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some people may not have they are thinking well tube tv and flat screens are able to use this cord and therefore sell the system with the cord....some parents may not no nothing about the cord differences and buy the ps3 for their kids and turns out they cant play it because they still have a tube tv....i do believe that whenever ps4 comes out they might come with the hdmi cord...but it really isnt a big deal if it doesnt come with one...if they are so cheap why not just go buy you...

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its fun to play and u can do whatever u want it should be cheap enough to get used at gamestop or amazon or u should try it out

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they publish the game not create it so activision has nothing to do with the graphics is the game designers at IW and Treyarch

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just be happy we get a chance to play this again...its a classic we have all been waiting for and sure it would have been nice for online multiplayer...but we dont need 1080p and 3d to enjoy something we know we will already just hope we have a gta collection seeing how we were suppose to get gta 3 on the store and it never came out could it be the same as the reason kz1 never came to the store when it was suppose to

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some games run 1080p i actually have some so yeah its possible and wow of course u had to use cod...that game deserves to rot with all its lag and arcade stylism....but on topic GTA5 will be awesome been waiting forever

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there is no bioshock 3 yet people are getting titles all messed up just like call of duty...thank about it you got cod 4 mw 1....the rest are cod waw,mw2,bo,mw3,bo2 but so far there hasnt been a cod5 but yet somehow we are on cod 8

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star ocean till the end of time and dragon quest 8 were jrpg and guess what open world...dark cloud...hmm im guessin the same with it

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yeah we know its not free....have u ever heard the phrase there is nothing free in the world...but i tell u this $50 a year for a rent beats $60 and turning out hating it and trading it in just to get around $25-30 for it if you are lucky, i was uninterested in ps+ at 1st because of it renting but than i thought it over and i enjoy everything i get for free(rent) especially psn games which u can never trade in if u hate them

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no but they tell the game developers how they want something done their way....hinting at call of duty...would it hurt for dedicated servers....back on topic hmmm the worst game this year to me was twisted metal....i like it but was just hoping for a little bit more destruction and creativity with us making maps and stuff sort of what we can do on farcry

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man i cant wait im so ready for this game that im playing the first one again

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seems to be the same as war for cybertron when it comes to being linear and it doesnt hurt for some games to be that way, not all games are truly meant to be non linear

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as long as microsoft makes money off of halo and gears of war they will never care to much for any other games thats not all about crapbox...yeah i like sony more because they care for the gamers young and old...nintendo is only fun with mario and zelda, and i own a 360 but never at all truly play it

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@streetsofrage so does a mute button on the cod in game lobby

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well it was confirmed at E3 so yeah thanks for the disagree and yeah he was rude their is a difference between being rude and hateful and umm where in the games does it say he was born with silver hair i own the collection on ps2 and HD collection on ps3 no where does it say he was BORN with SILVER HAIR.

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dude thats been confirmed to be his actual younger self so no not shit looking dante.....y not just enjoy the game as it is and not what a character looks if they gave cloud from FF7 red hair so what

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wow a game that has been out before CoD was even known of is getting compared to be like just amazes me....

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there has never been a cod 5 it has been a fifth installment but not numberd if that was true gta 4 would technically be vice city seeing how that was the fourth was just cod world at war disagree if u want it doesnt bother me

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this isnt even hunting where are the tree stands the decoys the bait and other equipment all it is now is u walking press a button shows location to walk to and than shows the animals dude that isnt hunting that is like here i am just shoot me and get it over with...deer hunter 3 for the pc years ago was a hunting game

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your games do get shiped i live in the south and i got 2 games one from california and the other from new jersey

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not all stores it was only 50 stores and that was was even stated when this started that they were not closing all the u saying that its true is actually false

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