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Yeah I will give you that. the bioshock shotty wasn't great. Although exploding buck and eleticity had its uses. #3.3
don't need a shotgun
when you just stand in the middle of a room and coat every door with proximity minds.

Watch that kill count role! #4.1
So if you are going to game on a laptop, you're going to need at the very least a mouse right? Doesn't that just start lowering the manoeuvrability of the Laptop to the point where you might as well start using a desktop

Anyone here game on their laptop? #1
Good old CS
problem is I could never get close enough to anybody to make good use of the shotgun. But then again, I am pretty rubbish at that game. #3.1
good list
wasn't there an evil dead game where the boomstick was the only weapon? #2
Love the shotgun. Still my weapon of choice if the level allows for it! #1
Fuk1n Awesome
That was that good I... I... nup, I got nothing.

clap. clap. #25
they should release the first AoE on Xbox Live just to get some faith in Ensemble #1.3
good point
The old-school RTS games definitely have their fans, I just wonder how many of the fans are on consoles? You'd have to think a PC version of this game is just around the corner. #2.2
where do I put my sword?

You have to admit, he is spoilt for options.

Cool article btw. 8-) #1.2
I think
The biggest problem facing this game is that it is built old school like Age of Empires, where the genres has moved into new territory with games like Company of Heroes, World in Conflict and EndWar.

It just looks dated straight away. #2
Either way
This Nerd is got to have a rad to visit to the toilet sometime soon! #3
i expect Res Evil 5 to be good and I will play it, but I am just all about the new IPs right now. BioShock, Mass Effect, The Darkness and SKATE kind of rocked my world last year; I pumped for more! #1.2
So where the hell
Is the Age of Conana on X360 game?

Not that I can see myself bothering with MMO's on consoles. Couches are better used fro more active experiences #2
I love everything that I am reading about this game. And the vids look wicked too.

In fact, to be honest, this is now a bunch bigger blip on my radar than Resident Evil 5 which just seems like more of the same to me. #1
Four big ones and more to come
Is it getting crowded much. Very interesting comparisson of the big ones, but I am wondering what lesser known ones are starting to get some momentum.

In particular I am thinking about Eve - A lot of my friends have a big wrap on the game. Although it seems very unforgiving. #1
same thing happened to me
rubbed min no harder or softer than usual and there was no code. sad thing is it probably still cost more to make that card than the crap ROM in the machine itself. #11.3
I beg to differ
this is one of the funniest things I've read in years. Boring it is not. #1.4
I didn't know that - what a tool #2
so obviously the game is on Wii too - do you think the idea of using teh Wii-mote as a lightsaber will send a lot of sales that way, or those people will be just playing the clone wars? I tend to think the latter.

Looks like motionplus came just a little too late for LucasArts! #2
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