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Whichever one finally comes out! lol

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They have tons of people at EA's other devs helping on it.

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The truth is that the 360 vs. PS3 differences were way more major than the PS4/Xbox ONE differences. Why do you think Sony dropped the Cell processor? Duh. So it isn't hypocrasy...most people will not notice a 720p game upscaled to 1080p on the Xbox ONE. I would rather sacrifice that tiny bit of resolution for the dedicated servers that Microsoft's cloud allows. And if and when Sony gets its cloud service up and running, they will have to make the same trade-off. The sysems are ...

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Its marketing. Microsoft have proven for years they are better at it than Sony. If sheep-like consumers look at timed exclusives as a reason to buy one console over the other, then mission accomplished. Case in point: COD DLC coming early to xbox 360. Look how many more people buy COD every year on xbox...because they get DLC a month early. It works, so I don't see it going away

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All this talk of specs and what system is more powerful doesnt really matter....just like last Gen, most games will be multi-plat and will be developed on the "weaker" system and ported it doesn't matter, the games will be the same on both systems. lol

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Devs will have the option on Xbox One and Playstation 4 to sell digital copies as well as physical game releases. They get all of the money for digital, so here is what they should do: Sell digital copies earlier, at a slightly cheaper price. They can also offer DLC a week earlier to the people who digitally downloaded the game. There are lots of things Developers and Publishers could do to encourge people to buy a digital copy, which can't be resold, and therefore fix the problem the...

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Glad they finally went to concave thumbsticks, but having them not offset is not ideal in my opinion. The really bummer move was not including the camera with every PS4 at the last minute to undercut the Xbox One's price. Now the built-in motion tracking will be a wasted feature.

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Its funny how the worm turns. With the 360, Microsoft went to devs and asked what they wanted in a system. They said more memory and an easy to develop for system. Microsoft listened. With the 360, Microsoft went to gamers and had them help develop (arguably) the best controller to date, and included cross-game chat and other features games told them were important. They beat Sony on release date (almost a year earlier), price, and developer support. Then, in the 7 years since, they for...

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Why is it who sold more worldwide that is important? I don't live "worldwide" so what sells in Japan and Europe doesn't mean much to me. As long as the games and services I want are available to me on my console of choice, I'm happy.

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Wow, people seem to be all over the place on this, but never doubt that the Xbox One WILL be succesful. The Xbox brand is huge in the US, and Xbox One pere-orders at Gamestop and other retailers were snapped up first even with the negative press from E3. Now that Microsoft listened to the public and reversed their DRM and used game policies, launch consoles and holiday sales will be fine. Perhaps in the future people would be more likely to take the price difference into account, but throu...

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Most people only play as/use a few different characters in a fighting game, so for me, it will depend on the price of the characters. More than $5.00 each and it's a no-go.

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Gamestops CEO "I have seen the new xbox and worked extensively with Microsoft, and I am excited for our relationship and gamers going forward." Microsoft CANNOT charge a fee for you to play a used game; it is illegal. The REAL issue is the online connectivity requirement; now if you buy a used game, it WILL NOT WORK on your system until the verification is removed from the original owners system and transfered to yours. So once you trade in a game, you might as well erase it from...

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The thing is, just like this Gen, developers make multi-plats for the specs of the lowest common denominator. So, even though the PS4 has more teraflops and faster shader through-put....all next gen multi plats will look the same on the Xbox One and PS4.

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Crackdown is alive and Saint's Row 4.

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I called my local Gamestop and they sell the double pack for $17.99. Obviously a mistake or someone trolling.

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Companies say this, and will also announce that new game prices won't go try and mitigate the sting of blocking used games on console?

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Killer Instinct
Crimson Skies
Jet Force Gemini

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Release a game digitally (when downloaded to your hard drive, it can't be traded in, etc.) two weeks before it is sold on disc, and for 15 - 20 dollars cheaper. Since the middle-man (retailers) are cut out, the publisher/developer gets most of the money for that sale. Then, two weeks later, when the disc version comes out, it will cost more...but you can lend it, sell it, whatever-- keep the passcodes for multiplayer, etc. Then, all DLC is released to digital buyers earlier and cheaper...

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