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this article is either from a 360 fanboy or a MGS4 hater

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you forgot 1 HD collection the splinter cell collection

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not just that...devil may cry 4, ninja gaiden, eternal sonata and resistance fall of man

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not always the DLC for marvel ultimate alliance 2 didnt save in my download section in store and if i was to delete it i wouldnt have those characters again

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no they dont i live in georgia and i got naruto ninja storm 2 for ps3. I got home and opened it up and took instructions out to read it some and behind the booklet was a receipt...sure its still a gamestop but that receipt showed that the game was originally purchased in new your game does not go straight to shelf unless they dont have enough in stock...i actually asked the manager out of curiousity.

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i guess he is talking about since a 3rd ps3 is coming out it may looks as if the ps4 still has a ways to go before release...i understand what he means....

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guy looks like someone from super hero squad

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well to me it seems as if to many FPS games want to be the same as one certain ridiculous FPS, which in my opinion seems to downgrade alot of potential example compare killzone 2 and 3 online that way yeah i do see games goin backwards....but in my opinion yet again i believe graphics are good enough we are playin a game not watching a movie or something in reality.

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I loved the old NES...i owned that a sega genesis, n64,ps2,gamecube, wii,ps3,360 and i will tell u this i will play the games on those systems 10 years from now and still enjoy myself sure graphics look awesome on FF, uncharted, and games like heavy rain but in my own personal opinion a great games first comes from story, characters, controlls, script, and than graphics

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Really if i recall the original FFX was made by squaresoft and the greatest hits was released by square-enix....i didnt see know change at all in any part of FFX...yeah i no i am being a smart mouth but just cause 1 game makes u mad and 1 game isnt out yet after 6 years doesnt truly make the company bad...just makes it to the point where they need to learn to listen to its dwendling amount of fans

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well of course it has yuna going on a quest to each temple...the story wasnt truly meant to be openworld...some games are meant to and some are not. You can disagree if you want to but I dont care not all games are meant to be openworld. By the way loved FFX and cant wait for FFX HD

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dude ever heard of summer drought we have an assassins creed game LBP killzone FFX HD and COD of the games i can think of right off the bat coming this fall....oh also remember a rumor of a bioshock psvita game

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y would there be an infamous 3 cole more conduits either....well havent finished bad ending yet so guess there is a chance....i will be honest i want a marvel ultimate alliance 3 or something that brings marvel and dc universe together....imagine batman meets ironman

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call of duty causes people to kill.....tell me who doesnt ahow agression towards the pathetic servers, little kids playin and starting alot of bullcrap and of course the thrill of the chase

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FFX remake made me happy because i can play a decent ff game in good graphics and trophies....dont wont a ff13-3

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i like the name FFVsXIII its final fantasy vs XIII

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why so they can take more stuff away from it like they did on FF13 so the 360 can handle it....being 1 disc ps3 3 or more on 360

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those two characters will be part of a DLC so activision can charge you $10 for being serious that would be freaking cool also why not add medival character and hoping for to much, megaman

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bf4 will not be this gen and next gen...because people who buy it this gen will not buy it again for the next gen

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no uncharted 3 boxart is not copied from the other game....if it was then where are the trees on Uncharted 3 case?

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