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8 game ideas you dont want to see in 2013...some of those excuses or stupid im sorry gunzerker is cool name for borderlands and i have no problem with distortion like ac3 and swearing so what i hear that everyday...james bond could be improved but please try something a little better next time...besides saying we dont just say I DONT cause we all may not feel the same way about these things like you

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well it was on either the ps2 sega collection for sonic or the gamecube one....its not really that good just think old school vitual fighter but with sonic

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it will be a 2013 or 2014 winter release or late fall....spring is not a good time because most of the big hitters(games) release in the fall and winter months...note i said most not all

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only thing i hate about the xbox 360 live this, i watch netflix on ps3 for free as long as i am a netflix member, well on 360 i have to spend that extra $60 a year just to use some apps like netflix which i am already paying them for...ps3=8 a month for netflix, xbox360=$13 a month thats a 5 dollar difference so 5 dollars times 12 months equals the $60 a year for live....i like to play MY GAMES for free, but i do like the party chat and how i can still go to the xbox store with...

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resident evil must be doing ok for the 5th max payne was the worst, tomb raider nope...never saw hitman, and wreck it ralph seems to be doing good

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did anybody realise that dante and vergil were getting alone in the demo i was like do what...all the other ones they just that threw me off...that was 4 out of 7 difficult settings they gave us and maybe we are just getting better at these games for them to feel so easy...i liked the demo and will get the game because i am a devil may cry fan even own the anime series

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esemce--its not that..blackops 2 is freezing it other game causes it to freeze right now...its at a lobby than boom it will freeze alot of people are talking about it...but thanks for the info

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love my uncharted 1 160gb fatty....been upgraded to a 500gb now...but yeah sick of the freezing...cant wait until playstation all stars hits shelves

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also could people already be trying to hack into it...they stated aim bot was detected already on the pc and i swear on ps3 im getting shot on nuketown 2025 when im in a house and opponent outside as in out on the side of the house and i shot he instantly kills me i see killcam he is aiming at the sky and shooting....i like the game better than mw3 but i wish they would fix all this

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@killerhog he is talking about it still out selling the other ps3 games even if it is buggy he wasnt comparing it to 360 in no way...fanboys sometimes...i swear no fanboy is a all out gamer(loves games from lots of systems and owns more than just one system) at all no matter what they say...

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not saying it was true just stating what someone else said....but if u think about it the games that MS gets stuff for 1st somehow does better on it than the ps3....but yeah people on here just like to disagree for about anything thinking they know it all...oh well i dont care...i use this site mostly for the psn update info anyhow.....go ahead prove my point disagree with what i like to do...I DONT CARE...have a good day

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one guy on this site even stated microsoft paid activision to make cod better on the 360 think about all the issues we ps3 users always face. i actually miss how gaming was when i was a kid....oh what fun it was to play my sega genesis

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yep just like sonic was with sega genesis...oh the childhood memories

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no the first title was EA's medal of honor

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well i get mine, and i am talking about xbox360 account slatonA7X

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so i guess you make up the whole world wow...small world after all....guess what i cant wait for the game to come out....if the same people are making this game that made heavenly sword that capcom is publishing the game either way i can so what they changed his looks so what its a freaking game enjoy it for the story and gameplay...if they made dante black white mexican purple green i dont care cause that is some stupid crap to get pissed off about....capcom keep bringing it as l...

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if you have negative feelings dont comment its nothing but a waste of your little time...go play you cod or bf3 most people who hate on other games mostly play them 2 anyways

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its fun...but can be somewhat difficult but still i am enjoying this version of the game

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i love that i like CoD for the campaign and some private matches with my family but i (as in myself)am getting a little bored of it. Some people go yeah call of duty 8 was awesome...whe guess what their is no CoD 8....last one that was numbered was cod4:mw1 after that a 5 installment was never made numbered wise but a 5th game was yeah i guess mw4 is a no...wht not make one called CoD5:future warfare....but why am i wasting my time talking about CoD, i got AC3 to go pl...

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wow a mw4 what next mw5.6.7.8, i think its time for a new name in the series now

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