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oh shit a game on 360 got hit boo whoo..u guys like to mess with ps3 players when something happens(talking about skyrim DLC)so only fair karma hits u guys...but still i hope it gets figured out no true gamer deserves to work so hard and just to loose it all in the end....and custard this wasnt really targeted at you just to clear that up #1.2
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oh wow people of course will say bad things about it just because its not another cod my own opinion i liked it ok....ready for nov 13 to play blops2 but still moh warfighter is still a fun game to play #1.1.2
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none of the ps1 games have been remade would be nice but the ps2 games are the ones being would take a little longer to remake ps1 gta 3 and up is when it started getting good #17.1.1
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dude he said ps+ things not the ps+ being free itself read a little better next time #1.1.1
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the reviewers are being paid to give them 9s and 10s..MoH warfighter is fun and i myself like it more than cod..u can disagree if u want but i am the one that is sayin that I like it more you can like whatever u want #1.2.1
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who knows it worked with cod...which in my opinion is over rated but still somewhat should be about games not competing to be better than others because in my opinion that ruins the experience. I remember back in sega times every game i had was fun but also that was when everything was single player or 2 player split screen...or co-op #7.1
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dont forget versus XIII #2.1.1
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i saw pics and im from the US and i like the way it looks #7.3.2
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only because people are plain out crazy for the same game...sure i love to play cod but it gets boring fast i own farcry 2 and i luv it...also made a decent map

slaton22 psn
slatonA7X 360 #1.2.1
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same reason why you had to use classic controller on wii for super nintendo and n64 games #1.1.1
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different countries for time is different from usa time and japan time so midnight for you is daytime for someone no matter what time they start will be down somewhere or they have been talkin big changes with psn store so maybe that is the maintenance seeing how its on a monday #3.1
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guys its square think about it for a second...we want versus type 0 and ffx hd but instead i have a bad feeling it could be yet another crappy spinoff of ff13....i think we need ffx hd 1st than something completely the ff worlds merge together and u have a party of 4 men, 4 women and 2 beast types(kimahri and red 13). Also the most popular badguys are working together under someone that has never been seen b4 #22
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i liked the 2010 edition and this one will be just as fun....everything doesnt have to be just like CoD just to be playable....out of all the games i got CoD lag like crazy...still i will be getting this, AC3, BO2, PSASBR, and Farcry 3 #8
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missed out on what....few few exclusives that actually had sequels...advertisements everywhere, and charging extra just to watch netflix and stuff no thank you...yeah i own all 3 consoles psp 3ds and guess what ps2 and n64....but i play all of them awhole lot more than x360...dont get me wrong i do like the x360 but i guess i got stuck on ps3 because of the family and butt load of exclusives...hope for the best with 720 and ps4 #5.1.5
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dude u need to stay off if you are going to act like an immature kid....those games are great games to play something you must not know nothing about....i plan on buying the same games and guess what i will be getting assassins creed 3....u no what that means i play old and new games. That my friend is what you call a TRUE GAMER #3.1.5
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u do no they have ps+ cards like they have crapbox360 cards right #1.2.9
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regardless ps4 will most likely be released in the fall...if i remember i think ps2 was oct ps3 nov.....just be patient ps4 will come when its you want them to rush it and have problems like the 360 did at launch(RRoD) or some ps3s(YLoD) #22
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why would you want that? If they did that than you will have to buy all your old games again just to play why not make it BC so we can still enjoy our games....take no offense but that was stupid to even bring that up man #15.1
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same exact game just redone in ps2 graphics with voice acting....i had gba version and now have ps2 version #19.1.1
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some people may not have they are thinking well tube tv and flat screens are able to use this cord and therefore sell the system with the cord....some parents may not no nothing about the cord differences and buy the ps3 for their kids and turns out they cant play it because they still have a tube tv....i do believe that whenever ps4 comes out they might come with the hdmi cord...but it really isnt a big deal if it doesnt come with one...if they are so cheap why not just go buy you... #1.4.1
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