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This shit looks SICK

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Oh shit!this is totally not what I was expecting ! Mind blown !

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My local target can never get them in stock ! It seems like they always sell out of ps4... Xbones aplenty sitting on the shelves lol

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Me rikey you rong rong time in bed

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They are sweating for sure

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Bow down .... Now legions of new uncharted players can experience what old fans have been clamoring about !

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Have you people even seen Evo championships? The fighting game community is massive ! Imagine everyone there buying a ps4 just for SFV.

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Truly a step down from its ps4 counterpart.

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Sony .... Doing everything right this time around with very few missteps

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Sony made my bank account cry yesterday

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Stunning . Sony's in house production team just shits out creativity.

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i literally held my breath throughout the gameplay....thats how excited i was with what just transpired

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They better have elena in this !

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Sony is a very fierce competitor in the video game world but .... Also has heart and is very charitable . good on you Sony!

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Lol flop!

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MS is doing everything to become competitive yet Sony hasn't even budged for a single official price drop lol.

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Welcome to the corporate world to those who are not familiar with lay offs . If Sony does lay offs the doom and gloom squad comes out of the woodwork.

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this game alone will move millions of PS4's. there will be blood!

493d ago 12 agree1 disagreeView comment's called...embarrassing.

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neck and neck? but one is much more expensive than the other and its still outselling it.....this is not neck and neck.

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