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Are you serious
Iy is noty about how good you are. The article is saying that the hype generated by veteran gamers and press about this game will lead lots of newcomers to the experience who will invest a lot of money in the product and be taken back by the controls.

They may be an awesome gamer, but RE's unique controls are an acquired taste.

The article is merely suggested that the new gamers in this generation may not look upon the game kindly if a new generation of control s... #27.1
The article makes a point of saying they shouldn't drop the controls, merely include an alternative casual friendly option. I see a lot of comments above that suggest the article wasn't read very thoroughly #22
Just came to mind...
Do you think it will sell well?

I mean obviously it will peak hard, but at the end of the year when they are looking back on what titles did the biz, do you think Res Evil will get a look in?

Just interested in other people's opinions on this. #5
You and I
will be alright regardless being that we have both played it before. But as the article discusses, I would hate to be coming to it for the first time with no idea what to expect.

It really plays so differently to everything else out there. #4.1
i really like Vietnam games. Men of Valor and Vietcong 1 were pretty cool. Untapped if you ask me. #1.1
Looks impressive
But who the hell can afford one of those. It's Aussie dollars, but still... #1
Lost Mojo
I don't know about that.

But I think it has to adapt to the western way a bit more. Having said that MGS4 did alright... #3
Sign me up for a modern control system. Love the Res games, hate the controller. I understand it builds suspence, but surely using the controller to do that is just an excuse.

Especially if Dead Space nails the horrow while maintaining traditional controls #2
I liked the last trilogy a lot
But willing to see it go in new directions. Why not? we get so many tired sequels nowadays. #2
your right
yesterday they were Sony bias apparently, oh wait...

knob #31.1
read above
that headline referenced their own article from a few months ago. They should have linked to it, but to regular readers of their site like me it was known. #28.1
thank for the insight mate! #7.2
La chance
I don't really understand what you're saying dude... #1.2
My only problem with that is
how many times you see music magazines with 90% of albums getting three stars. Doesn't really help you that much #6.1
Even though I posted a link above that explains the title, if we are going to head down this conversation path I think Haze flopping on PS3 may make 360 version an innevitability.

They need to recoup losses, poss with a cheap and nasty port that just appears on shelves all of a sudden and is bought by the naive #9.2
@ the dudes above
The title is in relation to this article that the site previously wrote comparing Too Human to Haze

FYI #1.4
Interesting point
I don't know if sites can realistically review a game again. After they are tracked on metacritic and gamerankings and the like I think it is published and set in stone.

GTA is a technical marvel in so many respects, but in others...

Perhaps the only way a site could go about this is to do a second opinion? Or an opinion peice that does a GTA IV review in retrospect or something... #4.1
I stand corrected
nicely put mate and a valid point. You've swayed me to your line of thinking. Bubbles your way! #3.3
are you nuts
I feel the direct opposite. Thery're one of the few sites out there actually telling it like it is and writing things to fuel discussion and make for positive change.

As for calling this article fanboyish, how the hell so. They make an effort to give each platform equal coverage and then crack a joke about people like you at the end. #1.1
What about
SKATE - that game looked, and was, awesome! #1.3
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