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patches are no excuse. A lot of users are not even online to get them

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I put it up on N4G ages ago...

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They did an article called 15 Games that Won't Slip to 2010 which argues the other way for other so-so games

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I feel pretty sorry for Nintendo fans. (which in a small secret little way still includes me.)

Microsoft and Sony are always doing these rad events and big launch trailers for thier games and Nintendo does next to nothing. Who knows if any Nintendo games are going to hit or miss 2009. Who knows anything about Nintendo.

So frustrating. Just get normal.

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they're saying that Microsoft will treat Tekken 6 like it is an excluisve, just to annoy Sony.

DoA5 was supposedly canned, but I heard recently that it was back on the cards

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Some optimism. After reading yesterdays article on games that will slip I had felt a bit frustrated. But if all these games hit as gameplayer argues, then really I don't think I would have had enough money left over anyway. Add this to the certain 2009 hitters and we really do have a spectacular seven months coming up!

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That was really funny!!

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and you won't. Not to mention he gets access to everything months in advance and you don't. So basically I'll take his word over... who are you again?

Still if you have a reason to think otherwise about some of the suggestions he made about what will slip can you construct an argument and let us know why? I have seen his reasonings, gimmie yours because debate is better than that.

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As far as I have seen. No dates other than that. I guess that means there is hope for 2009?

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Are you for real. Perhaps if you had studied marketting or kept an eye on the way publishers time their release dates you'd be less inclined to keep at it. You'll no doubt learn some interesting things as I did in this article

for the record - they're suggesting that Too Human releasing pre-Christmas was a bad ploy for a new IP (and it was) and that releasing Halo Wars (a console RTS) early in the year seemed to work better. Makes perfect sense to me that the Feb date might be a ...

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What is it about this generation which has seen games slip so often. I can see it become like films where games slip and slide all over the place just so they can nail the release date with the best sales opp.

I would like to think it is QA, but in some cases - like Damnation - I dunno.

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I think their justifications in most places seem sound. I would not be surprised to see a good 60-70% of these end up in 2010.

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What are there, like 10 GH games coming out this year. And none of them are compatible with each other - the songs I am talking about - and the DLC is crap and restricted in how it can be used.

For all these reasons I think Activiion are about to get a kick back in the nuts from their fans.

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I wonder if the musical wing of Warner Bros. offers Rock Band any cool cheap options for getting tracks?

Just throwing out there, but it was a thought i had.

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I wonder if any fanboys will be enlightened by the clever way these are written. Makes the foolishness of them so obvious.

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This sounds like GRiD to me. I want to hope and if that trailer was truly in-game footage then I am most certainly intrigued but for the most part I cannot trust the Need for Speed series.

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I doubt it. You will not have read one like this before... well I hadn't. Damn funny!!

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I have submitted a lot of articles to n4g, primarily because I hang at a site no-one else here seems to so I can usually get them up without competition (so to speak).

What I have learnt is that in a matter of seconds an article which has a legitimate issue to discuss becames a flame war between fanboys and then as a result classified as flamebait article. The problem was never the article, it was always the n4g users finding a place to start fighting their endless war. Often I'l...

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Their evergreen policy is basically saying "fu$k you" to fans. We will not make a sequel because the original is still selling.

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i was trying to say that if Microsoft are getting nothing out of it console sales wise - which I doubt - then they can stop buying up content.

Then again, this could just be a backlash about Sony charging developers $1.50 per download.

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