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These guys do a really great making of reader experience; looking forward to seeing how this turns out. #1
Did you see that Skylanders iOS announcement - they are packaging the game with an MFi controller. Maybe that is an option? #3.1
Gamebooks are back big time! #1
I think there is a great opportunity here to put classics works to good use. Would love to see some of my favourite books from my childhood go interactive and choice-driven. The more the better I say. #1
I guess the big unknown is how much the downloadable titles on XBLA and PSN are adding to the wallets of everyone involved. If Apple starts eating into that... #2.1.1
I think this is a massive announcement. If they can start bringing full 3D atmospheric experience like this from only a few years back to iPad, that's a huge hit for the console makers. #2
Secret of Mana, no way! #3
I wish I was a millionaire at 22. Unfortunately all I invented by that age was the knee-to-tummy trampoline twist flip. #1
Loving these simple word puzzle games coming out at the moment. Bonza World Puzzle is another good one. #2
I wish the footage showed a gun though - keen to see what combat is like. #1.1
For me you got have something randomly generated on there. A kickass roguelike. I'm still a sucker for Nethack, which shows my age. #3
Is that kind of like Game Dev Story? Fiz? #1.1
Is it cheating to have VVVVVV in there - didn't it come out a few years ago on another format? #4
I wonder if you compared this list to a top 50 from console land how it would go. Not even sure if 50 console games have even come out let alone 50 as consistently good as these - been a super slow year on my Xbox thus far. #2.1
You know, I'm not sure if Walking Dead is really a gamebook. Kind of maybe, but not the traditional description of a gamebook. #2.1
It's great that film makers are treating gaming with this kind of respect. The more the better if you ask me! #1
I liked these guy's last game Sorcery 2, glad to hear it wasn't a fluke. You must have to do a lot of runs to see the whole world! #1
Great game - so interesting to see our humble this dude is and how he did it all on his own in his spare time. #1
I haven't played the developers previous games as that simple arcade stuff doesn't quite do it for me. But this departure looks the goods. #1
If some big Austrian dude with half a face of metal and a glowing red eye comes my way, I ain't about to pull out a land card #1
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