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I agree - they just need more time to optimize.

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I'm willing to take any visual hit to be able to play splitscreen. Any!

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I don't think they even try and optimize compression

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Their data is wrong

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There was an article that kind of talked to this and said 54% of the games are indies, but didn't break it down beyond that. I remember thinking though that I would have expected the indies to be more like 65% or 70%. Seems like so many of them coming out. (source:

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You interested in the multiplayer spin-off? To me it feels like it just won't even remotely scratch the itch.

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What's Amy Hennig up to at the moment any way? Maybe the trick is to get her back involved.

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That's a fair gap. I realise that quality and quantity are two different things, and I can't think of too many games in the indie space I really care about being on one platform or the other, but if you were an outsider looking in - say an investor - you'd take note.

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I didn't think much of Crystal Dynamics first few Tomb Raider games - they were really mediocre - but the reboot was great. So maybe they have learned something about how to bring back a series now and do better than we expect.

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You can only assume they would run any sequel through the Tomb Raider engine as well, which is pretty impressive. It's salivating.

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They really do have a fun back catalogue of games Crystal Dynamics. Surely by the time they do this Tomb Raider trilogy they will be ready for something new.

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It feels like a game of this type, with high-end visuals and so many cutscenes, should be bigger. Perhaps Crystal Dynamics is actually trying to compress a lot where others are not.

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Fantastic idea!! Love this studio.

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I wonder if the remakes will continue after backwards compatibility comes into play.

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I'm perfectly fine with remasters - it's helping me clear out my pile of shame, and I get to do so with better visuals and faster frame rates.

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I think its eight biggest install size ever, not eighth best game ever. I don't think the list is a statement of quality. Some of the best games are indies and they are a handful of MBs

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Got to be the cutscenes in CoD. Not sure about NBA - all three of them are up there on the install sizes list

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Far out, that top 10 list of install sizes is epic! You could only fit the first 7 in and then you would be spent on the standard drive. Stupid way to play console games these installs!!!

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Angry birds sold more than every AAA combined

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