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No not at all, I think it is fantastic!! And I was like right there buying CoD 2 at the start of last gen, now I'm into this kind of stuff. #1.1.1
I'd be interested to see it in action: shame there is no gameplay footage going around. #1
It says a lot about the change in the mentality of gamers from the start of the last generation that a game like this can get such respect. #1
I haven't seen this film yet - anyone else seen it? Can't imagine I wouldn't find it interesting. #1
Interesting move this giving the gamer the option to play with or without ads. I'd rather just pay personally, but I certainly appreciate the option. #1
Amazing game this one, probably the best table tennis game I have played since that Rockstar one about seven years ago. #1
Also from the article - "There are 12 showcased games in all, 9 exclusive interviews, reviews, previews, news, opinion, videos, soundtracks and plenty more." #1
Loved me the X-Files. Really looking forward to this as it sounds like such a cool idea. #1
Amazing game that kind of changed my attitude on iOS games. Glad to see such a big update for free - nice work on the part of the dev. #1
Really enjoyable read. Haven't played The Wolf Among Us yet, so cannot comment... although I am very keen to play it now. #1
I kind of disagree with this article slightly. I don't know if Dynasty Warriors really has done enough to differentiate each entry. Still, cool to see the series head to iOS. #1
It's great to see more time getting put towards documenting our industry. Also looking forward to Rise of the Indies, which is coming out in 2015. #1
Truly awesome game. Great to see a premium title get such a large audience. #1
Interesting point about whether only having to pay a few bucks nullifies the fact it is a clone of a better game. You can't argue with the added convenience. I think I'd rather pay for quality though. #1
They should release some base code in the major engines that makes it possible to include in any old game. #3.1
This is a great idea and a very important game. Downloading now and contributing to the cause. #1
This is a really neat idea, but it would sure want to provide a lot of fun new content if they are going to try and charge for it.

I actually had not heard of this game before I saw this story, it sounds awesome without the apes. #1
Totally pumped or this game. It looks really high quality and definitely Halo influenced. #1
Fair enough, will give it a go! #4.1
I heard the same thing; it doesn't strike me as an easy game to get right on touchscreens #3.1
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