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i wouldnt mind one bit....they could even have link as a female and zelda as a male and i would still play dante is a younger dante they even announced that at E3 also a character change so what just enjoy the game for what it is #5.1.1
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well it is his younger self so as long as i play the game and it feels like devil may cry than i will enjoy it a game isnt all about the looks of a character i mean come on guys enjoy the gameplay the story and to some the matter what someone does there will always be someone who disagrees or hates the product #1.2.1
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if u r a kid read these days dont no nothing about chuck norris...walker texas ranger and all of his old action flicks especially with bruce lee were the best...if u r a grown man dude really we all no he cant cut being kratos. #21.1
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kratos is greek back in them times there were no black people in greece or that would be out of not racist i like the black guy as kingpin in, cant remember his name michael or something like that

oh we all no tom cruise needs to be in it...the first person kratos kills #15.1.1
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not until next month #5.1.1
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uncharted 1,2,3...bleach,4d dot game heroes,infamous 2,killzone 2, little big planet,heavy rain, infamous are some of the ps3 exclusives that have 50 or more trophies...i own these dont believe me go to it will show you the trophy list for every game #1.6.1
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@cstyle uhh yeah those are more for kids so for hardcore gamers the only decent game is mass effect seems to want to be more than just gaming...which is good but it will loose alot of hardcore gamers because they dont have many newer IPs...but cant wait to see what 720 and ps4 have to offer #1.1.6
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it looks like a rip off because the guy who looks like nathan drake is similarly dressed the same and the other guy looks like sully and that pic looks like its at the jungle scean with the german u boat....people who say this isnt a ripoff are most likely 360 users seeing how they dont have uncharted for 360 and they are saying its like an uncharted FPS.....hmmm #1.3.7
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they said that the new guy learns things as he continues so he gets better at the weapons he uses #6.1
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sure more people care about online so it doesnt really take much to come up with a story for a shooter #2.1
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no he is not they announced it at e3 last month that microshit has the lead barely...but still in my heart sony for the win...after all who has more variety of exclusives #2.3.1
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sad thing is no matter the game if its cod,ffv13,or many others someone will find something wrong with it and complain...nothing is perfect i got too worlds 2 and i like it delays are to help fix bugs they have found or to add a new game mode for example.....i hope that made some since im half #1.1.1
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dude it could easily be call PS3 Super Slim #1.4.3
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i would like to see something with genesis considering he does survive...if u collection all G-files it shows the ending...if thats the prequal to FF7 than we have advent children and then dirge of cerberus than what happens to genesis.In my opinion with that missing detail they should remake FF7 and make a FF7-2 just to deal with genesis return....i myself would like to see something atleast with genesis if nothing comes man what a cliffhanger #4.1.1
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most likey not cloud from ff7 because he doesnt wear goggles he wears a pair of shades when he is on a motorcycle so he is a no for right now #12
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dude it gives the new generation of gamers a chance to try out the old games we talk about so much...if you dont want them then just dont buy it, they do focus on new games we had gta4 max payne 3m red dead redemption, midnightclub, and l.a.noire all the R* games i no this gen, but it would be nice to have a new bully game #21.1
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actually they're 5 gta games on ps2....gta3, gta vice city, gta SA, gta liberty city stories, and gta vice city stories #5.1
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they do have a zelda collection on gamecube first 2 nintendo zeldas and the 2 zeldas on n64 #3
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wow ummm dude no it didnt....they just went with it and now its all about apps and kinect and oh yeah the same four games every year #13.2
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yeah ps3 is alot better on netflix u just subscribe to the service on xbox u got to subscribe to both the xbox live and netflix which is stupid cause thats just more money

@darth---dude some people who use the xbox for lets say kids may not pay to have live because of how (air quotes) dangerous online violence is so they dont pay to get netflix either and also i dont use live and i can still buy games from the store so i do my free gaming and netflix on u guessed it ps3 #8.1
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