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In GZ, ZEKE is mentioned, dunno if showed. No boss battles in this game though...

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Not to mention Solid's ass in the MGS4. Damn.

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What you fail to point out is that most of these illegal firearms have been legal first and then stolen/sold/etc forward. The legal guntrade feeds also the illagal one.

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Worse yet, those were spanish...

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The reason why Hitman: Codename 47 ain't in the trilogy is because they had some issues with some soundtrack song copyrights. The first Hitman wasn't in PS2's collection either, but it indeed was in the PC trilogy some years ago (didn't include Blood Money). But anyway, Contracts has the best missions from the first one like the hotel and such.

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I think it has something to do with the copyright on some soundtrack song. Hitman: Codename 47 wasn't on the PS2 collection either. Contracts had some of the first one's levels though.

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Exlusive MGS for PS Vita should sure do wonders for the Vita's install base. I can barely imagine what KP could do with Vita. Peace Walker was something I though could never be achieved on PSP.

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I picked up Heartfire and Dawnguard for 50% off at Steam autum sale and I can say that 10€ is propably the amount of money Dawnguard is worth. Dawnguard really doesn't offer much for the money: some (not that good) missions, couple of dull weapons (crossbow is cool though) and uninteresting new areas. Only good thing in Dawnguard is the mentioned werewolf perk tree (and vampire). Heartfire is just pointless, they should have just included it to some bigger DLC package.
PS3 ...

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I just got to 4th episode when the game crashed and I lost all my saves. Well atleast it doesn't take too much time to get to where I was, since I know what I have to do. It's just that replaying those episodes I've already done knowing the outcome of my actions takes a way the unique feeling you get when you make a mistake.

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I can't personally enjoy it even past lvl 30, the scaling of the enemies just doesn't keep up (some don't even scale) apart from few, that will cheaply insta kill you with magic. The balance just goes worse and worse, even when using scaling mods. This is why I personally prefer to have multiple play throughs.

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What about the nightmare game in MGS3? I remember shitting in my pants when I first played MGS3, got stuck in the cell (tried 1 hour to get out) saved and quit. Then I came back after couple of days and the horror was waiting me. Such a shame it had to be left out of the HD version.

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For your second comment: 360 can't handle the uncompressed audio, would take way too many discs. And the point ain't that 360 couldn't handle something like MGS4, but the thing is, that it was build from ground up for PS3 so the porting isn't propably possible (If there was a way to port it easily, Konami would have done it.

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This. I still remember people hating on Ezio when ACII came out.

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I admit, I might have rushed my comment out before putting too much though into it. What I was trying to say is, that Sony really shouldn't give up handhelds just because PS Vita's poor performance by far. Sony has a lot more efficient places to cut from (TV's etc).
And sure, handheld market might have lost some ground to smartphones and tablets but there still are people willing to pay for proper games on the go .3ds has sold recently and even it didn't do so hot ...

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Pfffff, by your logic Sony should get a way from console business all together since PS3 sisn't do so good early in it's lifespan. And what comes to Iphones and Ipad's, those cost more and will never see bigger production games (apart from re-releases of years olds GTAs and such). PSP wasn't a failure, it sold over 60 million units (could be closing 70 by now).

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Dawnguard isn't even that good. Sure it introduces some neat features like vampire and werewolf perk trees, but still the added campain ain't that good, about avarage when it comes to Skyrim guests. Oh, and those dragonbone weapons should have been in the vanilla as far as I am conserned.

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The point was in the way Blood Money played as a game, not in the name. Previous Hitman entries all consisted multiple big setting in which you were to assassinate one or multiple targets with creativity. Absolution was far off from the previous entries and had just two levels comparable to those of Blood Money's.

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One thing I'd like to see, is ability to swap the analog nubs over in PSP games (so that L-nub controls what is assigned to the R-nub). This would allow a greater enjoyment in those few PSP shooters that allow you to use the PSP's stick for aiming and facebuttons for moving (since originally thet is the 'wrong way', you have to aim with Vitas' R-nub if you use these controlschemes now).

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Couple years and we have the hardware to actually run Skyrim with these mod properly.

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