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The answer is the second guy to use the Net. Although the story in the article is far funnier, especially the Dr. Who joke - LMAO

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Life without the internet for these early magazine makers. Driving to the airport to drop off discs? Crazy!

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It certainly sounds like a winner though!

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Sonic,Solid Snake...8-)

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They say that the rumours have being going around, and that they confirm it is true.

They go on to say what this might mean for the upcoming games.

made sense to me.

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Had terrible frame-rate issues for the PS3 version which was by the same developer.

If you click through the review they have more on it. Apparently Black Box have claimed to have fixed it, but the site says this is not unusual and that they can only go off the review code given to them.

I am not sure when the game goes on sale, but we'll all know for sure shortly.

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news. But they say the PS3 framerate is very average.

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is easily one of my favourite games of all time. I will definitley be buying this. One of the few reasons why it is ok to like EA.

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well we can look forward to lifeless moronic souls such as youself trying to drain excitement from the world. Jesus this site is full of pesimists,

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timed exclusive or delayed port. Or maybe it is just for the PS2? PS2 and Wii seem to be tied together quite a lot.

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At least with the exitsence of Bayonetta we know that the developers isn't interested in the X360, you never know...

Obviously the controls would need to be dumbed down.

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I bet Sony are wishing they had thought of that one first!

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yeah, cause the first people that are going to tell you the correct figures are the publushers... are you serious?

BTW: almost any figure quoted from a publisher or console manufacturer is shipped, not sold. That is why they are always higher

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Dude, what was that quote from the article???? You put "... yes and yes". There was like four sentences in-between that and the top of the quote. The yes and yes was referring to something completely different. The questions at the top were nothing more that queries left to the reader to answer.

I really hate the way people on this site take everything they possibly can out of context just to bait their own thoughts

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I think you are right.

But Jenzo, Bond was terrible.

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vgchartz gets their figures from the official chart documenters of each nation. Look at the 'about us'

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It has sold an addition 2.6 million on PS3, plus PC... so I'd say a fair bit over 7 million.

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Poor old Kojima must be wondering about that Multi-format thing now. That game deserved a lot more sales

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I think combined it is over 7 million and counting.

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