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I'm not sure why everyone is so in love with VVVVVVV - I, do like the look of MAMBC though. That is intriguing. #1
Cally's Cave 2 is a must own if you have not got it already! #1
Excellent developer; glad to see that Machinarium sequel is on the way at some point. #1
I like James Ernest's hot soup. Notch's one seems kind of boring. #1
In my opinion, if someone has worked out a way to help cure cancer through a video game, it should be played by as many people possible. If that means giving it a full score, then morally, maybe that's worth it for the greater good - then leave the text to explain the details. #1
Yeah. Maybe the DICE guys could do that. They could put Dragon Age into the Battlefield engine perhaps. #4.1
I think we can safely say they made the right decision. #1
I heard a new witcher MOBA game got announced today, too. So that's another one to put on the list! #4.1
That Mech game looks particularly fun. Anyone know when it is out? #1
Awesome game!! If you haven't got it yet, you should definitely check it out. #1
I'm not sure my mind can cope with this. I've tried playing it and can't seem to get my head into the right perspective. #1
There onto a great template these RocketCat Games guys. Each of their titles is pretty solid fun. #1
I haven't played the game, but just looking at the screenshot, wouldn't your thumb cover a key bit of the action? #1
Great game this one; glad to hear it is getting some more love. #1
MFi? #6.1
Definitely catching a Far Cry Blood of the Dragon vibe from that logo = good thing. #1
Another great part of a great game. Simogo are gods. #1
I'll admit to being one of the many who were far from impressed when Real Racing when F2P, but you can't deny they have stayed hard at work with it, creating new content. #1
I too find it disappointing that leaving IAPs behind means re-balancing. Makes you feel a bit scammed. #1
I suspect the answer is yes. I swear after the release of the first one I remember Firaxis saying that the series didn't work on console. Personally, I thought Civ Rev was great on my Xbox. #1
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