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I'm a big fan of the Vita, too, but not sure it has the install base in the West to justify a GTA title. The PSP actually sold well, despite being a bit so-so as hardware.

This article does point out that GTA games eventually end up on all capable formats, so if Rockstar did make a touch friendly, MFi supported, GTA game for iOS, you'd think it could also appear on Vita (and maybe even Wii U). #11.1
If they can get the whole of San Andreas playing on an iPad, you'd think they could do justice to a full GTA game on iOS. #1
You can never tell if rumours like this a true or not, but there is nothing about this that feels crazily stupid. Looks totally possible. #1
Have you played the second Episode yet? Curious as to what it's like. #2.1
Not a big fan of the band, but it is awesome to see music artists putting money into the scene! #1
Three no brainers in there for me with Leo's Fortune, Limbo and République! #1
And how good their animations are! #2.1
I assume that means that it is not dumbed dow for casuals like a Clash of Clans, but it's not as crazy deep as a Total War #2.1
This is a great premise for a game, especially and adventure game, and I hope the art style and attitude is kept light and fun throughout. #1
Sounds promising although I would have preferred a gritty art style. #1
It's short, but every second of it is awesome! #2.1
Good to see some love coming to this old classic, but you'd think they'd be better served just making Fruit Ninja 2. #1
Have you seen Armello at all? That's a game that has pulled me in with its art. #1.1.1
So is it a hidden-object game? #1
Can't argue with that selection of games! #1
I know this game has been growing extremely well over recent years, but sure Hearthstone will eat into some of that this year? #1
A few games have started doing that. A recent one was Wind Up Knight 2. I think that playing a level for free (effectively a demo) and then unlocking the game is cool. But does that not mean it should fall into another category. Somewhere between free and paid. As it is really not free. #2.1.3
This game reminds me of Introversion's DEFCON, except heaps prettier! #1
This is a truly awesome tip - many thanks to the writer. #4
Visuals look amazing for a tablet game! #1
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