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That's pretty good - on par with Super Mario Run right? Or has that shot ahead now?

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That Donkey Kong game is so amazing. It's got that many wonderful little elements to it that show how much love and effort went into the game. A true 10/10.

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No surprises here

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It's worth noting that the GameCube sold 22 million, so just under Xbox One, in five years and is deemed to be a complete failure. The Xbox is projected to sell 42 million in six years ( which is a fair way above what we've deemed "failure" in the past.

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Only one of these things was true

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No it's not. It's going so bad Microsoft are hiding the figures

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I think it is a failure in a Xbox 360 sales comparison, not by fun to play comparison. See how scorpio changes things.

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If you try to buy it, it says "not available in you selected store" - at least for all the ones I tried.

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whereabouts? New?

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That's actually what I meant - realise now that was not clear.

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Shame they gave up on this console so hard - I actually like it. The Nintendo games are great.

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Thank God - RE6 was crap

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Waaaaay toooo expensive for something that is not a real console

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The problem is that PS4 has not picked up wayward Xbox and Nintendo uses - they've just given up on consoles all together.

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So last gen you invested 4 times in the console market - have you done that this gen?

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A lot of people seem to be missing the point of this article I think. It does not matter if a large part of that number owned a Wii, or moved to mobiles, or bought a second console. What matter did is they have not not invested in this generation. That's still 128 million x $300 odd dollars gone

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All these points are valid, but it still means 128 million or so (they were conservative) are no longer playing consoles or buying games for that console

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That's a massive drop - those graphs look scary as hell.

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As time rolls on, journos get older. Get jaded or just bored of some series, and scores reflect that.

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Damn! But Who Hoo. But damn.

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