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I think what makes it even more damning is that Microsoft would have known the install sizes of at the very least its own games when making that hardware call (Sony to). And they would have had data on average games per owner.

But the worst is, MS and Sony should be enforcing a standard for compression. Games that fit on a DVD are suddenly 30GB and that's just laziness. #2.1.6
Really? Making people pay third-parties to use the system for its basic functions seems poor form to me. Would it have been that hard to make it 1TB or even 2TB?

They scaled it to match Sony, and so they had a upgrade feature for the Elite, in my opinion. #2.1
These are small I reckon compared to the likes of Halo 5 and CoD when they drop. #1
It's not that bad if you ask me. There are indie games pushing that size that don't have nearly the same requirements as this game. Having said that, EA still releases FIFA on old-gen, so would need to spend some effort on compression where others might not. #1
Love this resource - just about to invest in my second external HD as my current 500GB + 1TB is about full. What are you guys up to? #1
Nice call on The Darkness; that was one trippy game. I would love to see Spec Ops: The Line and Kingdoms of Amalur get the treatment too - both are on my pile of shame. #3.1
And L.A. Noire - if you have not played that, it is quite awesome. #1.1.1
Still just want EA's Skate 2 please. And some Rockstar love would be good!! #1
Yeah I reckon this article nails it on the head. For some reason mainstream will suddenly "get" a Microconsole if it is an Apple product. #1
Stunning looking game that - for me anyway - was always going to be better on iPad. #1
I grew up with the choose your own adventure books, so seeing what Tin Man Games has been delivering has been great. #1
Mario cameo? #2.1
Love the chaos in this screenshot, but definitely will play better on consoles than PC for my money. #1
I have a feeling it will be Armature will be taking the lead on this game. They are the ones with less on their plate (and have the better pedigree in my opinion). #1
You know I think that game ended up being disbanded. Haven't heard anything about it. It was being made by the guy who led the L.A. Noire team, but for George Miller's (Mad Max director) company. #1.1.1
Never heard of this game, but great to hear more excellent titles joining the noir renaissance. Shame we'll never get L.A. Noire 2 now that Rockstar boned Team Bondi. #1
I have seen some so-so reviews of this game, but that review argues a good case. And also big props to it being paid - I HATE this F2P timer-based stuff. #1
Yes! Yes! To AW2. Would prefer that to Quantum Break! #2.1
Seriously, who has a Xbox and doesn't have Xbox Live Gold? It's got to be a must-own for what you get. Same for the PSN for Sony fans. #1
Good call - maybe one of the earlier Hitmans. I'd love to play Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, but that won't be happening. #3.1
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