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Ok, I didn't know all that. I thought Kitchen was the tech demo, but good to hear.

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There is no way they can sustain this kind of gameplay for an 8 to 10 hour campaign. There must be stacks of "normal' sections, too

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Wow, I love this series. Super surprised by the score, what is Ubisoft doing?

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Game looks like a pant-filler. Not sure I'd find this "fun"

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Maybe, but also they are started to link these servers together. Like Battle.Net

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It will come out on consoles for sure. Can't make enough money off just PC

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Really fun read - it does not mention it but I found a free sample on iTunes that has like 1/3 or so of the season in it.

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That's a decent argument. Personally I don't know if between e3 and, say, Christmas, there is enough to take a game from announcement to release. Although Fallout did it last year.

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It will be lower in my opinion this year. VR will up the amount of games announced and releasing soon after

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I'm really hoping for some God of War 4 love and fascinated to see what Watch Dogs 2 is looking like. Titanfall 2 will also be a very interesting reveal. Mass Effect Andromeda and Legend of Zelda are also high on my interest list, and I expect Bethesda may have a sneaky announcement. Going to be a good show.

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That is what I thought, but then EA reworded it - http://www.playstationlifes...

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Why is it a reboot? Would have preferred it to have added to the original

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How does it differ - don't you need the game to be a player?

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Having plenty of fun with the game, but worried if I will still be going back in a month.

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I did like Force Unleashed too

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Great concept but I'm sceptical it will work as planned.

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Which game was best? I know many of you will say KOTOR, but X-Wing v TIE Fighter or Dark Forces are my fondest SW memories

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All versions launch alongside the NX yes

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Can't wait to see the write-ups, but kind of pointless showing the old-gen version if you ask me given it is out the same day as the NX.

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I thought this was an awesome score until I saw that it is getting perfect in a lot of places. Hope this is not being over-scored.

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