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It can be done well, like Tiny Death Star, that was a pretty good combo of big IP and indie game design. #3
Star Wars Commander only just came out and did the same thing, too. Why are these IP sullying themselves by just cloning indie success stories? #1
Can't wait for Midnight Star, the game sounds amazing and the video footage looks great. From the guy who made Halo, too. #1
DEFCON was awesome - I haven't played this game on Steam yet, but from the video it looks like it could work quite well on tablets! #1
Great to still see this series kicking on after so many years. #1
I suspect your right, but by 2019, what then. iPads have come a long way in three or so years. #19.2
Yes they can - #19.1
If anyone wants a direct link to the App Store, here it is -

Pretty impressive to get something this modern and technical working on iOS #1
I guess it comes down to definition of suerpsede. In sales? It already has. Angry Birds has sold like 500m copies or something. And Minecraft Pocket Edition is outpacing Xbox edition I believe.

In gamer interest though, I doubt it. #1.1
Awesome video, and awesome choice of games. I just went from not caring to amped on each of them. #1
You can't argue with free... especially more free. #1
That picture cracks me up! I like this guys lightsaber comment, too. Funny dude hopefully makes funny game. #1
While I do agree with what you're saying, I also agree that the App Store is a bit broken and the way Apple treats it, even more so. #3.1
That's a pretty interesting point actually. Especially given there is no second game to really justify their status. First one was good though. #2.1
There was a game I used to play back on the Amiga called Blizzard I think, which was my favourite brick-breaker ever. Not sure if this will pip that, but will give it a look. #1
Looks like a very different take on the Fighting Fantasy series, but the past games by this dev have been excellent so well worth a look. #1
The trailer for the new game makes no sense at all. I say conspiracy. #1
If you have an interest at all in games magazines, the design of this is well worth exploring. Lots of little animations and easter eggs to find. #1
République is an underplayed gem. I think they still have three or so episodes left. Really good if you like games like Thief and BioShock #2
If you get into Monster Hunter, you'll never play anything else. #3.1
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