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"Approving and Pending"


Except that Apple has approved it and allowed it to go on sale, so it is obviously ok by their standards.

Still, weird it got through. Maybe stories like this will get it retroactively removed. #1.1.3
Who owns all those old games now. Like X-Wing and Dark Forces... is that Disney? #1.1.1
Looks like you can download these songs for free too, which is nice. I wish all devs did that. #1
It's hard to believe this game actually exists. Do I need to see it for myself?? Do I?? Maybe... #1
Well number one was a no brainer, but there were quite a few in that list I had not heard of before. #1
I can't help but be a bit disappointed that there isn't a killer Star Wars dogfighter on iOS yet. Even just an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter port would make my day. #1
It's not the deepest story, but the game is well worth checking out. #1
"Happy as an elephant" - what a great line. Interesting story this. #1
What is it about Rami that has made him such an indie celebrity? Ridiculous Fishing was cool, but it wasn't like the Mona Lisa. #1
Can't wait for May 8! #1
A couple of week delay from original release date, but gives me more time for Wayward Souls and République EP2 #1
I have fond affection for the original Dark Forces and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, too. Could be rose-tinted, but damn I loved those games. #1.1.1
I hope so. It is also about perception. People think it is a good game, which works just as well for Nvidia at the moment.

Not that I thin it will be bad. #1.1
I like it when they make games specifically for iPad, it's like a PlayStation or Xbox exclusive, takes it to a whole other level. #1
I'm not sure how many gamers would not have played this classic by now, but it's well worth it. #1
Good news, I'm pretty sure it just went on sale. You buy it through the first game. App Store link here = #2.1
Definitely hanging on these new levels. I hope it is a sizeable update. Like double again. #2.1
It looks pretty console-like to me. Can't wait! #1
Excellent game, stoked that the second episode is finally coming out after that cliffhanger to episode 1. #1
The art for this game looks really amazing and it sounds like really good fun. You get to climb inside that bear by the way - you platform in its guts. #1
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