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There seems to be a huge resurgence in these types of games at the moment. That Star Citizen better hurry up or it will be redundant by the time it makes it! #2
Downloaded! #2
You got to hand it to Halfbrick, they just keep coming up with simple but surprising gameplay loops that just kind of keep you at it. #1
Hey why not? Although it is one thing to rip off Nintendo and another one to succeed. #1
If this was Game of Thrones the King would be dead by now. #2
SimCity was Deadwood on launch #2.1
I've played this, the guys have done a fair few updates since launch and there was one just the other day. Always getting better. #1
Bob I think your argument makes perfect sense. Six years on one game... you could see how disinterested he was getting as the Vita game kind of wafted away. #5.1.1
I'm trying to think of others. Who is the Mega Man dude, Inafune? He just did it. #1.1
I'm pretty sure it did get an update. #1.1
I absolutely love the art style in this game, it's really detailed and different. #1
Far out, that's pretty stripped back. Looks super intense. #1
I'm judging by the long subtitle that they will do more of these games, which would be a good thing. Anyone heard of a sequel? #2
Pretty sure a Game & Watch was where it started for me. My cousin had one. I still remember the rubbery buttons. #2
I guess with MFi Controller support, this could be quite cool. I wonder if it will be like Angry Birds, where a game is $20 on XBLA and $2 on iOS. #2
Lol - it could be done, I guess. I bet you some Swedish dude has done it. #3.1
Tetris for free; still love that game. #2
Deus Ex: The Fall was quite good. I haven't played any of the Final Fantasy games but I'm glad to see blockbuster console games provide quality to smartphone gamers. The Mirror's Edge platformer is another cool example. #2
I've never played either of these games, but I have this pretty huge hate building up for this company King - what a bunch of aholes #1
It can't hurt having that whole Battle.Net set-up already in place! #2
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