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It's Infinitely amusing how a lot of commenters act personally betrayed when venting their frustrations about how Nintendo wont fall in line with Sony and Microsoft. Yes we get it you grew up and you want them to change their business strategy to match your newfound "hardcore" tastes but wake up, we all know the audience that keeps them alive are the children and nostalgic adults who adore Nintendo's characters and their vibrant, whimsical worlds and because of this for bett...

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Oh god I know I'm gonna do this, Gamecube controls can withstand the abuse from slamming the stick to do a smash attack, but the 3ds stick doesn't feel as reliable.

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Agreed, One of their best decisions in a while if true. But i don't see why they wouldn't.

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OMG He's back? I was so sure he was gone. Now that he is official it occurs to me that they will want him to showcase Mega Evolutions.

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Oh no my favorite games aren't blockbuster console titles that win prestigious spike video game awards! What ever will i do? I cant be seen with my obscure handheld system or people will judge me and remind me how my games are in every way inferior to their glamorous TV titles!

Thank you for informing me on how I shouldn't enjoy my games.

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Top 10? that's like half the kalos pokedex

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That picture seems memeworthy

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Ubisoft will never ditch Nintendo, They will just not release their FPS Games that don't sell, And go with titles like Rayman and Shovelware.

I really wanted Splinter Cell but no local co-op when there was online co-op?

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it might actually be kind of cool if the computers were 150cc and a lot more was going on. The commentary made the last race a little more exciting.

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I Feel Like Chessnaught pulled a Samurott by looking like there should have been something in between to explain the changes.

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Kind of off topic but have you guys seen the pokemon origins Mega Charizard X trailer, He's Fire/Dragon Type with ability Tough Claws. But... He's in a sky battle without flying type or Levitate, does this mean there are going to be obvious exceptions for pokemon that fly/levitate but are neither flying nor levitaters like; Venomoth, Beedrill, Magnezone and Chimecho etc.

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Their Designs are pretty cool but they chose some true underdog type combinations for these two.

Rock/Dragon is weak against:
Fighting, Ground, Steel, Ice, Dragon and Fairy

Rock/Ice is weak against:
Water, Fighting Twice, Ground, Steel Twice and Rock

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I don't think Custom Robo will get a character in the new game unless they want to advertise a future release. That said, I don't think that a Custom Robo Character would be out of place In Smash Bros. The customization argument was lame there were enough memorable parts to make a generic robot using different parts. Speaking of the latest gamecube incarnation of custom robo the dragon gun was defenitely memorable or even the gattling gun that fired 3 shots. Anyway the special moveset...

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I wonder how Fairy Arceus will change the Uber Tier. you know since alot of those pokemon are dragons, none are poison and a handful are steel.

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Blacklist left out Local Multiplayer on Wii U, That's my favorite aspect of the game. I'd rather buy on another system even when i have Wii U.

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This will go down as the Day that 2 of my favorite 5th gen Pokemon; Scrafty and Hydreigon got Double Weaknesses because of Fairy Type and are gonna take a hit in the "Great Typing" Department

This is also the Day Poison Type got invited to be useful as a check to Fairy (Drapion/Crobat User's Rejoice)

It also Marks the end of Spiritomb/Sableye's no weaknesses

It also means if Togekiss becomes fairy it will be monstrous if Fol...

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Local Co-op is one of my favorite aspects of splinter cell, which is why i bought double agent on wii vs. 360. Ubisoft really wanted to see how well its last batch of games of games would sell on Wii to see if they should continue support. Then they go and leave out one feature that is almost never left out on nintendo systems. If they would have left out online multiplayer it would have been annoying but i would have still bought it for the local, just not the other way around. Ill have to g...

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Mega Evolutions aren't going to be that OP Mewtwo was already ridiculous I bet megaevolutions are gonna come at a cost to other stats I heard lucario is getting an attack boost he has good overall stats is they added a little more it wouldn't break him. Most likely he will give something up as well. Mawile and others similar would be better if they had more stats. Lastly Mega Evolutions cost you your item slot so there cant be any life orbing Mega Blazikens. This move just opens up mo...

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I'm sure there will be a classic/adventure mode. just no SSE

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Spinda's Stat total is 360 for a reason.

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