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Not really - that is two free things on the same system. In this case you are being asked to buy a new console to get something you can already do. #1.1.1
It's a bloody good point - why would you buy a Steam Machine if you can have Xbox and Steam. Assuming of course that the streaming quality works well. Or at least well enough.

I am interested in the controller though. #1
SMG Studio are excellent, One More Dash and OTTTD are both epic, can't wait to see this new game. #2.1
Will be pretty interesting to see what you can stream from your PC to your Xbox One and enjoy from your couch. Would eradicate the need for Steam Machines, that's for sure. #1
It's a tricky situation - royalties are given to other entertainment providers when their IP is used for commercial gain. That should probably be the way of it with mods, too. #1
I haven't heard of any of these games, but last year's batch was excellent, so these can only be titles to look forward to! #1
He obviously doesn't have any of that four million left, either. #8.1
You don't think the article makes a valid argument? I thought it was a fair enough analysis. #6.2
I definitely agree that gamers aren't - on mass - voting with their wallets the way they make out they are. #1
There was a mode like this is SNES game Street Racer (may have been N64) #2.2
This is true... however, that was a statement they made after E3. Where they used what to demo it? Games. Perhaps it's a reaction to the reaction? #5.1.2
Until there is actual gameplay impact, then I reckon this is as good as a Wii Remote. It's the same game, just different inputs. #1
Yeah I'm the same. Boxes of old titles. In fact, I still have a Game Boy sitting on my shelf with Tetris in it. Just. Can't. Throw. Out. #1
Big calls to say this is the best considering Hearthstone now and The Elder Scrolls Legends incoming, but good to see Magic at least competing. #2
It's nothing to do with the movie though, right? #2
What about the "where you tell your own story" theory? #3.1
You rekcon? What about Bluetooth headsets and headphones in general, seems prevalent? #2.1
I'd love to say it could, but I think it will simply be to niche in the way it can actually influence gameplay. #1
I wonder why you would need to go to a theatre to experienced a VR movie. Surely sitting in a room full of people would be redundant - maybe it would be about the post movie come-down, where you could all mingle together back in reality trying to get a grip. #15.1.3
You sir, have an interesting diet. #6.1.1
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