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why not just play single player games...what did you gamers do before online gameplay

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spam---flapper will not be payin more because if it has online of course free on ps3 cost 360 money, last i heard and i seen an article here way back its being worked on by the ps3 and 360 will be the port...and timed exclusive who cares thats just M$ way into getting u to buy their system so u can get stuff first....i am a sony gamer and always will be .....ok back on topic...its cool with the rebate save it up to get 1 add on for free when it comes out

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the game was fun...its more like a beginning to all of devil may if this should have been the first game...he is younger doesnt no about himself or even vergil...i got the game and it is awesome...but of course this is all my opinion what will you do haters gonna hate

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that guy is just being retarted and i dont think even he knows what he is talking about

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article was written by a xbox fanboy who else wants a system to be that overpriced

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the visuals look way better than b4 maybe soon we will get a proper console version soon

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disagree all you guys want but why when i talk about why we should keep our games...i swear people on here disagree just to do it

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no flash needed just go to ur friends ps3 go to create new user and go to where u sign in and then u enter ur infomation in and u r ready...but if u do this u want have room for another system with ur original account only 2 systems can be used with the same account...if u needed a 3rd u would have to deactivate a system or call sony...back when it was 5 systems people gameshared which made sony a little mad cause people would buy games and let other people download it from them and would c...

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i think assassins creed 3 and the fallout series on ps3 u can...but on topic this will not solve a thing why blame games music and movies for todays violence...what was the excuse back in the old days during american revolution, civil war, people are violent and it takes a true coward to blame something on an object besides on the true facts...i play violent games all the time since i got a ps2 i had a sega genesis it was more games like sonic and stuff but still i dont have a single thought ...

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here you go old mcGroin(dumb name)and you no something microsoft has it on pc with codes it could happen just as easily on the next xbox as well its not j...

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microsoft was talking about doing the same thing at the beginning of last year or was rumored to...back in jan i believe...its not just sony planning this

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not just sony, at the beginning of last year microsoft was planning the same thing dont believe me look it up... yes if they do this it will hurt some people and by that i mean people who work at gaming stores and gamefly...but prices do drop quicker than they use to and the only bad thing is not being able to borrow a game from a friend or family member to see if you like it....all it is about to people these days is money...greedy dirt bags

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what makes you people think it will be a CoD 4 it might be an all new different name for CoD.....they ended the story so now its time for a new installment

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why must people try to blame games when its the parents....great example on why not to blame stuff on the things we love....You guys remember the guy who dressed as batman and killed them people in the movies....well i do and i sure dont remember those people wanting to but a ban or blame that horrific action on batman games movies and why must games always be blammed...its the parents not raising their kids right andthe kid is already sick in the head

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games are not the problem...if so what about music and movies we all watch and listen to...its the stupid parents who dont care what their kids play or listen to or those who have no idea and are talked into buying something they shouldnt...i play games watch rated R movies and i have never done anything harmful or thought about it...its just a sorry excuse for someone to blame the stuff this generation loves to be involved buy mass effect trilogy soon or it could be banned after all ...

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@marcus...not really its best for some people to wait that way you can make sure some of the major bugs get fixed...i didnt get a ps3 until 2008 and it didnt bother me at all...for the 1st time i am with logic on this somewhat....maybe a year after release i will get a maybe in 2014 and if its released by 2014 mid 2015 will be when i update

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well this should have been best multiplatform games of 2013...i mean really it had 1 maybe 2 xbox 360 exsclusives...nice list though....but ps3 has the last of us and gow accession with some more great far 360 has gears only has games due to multiplatform...which is sad cause it is a great system just like the ps3 and nintendo...reason i said that is because i dont like just one system i am a gamer i like all systems

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psn/xbla should not count...disc based should...and also the vita is a sony xbox didnt have near as many as sony...maybe if they stop with the same games year after year....yeah i love my ps3 i also have xbox but dont play with it much...slaton22A7X

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all they did was just port it over they did nothing extra...look at when it was announced to release date...they rushed it to make some money...but i will still buy the collection soon because i would love to play mass effect been waiting for the first game before i got started on the 2nd and 3rd

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also i remember awhile back epic games said that they could put gears of war on ps3 it wouldnt be the same xbox ones but they could...i say fable, gears and L4D would be great for ps3 or ps4...but im picking up the disc of mass effect collection...that way i own it physically

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