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Great Stuff
This made me feel really good about what gaming has achieved in 2008. It really has been a great year where the next-generation has come of age. so much quality variety.

rock on! #1
Fair Call
but if they have jubble physics I will still be happy. #1.1
God why?
IGN are horrid. #2.1
Yeah right
You can enjoy my ettiquite while I am spraying it all over you face. hahhahaha #1
lol @ u nerds
Picked on a school by the cool kids were you.

I haven't played the game. But the site's reviews are generally spot on so I am willing to hope this is a good successor to the club. #5.5
good point
I think they have to mention them because of the beating they cop everywhere - at least they can say we told you so. #6.9
My biggest problem with this game is that Street Fighter is only just around the corner and looks like it will smoke it out of the water.

I think I will wait. #1
Prince trilogy!!
Boo ya! #1
not much of a tech geek? #3.1
remind me
what are the consoles using. isn't each alligned with a certain manufacturer or am I wrong? #4
It was mentioned at length dude #2.1
Wicked stuff
So many memories!!! #1
Is this true
I have heard that the reliabiliy of the 60GB SKU of the PS3 is turning out to be a bit dodge. This was from a mate at EB Games who has had a few returns. Has anyone else been hearing about this Orange Light of Death #2
Guess I have two months left
I got mine two months after launch... I have gone through two since but hey it has been a while since the last time.

Starting to feel nervous. #1
EA Black Box
Just pooed this one out while they focus on SKATE 2, the game of 2009!!! #17
That is craziest comment ever
The review says that if you had not played an NFS in the last four years then you'll like it. But I think a 6.5 is a reasonable score for a game that just copy and pastes something three years old. It can't be an 8. #5.3
Well that confirms that
Need for Speed can get bent: Midnight Club has my vote. #1
Heath Ledger. #4
Unreal Engine
Guess that means the X360 version over the PS3 one. #3
true but
if you read the text, it does sound prety bloody awesome. They also call it one of the hottest looking games of 2009.

Count me in, anyway! #1.2
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