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"If I report your pending article, it's only to make you a better journalist!"


I agree that PES doesn't match FIFA in other areas, but it's very clear that Konami is really trying to gain ground on EA.

Improve the passing game in FIFA 14 and I don't think I'd be able to put it down. #3.1.1
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I probably dropped about 60 hours into FIFA 14 this year and the one thing that I want to see addressed with FIFA 15 is the passing game. The passing in PES is butter smooth and too many times in FIFA, the passing fails in really important moments. #3
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But, that "4 million Wii U owners" is also a focal point that isn't taken into account in this article. If only 4 million people are willing to spend the $300+ for the Wii U - is there really more than this that are willing to spend another $200+ for a console that rivals the PS4 and Xbox One?

Nintendo has little third party support. It has very weak online infrastructure and to the best of my knowledge, little to no cloud-based infra... #2.5
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Nintendo did merge the handheld and the home console market together. It's called the Wii U! #7.1.2
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I saw his video the other day and it's absolutely hysterical. I hope he keeps them coming! #8
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@krazeecain Yes, I actually am indeed reading these comments and believe it or not, I've studies how SteamOS works and I can tell you that it actually isn't a "normal PC" like so many people choose to believe that it is, if you choose to keep SteamOS on this hardware.

In its current format, you can't do anything put boot into Steam and play games that are formatted for Linux within that one system. It doesn't have the connectivity of functionality to... #3.2.3
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It's to my understanding that a large amount of developers are in the process of making its Steam games Linux compatible. I've also heard that Valve is working with them to make it as smooth of a transition as possible. #9.1
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DOTA 2 is plenty enough - eh? #6.2
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No, it isn't a "normal PC." A "normal PC" run Windows as an operating system and the SteamOS is not Windows. #3.3.1
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@Starbucks_Fan SteamOS runs on a Debian form of the Linux kernel, not Windows.

I'm not testing SteamOS, because as of right now, it can't be dual-booted on a single system. From what I've read, SteamOS is an extremely stripped down and basic form of Linux in its current stage. It is not user friendly at this point in time.

With that said - it's Linux. The community will make it make it continually better from this point forward. I'd expe... #3.1.2
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Hi Oh_Yeah,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts!

You bring up a great point and one that I didn't think about when writing the piece. Using a small cradle to drop your mobile device into could not only feature a power jack, but also feature and HDMI out port as well, which would allocate more processing power for the device when playing high-end games on a television, losing the need to stream the audio and image.

And yes... #3.1
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Hi NeoTribe,

If you're thinking in the context of "mobile gaming" - you've already completely missed the point of the piece I've written; did you take the time to read it before commenting?

This op-ed looks at the rapid technological advancements with mobile devices (hardware) in the past decade in comparison to those in gaming consoles, which clearly shows an immense acceleration in the mobile industry. It was only a decade ago that p... #2.1
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"Nirvana and snap bracelets"

...and with my flannel shirt on too! #1
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There's never a drought for us indie gamers. #12
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I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with God Eater: Burst. #1.2
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No, people like to have knee-jerk reactions to things that they don't fully understand. I never stated in this piece that full body motion controls would be a highlight for the new Kinect, but as I expected, people are very quick to take things to the worst case scenario very quickly.

Mass Effect 3 was a shining example of how voice commands can build upon a video game played with a controller for the better. I expect to see much more of this on the Xbox One and I think... #9.1.1
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It's indeed the addition on voice commands and accurate hand gestures that have the potential to find Kinect improving Xbox One games - not full body motion controls. #8.1
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Does your smartphone and/or laptop have a forward facing camera? If so, you should probably get rid of those too, seeing how there's little difference between them. #4.1.3
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Short-sighted much? #1.1
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That's awesome - I was hoping that the controls would indeed invert, and I'm also glad to hear that the motion controls work as well. I thought that they worked quite well with Mario Kart Wii, but to land world record times in Time Trials, I found the motion controls to be inadequate. #1.1.4
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