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It was mentioned at length dude #2.1
Wicked stuff
So many memories!!! #1
Is this true
I have heard that the reliabiliy of the 60GB SKU of the PS3 is turning out to be a bit dodge. This was from a mate at EB Games who has had a few returns. Has anyone else been hearing about this Orange Light of Death #2
Guess I have two months left
I got mine two months after launch... I have gone through two since but hey it has been a while since the last time.

Starting to feel nervous. #1
EA Black Box
Just pooed this one out while they focus on SKATE 2, the game of 2009!!! #17
That is craziest comment ever
The review says that if you had not played an NFS in the last four years then you'll like it. But I think a 6.5 is a reasonable score for a game that just copy and pastes something three years old. It can't be an 8. #5.3
Well that confirms that
Need for Speed can get bent: Midnight Club has my vote. #1
Heath Ledger. #4
Unreal Engine
Guess that means the X360 version over the PS3 one. #3
true but
if you read the text, it does sound prety bloody awesome. They also call it one of the hottest looking games of 2009.

Count me in, anyway! #1.2
Somewhere in the fourms the guys talks about putting some ridiculous 120hrs into it. Maybe they've had access to it for a while?

Crazy wow addicts #4.2
yeah it is
it is also totally nothing to do with the point of the article. lol #26.1
@ Gambler
That is the point you realise.

One lost sale for Sony for the exact reason you just stated. Out thunk ya did ze kid #2.12
Wow indeed
Reviews do not get any more thorough than that. Videos are cool! #1
nicely said
bubbles #7.1
you know that I know that
But we are far from the norm. Unless you're a mother going into a shop to be a present for little johnny this Christmas, which is who the article is about and who Sony will lose out on. #4.1
Pure is
one of the best looiking racers ever.

MotorStorm is a bit 'meh' IMO #2.1
but that would go against the whole plan of this generation, where it is all been about copping a loss to ensure a big install base.

Maybe they are just saying there will be nothing but will drop it anyway in a month. #3.1
no article is flame bait
Idiots light fires under them.

This article is Maths, plain and simple. Plus it makes no claim that the PS3 is not worth it, just says that it doesn't look good on a store shelf. #1.1
your're right
the chepest Blu-ray player is nothing on the PS3. But if general consumers knew that then the cheapest ones wouldn't exist, cause they wouldn't sell.

Sony's own Blu-ray player was a lot cheaper too though.

I think Sony could stand to shave some cash off. #2.1
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