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Are you serioulsy backing a 32yrd old trying to pick-up a 15yr old in Home????

Or are you just saying that no media entity in the world has ever used entrapment to unravel a story?

Cause both notions sound crazy to me.

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It had a whole heap of other info in there as well, that was just one small bit of it.

Personally I think Sony is heading down a one-way path to a big law suit with HOME. The stories in this article really freaked me out!

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Like the Wii is relevant to gaming at all. Certainly not to the argument put forward here...

Are you really surprised about the Wii? C'mon that was a given

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Home is just a colossal stuff up all around. Good in theory, terrible in practice.

Reminds me of the SIXAXIS

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It will be interesting to see how Killzone 2 does. While the PS3 would seem to be more exclusive dependent according to these figures we have seen pretty pathetic figures for LittleBigPlanet and MotorStorm 2. It could bomb.

I doubt it though

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Haze vs. Too Human? Battle of the suck!

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I guess Sony's result isn't such a shock, but how important exclusives are to the ultimate sales figures was very interesting. It would seem that take out the fanboys and hardcore and the majority of consumers don't care about what software they can or cannot play

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hi Dave. so... got a video?

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I am now considering myself schooled.

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The WiiToo

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I reckon they will, but it will play all the games and use all the peripherals of the current Wii. So better machine, and nothing goes to waste.

Like Motionplus or the GBA

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I would maybe give the 'first' nod to de Blob... but yeah, still very awesome.

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There has to be at least one three-breasted mutant chick somewhere in the game. On a poster, running fleeing from a destroyed building. Anywhere...

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Just wondering if anyone knows whetehr or not Volition were able to pull of Saints Row 2 on both PS3 and 360 with parity. Umming and erring about which Red Faction version to get and wonder whether the developer has a track record of screwing up the PS3 versions (like Ubisoft)

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Doesn't look CG, just looks like regular gameplay to me. You rarely see aiming reticules in screenies: they probably deactivate it for screenshots.

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I was quite a fan of the old Red Faction games and have been looking forward to this but with a little bit of worry. It seems like they may have come good though: it certainly reads like a fun experience.

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Well I learnt a hell of a lot from this. Especially about Nintendo. I hate the Wii, but damnit if I can't help but love Nintendo!

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I just get too frustrated too quickly as I die time and time again because of no other reason than being drunk.

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The hacking and slashing is alright, but I just do not know what is going for the most part and lose interest quickly.

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It is going to be bloody iteresting to see what the Wii 2 and X720 can do: will they just upgrade to blu-ray and add some of the PS3 extra features and Sony will be cool, or really out do the PS3 and force them to bring forward that ten year cycle

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