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That Radiohead game fits the band pretty snugly, but is it a game or just a trip? #1
It's a great game - I enjoyed the ending, too. But yeah about 2/3 in when you change perspectives it looses its way a bit. It's Rockstar's Mexico moment. #2
I heard they went free cause they gave up on premium despite the good reviews. Kind of a shame really. #2.1
Good list and I appreciate how it focuses on actual games rather than the fully disguised IAP stealth bombers. #1
Looks like it is ripe for a thousand toy spin-offs. #1
hahah... how is he going to get himself out of this one? #2.1
100-hours of gaming on an iPad sounds like it would give you a cramp. Still awesome to see these old favourites make the trip. #1
Awesome to see Snip & Chu get some love - its a LCDemake/Comic for those who haven't seen it before. #1
It's a no brainer to me that Apple would get the iOS catalogue on TVs somehow. Why not? Everyone else is doing it, using far worse systems. #1
The gems just keep on coming. Glad to see Table Tennis Touch get a mention: amazing game. #1
I got to admit, despite having little information, what is there is funny. #1
I'm not sure how much fun a kid will get out of it. If your child is in to Minecraft - as in, thinking game, I reckon they would dig it. #3.1
If you've got some Sim familiarity - like Transport Tycoon or even SimCity - I think you'll be fine. #2.1
Very excited to see how the multiplayer works out in this game. Anyone checked it out yet? #1
This is not the X-Wing vs TIE Fighter 2 I've been looking for. #2
I microconsole is like Ouya or the Fire TV. So it is a console that sits under your TV, but rather than the full disc-based Xbox style of thing, it runs off a Android, Amazon or - in this case - iOS dashboard and downloads stuff direct from the stores.

So you play it on your TV (it's not a handheld) but you play mobile games (cause you download them from iTunes and they cost $1)

At least, that is my understanding #2.1
It's a no brainer to me that Apple would capitalise on its current - and effective - ecosystem to do this. Why else would they do MFI controllers if not to set up for a Microconsole? #1
It looks really dark. I realise that is the point, and I have not played the game and it's obviously sold a bunch, but is it has hard to see the world as the video suggests? #3
I actually thought it reviewed quite well, but looking at Metacritic it seems to be a 7 - classic case of some love it some don't I guess. #2.1
Makes me funny to read this list and how seriously some of the major companies take the mobile scene, given how platformist there audience tends to be about it. #1
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