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Hopefully we will see an increase in price to accommodate for Hollywood wash-ups finding a way to avoid exposure while cashing some significant cheques.

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most good 6 hour campaigns can be extended an additional 1 hours with 32$ worth of fickle content.

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Dead Space was decent,DS2..,not so much.
various reasons that I won't waste time elaborating on but 'feel' was lost in translation.
Hopefully,DS3 is more like DS.

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A slow CPU doesn't change the steady stream of overrated titles bombarding gamers.
A slow CPU didn't hinder AC3,FC3,or BOPS2.A slow CPU didn't make ME3 any worse or RE6 any less mundane.
The irony is likely lost,
All garbage and all without a slow CPU.

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the apocalypse avoided,the inevitable postponed,we are likely to see a renewed interest in "I am legend"-type bs in the months ahead.
"I am marketing" incoming..... 3,2,1
50 games,5 of which may actually be worthwhile.

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good question and an interesting topic.
perhaps,but only because the game is likely one of diminishing returns in an industry that overnight,has seen budgets and expectations reach 'blockbuster' levels.
Every shooter should sell in the CODs,and every sci-fi epic a massive effect.
11 guys in a basement doesn't cut it anymore,although Lucas can legitimately argue otherwise :)

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indeed,and many of them for no reason but 'best of the worst'
tough year,tougher year ahead especially as the fervor over transition to next gen intensifies.
Only in 91 could SMB 2 be crowned 'GOTY',as FC3 in 2012.Not perhaps by this particular site but my faith in Gamespot is somewhat diminished....
On topic,I wanted,I tried to understand the hype surrounding both FC3 and Borderlands2 and yet I find myself returning to 'sigh'.......Dragons Do...

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anything is better than 2012,on paper at least..
except for 86',terrible year,Wolfenstein clones etc.
seriously though,2013 has 'overrated' written all over it,my opinion.mileage may vary

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easy to confuse the two,harder yet to separate them.

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how easily we forget the 'Mario massacre mishap' of 87',when 21 people jumped to there deaths in Stockholm after realising the 'minus' worlds in Mario Bros. were none too positive and completely neverending....
The Gaming addiction foundation of Sweden(GAFS) soon after declared Mario Bros a 'viable threat to sanity'.
Was in April,2013,this.

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everything you did in the last 6 years on Playstation was a waste; trophies,avatars,purchased content,all of it gone.
You start again because 2013 onwards is borrowed time...the Mayan calendar dictates that all future consoles be completely based upon wild speculation.

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A carrot on a stick,best emblem in this particular situation.

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WiiU seems decent enough,it hasn't cured cancer or landed lunar but cancer curing moon drops are strictly Sonys and Microsofts territory.......once Xchat and in game sounds are finalized.Good games 2013 pledge drive on ch.87,first 4 callers get 720 free kinect units with 'move' guns......

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same few missions over and over.
FC3 is guilty of this as well,besides a few interesting story missions.
FC2 was boring and repetitive,FC3 is boring and repetitive.I actually prefer FC2's unlock and armory system.

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FarCry3. If you can't understand why,I can't explain how.
ME3 was an abomination imo,the ending(s) were the least of my concerns...

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would you pay extra for hot coffee or cold beer?
if so,we have the online service for you.

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White/black tendency system was superior imo,bring it back.
Develop various play mechanics and events that are results of such

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If you look hard enough you will find it even if it isn't there....

the convenience of inserting 'racism' into any conversation lost to reason is perhaps too great to resist.

and yes,shooting only black bears is color discrimination of the second highest magnitude.A 30/30/30 split of black,brown,silver is desirable.The remaining 10% can be white(polar bears) if possible......

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more like Demon Souls,a little less like Dark Souls,a lot like them both.
I'm stoked

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with christmas an ongoing recession....we were not at all surprised to find....
we can profit.You can articulate how and why.

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