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It's just one of those days... #4.1
I'm not much of a Linkin Park fan to be honest, I will stick with RATM, but this is great idea for a game and I am stoked that it is decent. will hopefully encourage more bands to do the same. #1
Better than that other philia... but I would have gone for Minecraft instead. #1
I thought Deus Ex The Fall was good, too. Square Enix are doing some pretty good stuff on mobile! Not just the obvious stuff. #1
No, I will take plenty more games like Badland and Limbo! #1.2
Game looks like it as a great sense of style. I remember the first game had quite precise controls and it will need them for this one looking at how technical some of the platforming is. #2
Looks quite cool actually. If you're going to clone Flappy Bird, at least make it feel completely different. #1
With so much money behind it and such a rich mythology, this could actually be kind of cool. #1
I'd rather do this in an open-world as the city itself and style look cool! #1
This is pretty huge really. Especially if the toys actually transform. #1
As a long time Zelda fan, I didn't get while people were saying this game was too Zelda-like. It's awesome! Glad to see the developer is bringing more content, too. #1
I had no idea this wasn't already global, played it months ago. It's actually quite decent. #1
Like Monument Valley for kids, or is that cruel? #1
This is a pretty massive result for an indie - they are going to sell bucketloads in Germany! #1
Looks pretty frantic and fun: it will all depend on the F2P structure I suspect. #1
Nihilumbra was awesome - very much looking to see how this game comes along! #1
I could imagine it working well with a game like Rayman. Maybe not Assassin's though. #1
This game sounds really quite amazing. Love the way this guy talks about it - real passion and well-conceived. #1
Great game Nihilumbra - looking forward to seeing what BeautiFun does next. #1
Yeah good point - if I was Sony I would bankroll a GTA game. Maybe it will happen tomorrow at the press conference. #11.2
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