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i did to except the one about the console...reason sony didnt show theirs is because think of the hype at E3 and wouldnt wont the competition to get ideas to steal and make their own

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i buy alot of things off the psn store and i still got it look up slaton22 if u want to game sometime i have plenty...if that dont work please send measlesonurface an invite or campersonduty

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actually farcry has been using the editor for awhile and it is amazing CoD could use it but who knows

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no i got it with the uncharted 1 fat bundle, 150 ps3 games 60 psn games and rank 20 trophy i got $10...hope the ones who didnt get it yet get the chance

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what was it oh yeah modern warfare 2 in terminal...oh my bad thats russians killing airport full of adults....closest thing with anything killing a hurting a kid might be assassins creed 3 when the orphans show up...oh thats right all i have to do is push them out of my what i am saying is i dont think i have played a game with kids getting shot left and right

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also dont forget they want us to pay them for every little thing we do on their system...i mean seriously $156 a year just to watch netflix...u have $8 a month for sub x 12 months = $96+$60 for xbox live gold= $156

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different teams doing different AC games AC3 was in development for a while not just one year and brotherhood and revelations was based off novels...i have an ac book about connors father before coming to america

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no they wanted it to have multiplayer with killstreaks and custom classes

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yeah the gamestop near me actually is very nice respectful and have helped me save alot of money...they have even let some people on special deals and extra discounts

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only because of the stupid crap MS started with CoD....we are all tired of this stupid users and pc...

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this games was originaly true crimes but activision cancelled it and square asked if they could continue it but they had to use a different name use a search engine to find out

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maybe....but we all dont know if the next gen will be out this fall....we all hope so but its not proving yet they will only sony and microsoft know that answer

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like some say it may be this gen and next gen....when warfighter came out they had a piece of paper to sign up for the bf4 beta....why would they do that if it was for the next system...not everyone would go get the ps4 launch it may be on both this gen and next....

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of course thats not what the image looks like the 360 is a little better than that...sure it has 2005 tech but its not that bad at all this is just somethinga pc user more than likely did.....go ahead pc gamers disagree i do not care

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for the people disagreeing i do believe he is talking between ps3 and the ps4....if u r thinking xbox than of course it will not be on it

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chinese = karata= fighting games

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they said to convert the graphics from ds to a decent ps2/3 style HD it would take alot longer this is fine with me just hope n.america gets this

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cause it takes place exactly at the end of the 1st so why would the clothes people will find the least thing to complain about hope its not as buggy as the first

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but its ok to support activision with their over price DLC...if you tell me no its up to me to buy what i want to buy...people complained about DMC reboot well i got it and its awesome...every game company has there problems...EA, Activision,and capcom just to name a few

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i have no problems with my skyrim...u 360 people talk about our problem with skyrim how about urs with borderlands 2

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