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yeah ps3 is alot better on netflix u just subscribe to the service on xbox u got to subscribe to both the xbox live and netflix which is stupid cause thats just more money

@darth---dude some people who use the xbox for lets say kids may not pay to have live because of how (air quotes) dangerous online violence is so they dont pay to get netflix either and also i dont use live and i can still buy games from the store so i do my free gaming and netflix on u guessed it ps3

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still better than spending 60 on a game mode and no i think u are wrong because the first 3 were awesome and 6 isnt out yet so u cant judge it....if you could get cod zombie mode on psn for 20 or less than yeah i would get that in a heartbeat but 60 just for that is a waste of money IN MY OPINION

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than why not buy resident evil 6...why spend $60 on a game mode

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most articles like this are xbox fanboys trying to make ps3 look bad....disagree if u want people but we have all thought the same thing

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they have few problems....some kids cant sign in and think it is the psn when SOMETIMES it could actually be their internet provider or router having issues

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wow what a trolling fanboy.....what was wrong with red dead on ps3 i never had any problems...also i dont like the idea of paying microsoft extra money to give me the same exclusives every year

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i am not all about the visuals i was talking about graphics movement story and sure the last of us looks great cant wait to get it but in MY OPINION beyond looks alot better.

and sackboy no im not i no what i saw at E3 sure the last of us may dominate the hell out of beyond but still it looks better to thank you for the disagrees considering i was saying that with these two games it is still hard to tell what the limits to the ps3 are. Every time we thank thats it the...

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beyond looks even better than this so how can the last of us define the ps3 limits...

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well it should be similar because of it being FF3 i mean why would the trailer be any different

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they could have already started it and not letting no one know now that they have a new engine...but to be honest it would be great to have a remake but i would rather them not because it would take a long time we would have another problem like FFv13 they would have to start over from scratch and also hire voice actors

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but on ps3 we watch netflix for free except to subscribe to netflix on 360 u have to pay to have xbox live and pay netflix so ps3 is better

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i never knew it was down i was signed in and playing online...oh well i bet people thought the end of the world was coming cause of no psn...

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ff13 and 13-2 in my opinion where great games...but the 360 dumb down 13 because of it being on dvd disc besides blu-ray....and u guys will still have hate against ffv13 like omg he had red hair he suppose to have black hair this game sucks....but truthfully gamers are extinct we have nothing more now than fanboys and people who complain about every freaking game that comes out

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zelda all the game nintendo has and it will never die this article is bull crap and also if all u got to do is hate on a video game get a life

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well atleast we are not getting the same ips since xbox-regular(halo and maybe forza and fable) only new major ip 360 got this year is gears wow MS is amazingly..................... ....... stupid

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to a young kid, yeah it is hard go back to your crapbox 3shity...we dont need you here

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thats why i buy the disc take up alot less space....downloading ps3 games through psn takes to much memory

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dude it sounds like u worship the game get over urself oh wait u have been possessed by the crapbox 360...wii/pc/ps3 all the way

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only because it is one of the very very few non kinect exclusives for the 360

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to much money..oh wait pc gamers pirate their games which is illegal..hmm go right on ahead

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