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This guys speaks my language. Always going to prefer paying upfront for everything - that goes for the big console games, too. #1
They'll have to spruce it up a fair bit to compete with the Sonic and Mario Kart games, but that's still good news. #1
This style of experience will forever be in my heart. #1
Sounds ok and looks polished enough - not really my style of game though. #1
I will be quite interested to see how the multiplayer unfolds. I guess it is just persistent in the same world more than, say, racing against one another. #1
That's a genuinely neat idea. The game actually looks like quite a bit of fun. #1
That doesn't seem like a worthwhile stunt for me given the million it must have cost. Aren't there people going hungry in this world... eat the birds, and give the money to charity Rovio. #1
This game looks pretty amazing. I'm falling in love with platformers again at the moment. #1
I actually heard Instantion is a bit of a dud. Like a lesser version of The Swapper. Haven't played it myself though. #2.1
Unreal list - it has been some sort of month for Tablet gamers! #1
Games looks amazing... almost too amazing for this generation. Love the idea though. #1
Here is the direct link to App Store if you want it -

Game actually looks super cool! #1
If anybody wants the direct link to App Store it is - #1
Getting! Here is the direct link if you want it - #1
I really like the idea of being able to track my lap times against the global race base on this thing. Video uploads not so much. #1
Yeah I think that is fair enough argument to be honest. I suspect we'll never know for sure, but you do make a good point. #3.2
Hard to argue with a buck! #1
Few no brainers in there. République is awesome. Bardbarian is great and Modern Combat 4 is a damn fine FPS. #1
You can play GTA San Andreas :) #4.1
I thought you meant journos in articles like this one. Not the industry as in the suits on stage at press conferences and analysts like Pachter. #2.1.2
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