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Racing Transformed actually plays really well on the iPad and is worth getting. #1
I'm not sure I can get past this game's totally weird name to be honest. Other than that, looks reasonable. #1
This is the first year it will have to overcome what Heathstone has achieved. Will be interesting to see how it competes against the new kid on the block. #1
There's a lot of great space games coming out at the moment and I am not sure this is the one for me. #1
This game looks amazing. If you want a direct App Store link, here it is = #1
If you want to head straight to the App Store, here is the link = #1
Here is a direct link to iTunes if you want to jump straight there - #1
Weird that you'd go for this kind of visual style, but it certainly does make me feel nostalgic. #1
I hope they do a Earthworm Jim character as a cameo for one of the drivers. #1
I've been following this game since the original iPad release and this developer has consistently added new content to it. Glad to see it expanding. #1
This is one game not to play off your head. #1
Very excited about seeing this game on a retina screen. The visual style looks so amazing. #1
Horn is most certainly worth picking up. That's a great game. #2
Yes, this is the game that was called Wayward Saga... until King started being a bully. #1
I know this game had a rocky start, but the amount of post-release content it has offered has been huge. #1
I still play Nethack all the time - roguelikes rule. #1
Like that these guys are going full throttle to make this great specifically on iPad #1
Most are multiformat including consoles and PC, but it would not let me tag all the games when I added the article. #2.1
Downloading right now. Here is the quick link if you want it - #1
I bet, all up, you'll get these 10 games for like $25 or something - awesome! #1
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