doing the wrong thing.When you are good you have to be more careful how you use your powers meaning no reckless bomb drops, explosions or car tossing. #8
I am so jealous.I loved the Infamous series so much and I don't even have the money to buy a PS4 to play the new one on. #6
So he might become a paper master like in Read or Die? Well if he uses it anything like they do he could easily cause a lot of damage. #14
You took the words right out my mouth.No one knows how to savor or enjoy games any more.You just rush through it as fast as possible so you can post on the internet how fast you did it or how short it was. By the time you are finished you barely got the feel for the game and barely even tried to understand the story which you also jump online to criticize without a clue on what happened or what it meant and having to be told 'that is not what that scene or that ending meant' #1.2.3
How was the cities before dead and boring? People were walking in streets, driving cars, having protests, asking Cole for help,lying on the ground dying form the plague,throwing stones at him,taking pictures,driving cars and calling out to him.How was that dead and boring? #15
It's got to be asphalt .He could probably swirl the asphalt around like hot water or make it hard enough to throw or block enemy attacks or surf on it like water or make it into a wave wall and bury his attackers or build it up so he can take cover behind it.And when he does a drop he liquifies it instantly and causes hot asphalt to splash on anyone in the vicinity.Sounds of soldiers screaming 'Ahhhhh!!! It burns!!!!!' #64
Well I don't think anyone predicted ash or neon or that the soldiers could use stone.So I don't think we will figure out this one either.I am guessing it will be something city based that will help him move around or take advantage of his surroundings like smoke and neon.So we should think city and what is plentiful enough for him to absorb.Smoke and neon/light are plentiful in a city, so what else? Steam? Noise? Asphalt? Glass? It has to be something that is lots of for him to absorb... #18
Steel could have been a defensive power or something.Or it could be more physical attacks rather as opposed to fire, ash and neon.You could sacrifice agility for better defense and physical strength.I would have liked to have a metal shell barreling through cars,obstacles and enemies.Doing it a power drop with a metal body could have devastating effects. Maybe they could save that for DLC later #28
I want to enter the portal to the next gen of Sony gaming.I am ready now.Help me N4G.You are my only hope. #131
All I need is the Adam West Batman's utility belt and he would probably have an anti weapon or spray to take care of any enemy or obstacle.Anti zombie spray,,anti crazy person ray,demon repellent,werewolf and vampire bite kit, the works.And I am all set.Steam Code please. #51
There were gun play issues in Dead Nation? Where? I played through the whole game and never had a problem with the shooting not even once. #5
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