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The score is an average between the two of them, and they use a star rating system, which does not translate percentage-wise to an out-of-ten system as used by N4G.

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From last year's E3? Seriously?

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I really need UC4 to be as good or better than UC2. I became pretty depressed after UC3; the pacing, the aiming (yes, i know they "fixed" it via patch), the new melee system, and the frustrating enemies who would rush at you and force you into fisticuffs were all unwelcome changes.

I think the last of us proved that the UC2 team are THE best dev team (at least on consoles), so the fact that UC4 is the UC3 team has me concerned.

Thankfully, Neil and ...

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I just hope it's more Among Thieves and less Drake's Deception

I was so disappointed with 3 (different NG team worked on it) compared to 2

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Great game. Raven were/are such underrated developers.

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Can someone catch me up: Is it a timed exclusive or an exclusive, period? Thanks

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April fools?

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Bruce and Neil aren't at the helm though. Uncharted 3 team = Next Gen Uncharted team.

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good to know!

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I am not a hater, and TLOU is my favourite game ever, after Uncharted 2 no less, but I thought Ellie had never seen infected?

She asks questions etc about them early in the main game, and in general come across as someone who has never ventured outside safe zones.

Also, if she shoots a gun in this, then that is an error, as her shooting (the rifle) for the first time (BBs don't count) was a big deal later in TLOU campaign.

Could someone e...

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AC2: Brotherhood perfected the AC2 formula and added some cool changes to combat. Wasn't as good as 2 from a narrative perspective, but it was probably superior in terms of gameplay. I'd say Brotherhood comes close to AC2, and wouldn't argue with those who said it was a better game.

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yeah, that's deji his little brother.

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yeah. TLOU establishes that she hasn't seen the outside world though, right? she reacts strongly to joel killing other humans / the infected. in fact, doesn't she ask all about the infected in the first mission with her, joel and tess?

i haven't read the comic about her and riley but i'm already worried about plot holes re. her character arc in TLOU.

regardless of all this, i still would like to play a character who handles like joel.

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worried about the gameplay if you just play as an inexperienced ellie and her friend. means no shooting / brutal melee which was so well done in TLOU.

hoping you get to play as an adult

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nor will this article :)

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strip clubS?

there's only one in the game????

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my brother accidentally downloaded the fifa 13 demo off origin lol

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the campaign is shorter than gta IV, iirc. rockstar were bummed that so many people didn't complete IV's story.

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it isn't a review. the blockbuster magazine does the same thing here in australia. they just lump in previews and reviews in one section and title each as a review...

it's annoying, but you only need to read the write-up to figure out they haven't played the game

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Quote from Rockstar from article:

"“As we get closer and closer to game launch, there will be lots of people around the internet posting supposed leaked information about the game. Please do not proliferate such things here as we certainly don’t want any misinformation spread from things that are fake nor do we want spoilers spread regarding anything that might be true.”

They don't confirm or deny the soundtrack leak as fake. Misleading article title...

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