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Cloud could easily be on smash because Final fantasy started on NES. I think they chose cloud cause they may believe him to be the most popular because of how popular ff7 is. Now I was thinking if anything they should have used an NES final fantasy character....but awesome on finally getting to play super star wars for the first time. #7.3.1
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you and me both!!! #12.1
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Dude Arkham origins was not rocksteady...that's why that game didn't live up to the previous arkham games. This game will be made by rocksteady and if you liked the other two you surely will like this one. Don't miss out on this game cause of what another company did. #12.3
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Is this game rare...i actually got it at a flea market for 25cents. Also got digimon world 2 for the same price. #3
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this game is not a joke....wakka wakka wakka #1.2.1
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im in the US and all I got to say is I agree with all of what you said #3.1.7
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sorry for this I am not trolling this just popped in my head disagree if you want or agree

xbox one at a time
this goes to the guy that showed a link to a bestbuy store with xbox ones in Houston #38
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same here its having maintenance I swapped over to ps3 it lets me in but not to the store and it wont let me play online on ps4 or the store cause of the maintenance. #8.2
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who cares just get the system and games that you want and enjoy it. This arguing is not helping sony games or xbox games. I still play my sega and last I checked it was 16bit. #142
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well MS copied sega they had that device you stand in and used motion with mortal kombat and stuff....also MS copied sega with live...sega had the sega channel and the trigger where on the back on the N64 controller it was just one but still a trigger...if you don't know some of the facts please don't waste time if you don't know about the things I am talking about please look them up

sega channel
I agree and disagree...they put x-2 because of it being a sequel makes better sense. I also know what you mean by SE pissing ppl off. So what I did to not worry so much about all this complaining of games and stuff is I bought a sega, just to past the time #6.1.1
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wow did you really just go there troll #4.5
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unless they added a feature where you type a persons name in and automatically find that person which would also be neat #1.4.1
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if I remember there was an update on ps3 to turn it off you still get your trophy but not the distraction #5.1
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ok look how long for killer instinct it took missing a whole generation just to finally do a game...I think donkey kong would have been shelved because so many gamers on 360 were mostly into shooters I may be wrong but its my opinion. #1.1.9
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yeah and twilight town and hollow Bastian #9.1.1
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I hope ur not serious its been out for awhile now....last year I yeah it is on ps3 #6.1
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wreck it ralph the sword and the stone dumbo the great mouse detective....just imagine with the power behind the ps4 we may have a huge selection of can only hope #3.2
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it was number one until the ps4 was showed than ps4 started climbing up the charts...atleast I read that some where online during E3 week...if I am wrong please let an honest person let me know #1.5.2
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he is tired and drunk #3
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