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he is tired and drunk

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so who is ready for this wonderful event

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I know this will be an excellent and awesome E3

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exploring and taking in the sites might have been why it took him longer took me 40 I was just taking in how well this game looked and it also didn't spoil any of the main story for the game

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heck im from US and I cant stand the xbox.. its nothing but a money sucking P.o.Crap. ok heres an example...Netflix..8 dollars a month x 12 months = 96 dollars now add the 60 dollars to be xbox gold member total it 156 dollars a year just to watch Netflix.... and with the xbone I sure hope more americans wake up if the ps4 has a camera on it guess I will have it covered up since I don't need that to play my games.

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so when a rumor of sony blocking used games goes around and shares fall at gamestop it is because of sony, but when all this with the xbox1 shares fall it might or might not be because of the xbox 1...hmm I say it is because who wants to pay to use a used game charging someone for every little thing is just plain greedy but oh well you have people who don't understand it yet

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to MEso this is not directed to you....guys next gen means the new console release in two years lets say the wiiU2 comes out than its a next gen than the wiiu will be current gen...specs and power isn't the next gen just the console the way cant wait for ps4 and after that I still plan on buyin a wii U.

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Assassins Creed
Batman Arkham city
Call of Duty black ops 2
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy XIII
God of War
Heavenly Sword
Just Cause 2
Killzone Triliogy
Lego Batman 2
Mercenaries 2
Ninja Gaiden
Operation Flashpoint
Prince of Persia
Quantum of Solace
Ratchet and Clank
Sly Cooper
Tekken Hybrid

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well yakuza 4 is missing a hard copy of the letter v and for z I got zone of the enders and Q I got quantum of solace

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Vision is marvel
he was part of the avengers
you might be thinking of Red Tornado

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i agree with it all on the video but the cd's were great in the older consoles for things like when you do ur homework for school or doing stuff around the made it so u would not have to have the big cd players...but still its not something to whine about....i have my money for the ps4 and will hopefully be playing mine day 1

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his kid gets kidnapped so they end up bonding...idk i just gave that one a shot

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should have had every character up till now...i mean every character

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you state that a goldeneye fan would say their game is better than perfect dark...when in fact you are stating that perfect dark is better than goldeneye....that is nothing more than an opinion...i owned both and loved them both

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hate to make it worse but it looks like thats 4 narutos and sasukes...look at the last set of characters

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your 3 in the morning may be somebody else 9 in the morning or longer dont forget time zones buddy...also some of these have to be fake.....most of the time i can still go to the store and sign out and back in to play online

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maybe they are talking about the background cause yeah the character models just looked HD after all the game was announced sept of 2011

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ps3 was 600 on release day thats why i waited 2 years and got one at 400

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it was delayed to sept...ps4 has a holiday release....unless it gets delayed again we may just see a port or not....just prey it comes to the ps4 so we can have something really amazing to play

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i dont care who has the best event either way i will be getting a own opinion in the reason is because i like sonys games better....but xbox might have some neat little gimmicks too so might get 720 at a price cut

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