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if that is true then I with the XBO used cartridges and stopped making me load everything onto the HD

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Totally agree. Just Dance and Skylanders as the only real third party AAA for launch and they are ancient games. Thirds not backing in the Switch at all.

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It's interesting to know that they think it could run on the Switch. But the DLC alone will probably fill your 32GB of storage.

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It's a shame my Wii U has no trade-in value (or ebay value) to warrant cashing it in, too

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Does that mean you have to get a second Joy-Con?

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Still umming and erring about whether to buy this on launch day or not? Anyone excited for something that isn't Zelda?

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And to think I originally thought this game was going head to head with Re:Core as each parties new IP blockbuster. No contest.

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Well that's everything together. You wouldn't get all that for $10

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I think a lot of people will hold off to Christmas. Just Zelda... not so much. Zelda and Mario Odyssey = keen.

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That's pretty good - on par with Super Mario Run right? Or has that shot ahead now?

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That Donkey Kong game is so amazing. It's got that many wonderful little elements to it that show how much love and effort went into the game. A true 10/10.

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No surprises here

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It's worth noting that the GameCube sold 22 million, so just under Xbox One, in five years and is deemed to be a complete failure. The Xbox is projected to sell 42 million in six years ( which is a fair way above what we've deemed "failure" in the past.

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Only one of these things was true

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No it's not. It's going so bad Microsoft are hiding the figures

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I think it is a failure in a Xbox 360 sales comparison, not by fun to play comparison. See how scorpio changes things.

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If you try to buy it, it says "not available in you selected store" - at least for all the ones I tried.

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whereabouts? New?

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That's actually what I meant - realise now that was not clear.

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Shame they gave up on this console so hard - I actually like it. The Nintendo games are great.

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