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The films sound good. I wonder what it will do to all the existing TV licenses here in Oz. I guess they will slowly taper out and end up on Netflix only. #1.3
What's so good about Netflix? I don't recognise many of the names of the shows. Are they good? #1
Sounds pretty freaky really. Would anyone really buy this... I guess you could lie in anything to get the effect. #5
Yes please! #7.1
I love the style of this game, and a lot of effort has gone into this trailer. For the sake of $9000 I hope they get there. #1
For this alone I will buy all necessary tech. Sounds great. #1
Yeah, you even have all these AAAs like Ken Levine now quitting to become indie. #1.3.1
Excellent game, well worth picking up if you have not already. #1
I should add, calling your company Gamesoft.... given the existence of Gameloft... is another silly move.

The game itself looks decent enough. #1.2
What's wrong with being called an indie. I reckon this guys is doing him self a disservice by trying to get his game compared directly with AAAs. #1
I'm wondering how much you'll pay for it ties into how much you get if your trade it in. Like if you get $30 for a trade-in (or an eBay sale or something). Does that make it a $30 purchase in your mind, or is it still $60?

I reckon the former. As long as you consistently pass on your games. #13
I was always a bit nervous that this was a Ready at Dawn game. I have no reason to say why, but it seems that dealing with handheld games would not automatically qualify you for stepping into a full AAA console new IP. I'm not saying the game is good or bad (have yet to finish it), but I must admit I was nervous going in. #37
Max Power, dynamic isn't it. #3
Every man and his dog wants a slice of this genre it seems, but this is an IP naturally suited to the RTS. I've played a bit of it for free, but haven't invested much. Impressed at the very least with the voice acting - sounds on point. #1
There's a lot of this genre-mashing lately. Do you think this has always been happening, or has I just been something to be born from the indie revolution.

The big publishers have been merging the RPG with all genres for a while. #3.1
Everything I have read and seen on this game looks epic. The question now is which format - I am leaning towards Xbox One if the combat is so fluid. #1
Stoked to see this game getting good reviews as I love the art style #3
what about the Outlast guys? #4
Yeah it was the only truly next-gen game at the launch of the Xbox 360 #1.1
Classic list - I'll be playing games on Valentine's Day I reckon, lol. #1
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