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March is GOW territory so it wont be a good idea interms of sales, personally, I dont care when it gets released, its a day one buy for me.

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Molyneux: Industry needs Wii U to be "great"

And we need you to STFU!

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He is probably a FPS fan and thus wont be able to handle anything different, I saw many of these articles with Heavy Rain, It wasnt deemed a good game by some because it was done by a dev who was thinking outside the box and not a COD sheep, but I am not bothered by this drivel because ND has proven them selves time and time again.

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This sound very much like the stuff that was about the PS3 at its beginning and we all know how that story ended.

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The Wii U can do well, there is no reason for it not to, for instance Black-ops seems to be graphically on par with the PS3 and the the 360 and the more the devs get to know the system the better the games will look but there are reasons it wont do well. In places like here in South Africa the Wii U will die a quick and painful death for two reasons, SA has been a PS dominated region ever since the days of the PS1 and will be long after the PS4, the second reason, and dont get me wrong, allot...

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Maybe its just me but bar a few minor differences, they basically look the same

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Hope the Wii U can do better because if this it then come nextgen Nintendo is going to have a tough time competing, then again this is COD.

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If it is , then there is allot of idiots in this world.

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Dude, play the game and see for your self if it is less than an hour, dont comment on something you know nothing about. I can assure you it has allot more than just an hour SP.

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Riot shields up!

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Hmmm........The same was said about the kinect, wonder how thats working out?

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Surprising reviews. I will give this a know, young at heart and all that.

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I doubt the Wii will be the most successful this gen, it lost steam very very quickly proving that hardcore gamers are long term and casual gamers are short term, that is why the slight directional change from Nintendo, looking to cater for the hardcore gamer. I think the Wii will be surpassed in the next few years.

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I will give this game a solid pass. If C2 was that boring being a linear game, just think how boring C3 will be having open world characteristics.

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"Sony Wants to Push Nintendo Out of the Console Business"

Who said this? can you please post the quote.

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And that is why the PS3 has more exclusives and new ip's every year than the PC or xbox, because of how dead it is. Am I right!??? :)

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Maybe a demo of Rising or Ground Zero. Hope so!

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".it doesn’t feel like the multiplayer I’ve grown used to these past few years"

Because its not the multiplayer of a FPS!.

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To be fair Halo 4 is the next step for the xbox because it is a great looking game but, and I know every fanboy will disagree, this was achieved by the PS3 a long time ago and its just been improving and once again the PS3 has shifted to higher gear with TLOU and Beyond not to mention GOW:A with Santa Monica claiming that it will look better than GOW3, this is what was witnessed with early builds, what will the finished product look like?

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This is an outrage Halo4 got a 5.5\10 why is this only a 5. ;)

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