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Excited to see how this spin-off plays out. The first two games were good fun - like Canon Fodder meets Worms. #1
Lol - why are so many android people reading the iOS channel? #9
Great tip - just saved my butt! #1
Sites like n4g most contribute to killing journalist integrity. Cause people only click sensationalist stories, and sites needs to clicks to get ads. So, the nature of the beast... #2
Pretty awesome - there are so many clones of this game already on the App Store, it's nice to see the real deal on there. #1
I'd like to see them updated with FAQs. Trawling through gamefaqs when stuck in an area is really not user-friendly. #2.2.2
Have you tried any of the others they mention, Watch Dogs or Call of Duty? #2.2
I'm just impressed as hell that BioShock works at all on an iPad. That is one of the most complex FPS ever. #2.1
Well it can't be worse than that last Duke game I played, thanks Gearbox. #1
I can vouch for Nihilumbra - finished that game and it is awesome. #1
I think the second screen thing is really cool, but tend to use it a heck of a lot more watching TV than I do playing games. It's too disconnected from a non-passive act like playing. #1
I'm really quite looking forward to the new OS and also seeing what the new APis and Metal bring to the gaming table. Most interested I have been in an update for ages. #1
Excellent list, although I would have had a different number one. Still, another killer month for iOS gamers. #1
I thought it was a helicopter action game from the name. #2
I didn't think the article painted a picture of hate towards Minecraft? #2.1
Is Minecraft the type of game that would have a Minecraft 2? I would have thought not, so what will they do with it? Turn it into the next solitaire, where ever Windows has it? #1
I wonder how much work, relatively, has to go into these kinds of games. Simple premise, still lots of fun, but perhaps not too challenging to code. Sounds like a win-win-win. #2
First off, awesome to see a third game in the series on the way, but it's interesting to think of a game with these kind of mechanics playing out in virtual reality. That would be pretty sweet. #1
This game looks like it could be a lot of fun. Great art style, too! #1
Such a shame - I don't know why developers keep doing it to their creations. #1
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