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Of course it shouldn't - that was the biggest non-controversy ever. And the scene was so not a problem. We've been screwing and then killing prostitutes in GTA for years for crying out loud!

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Excellent points all. In fact, i reckon that Star Citizen can't help but fail now. Expectations are unreasonable.

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Excellent! Thanks for the tip! I may try and read that before Halo 5.

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Has anyone read the books? Are they any good - got a pointer on where to start? Never been that interested, but it sounds like they might be quite epic.

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343 has sold Halo's soul by putting the focus on 60fp. Halo's spiritual home is splitscreen; you don't ditch that for anything.

I'd be happy if they just came out and said we're patching splitscreen in during 2016, but they're not. Instead they are saying they build a whole new engine, and didn't bother with including splitscreen at all. Sucks.

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Some good points. 343 is owned by Microsoft too, right.

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Well we don't know that yet - the Halo 4 story was weak

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This really is terribly hard to understand. When it's obvious what the price should be, why is it different? These are digitally distributed - there is no on the ground costs to be worried about.

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Sounds intriguing, although the idea of player choice impacted gameplay and it actually happening are often two very different things.

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I find this kind of hard to believe unfortunately. The series is too important to not be influenced. Hence why things like splitscreen were dropped - that is what the fans want, but doesn't get people buying Xbox Live does it.

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I agree - they just need more time to optimize.

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I'm willing to take any visual hit to be able to play splitscreen. Any!

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I don't think they even try and optimize compression

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Their data is wrong

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There was an article that kind of talked to this and said 54% of the games are indies, but didn't break it down beyond that. I remember thinking though that I would have expected the indies to be more like 65% or 70%. Seems like so many of them coming out. (source:

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You interested in the multiplayer spin-off? To me it feels like it just won't even remotely scratch the itch.

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What's Amy Hennig up to at the moment any way? Maybe the trick is to get her back involved.

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That's a fair gap. I realise that quality and quantity are two different things, and I can't think of too many games in the indie space I really care about being on one platform or the other, but if you were an outsider looking in - say an investor - you'd take note.

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I didn't think much of Crystal Dynamics first few Tomb Raider games - they were really mediocre - but the reboot was great. So maybe they have learned something about how to bring back a series now and do better than we expect.

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You can only assume they would run any sequel through the Tomb Raider engine as well, which is pretty impressive. It's salivating.

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