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What is everyones problem
All this is saying is 'We think it would be a good idea to announce the DLC now"

Why is that flame bait? It's a good idea. #32
Well Done
But I didn't post this.

And anyway, it's only flame bait if people like you post without reading things. Answer this

Do you think MS should announce what the DLC is or not? At least then you will have a reason for even being in this thread #3.3
what about your effort
You post that, but did you ever read it.

If so, why not come out and say that you think Microsoft announcing what the DLC will be now is stupid becuase of 'x', 'y' and 'b'. That would actually show the article up and reveal that you may have a brain.

Otherwise you've just put up a rubbish, unfounded post of your own because someone said something you didn't like once.

Grow up. #3.1
true but
in fairness, they do have something to copy.

Then again, MS had how many years with PC online infrastructure to work from? #2.2
According to the article?
Because the time is right and a bunch of positive hype behind the DLC would push their console nicely before GTA's launch. #1.1
don't forget that this is an Aussie site, so Aussie prices... which are much more that OS.

By comparrison, Harvey Norman is offering an Elite and GTA IV for $698 in Oz, which seems like a better deal really. Surely Halo 3 is like $30 on ebay now. #3.1
fair point
I hear the framerate ain't great on PS3.

Still I would take a dodgy frame-rate over RRoD... or would I... #1.4
I hear you
Yeah I'm the same. Screw the freakin' drift racing, Race Driver was perfect just the way it was.

Bring back the V8s... and the DTMs! #1.1
stupid kids #7
true but
I really think Halo 3 is smaller that GTA IV. Halo 3 did 180m on first week, GTA IV is expected to 400m.

Also, GTA IV is much longer. People will play it for days straight. You could finish Halo in a day. I know online plays a part, but not everyone is on, or plays, online. #3.1
what are you on about?
Rockstar made most reviewers spend three days straight with the game to ensure they finished it, and that very article links through to deatiled hands-on multiplayer sessions. #1.1
Short Memories
Some of you guys must have short memories. It was only the other day everyone was calling this site the biggest MS-troll on the Net, now they are a Sony Troll - get out.

Sony dropped the ball on this. If you want to start telling me that charging an extra $20 (in Oz) for the controller that includes rumble over the one doesn't is Sony not screwing gamers then you must have a rich dad #85
Not True
Sony ended up in a law suit because they refused to pay immersion. Then they tried to tell consumers that "rumble was last-gen"... the truth is they screwed up #46.3
NOt including
a USB cable is a bit rich. C'mon how much do they cost. Nothing sucks harder than having a made come over for a big session and both your controllers going flat #9
Xbox 720 and Xbox 3 ae just being used as placeholders.

It will not be either in my opinion. #7.3
For Shame
Those of you who reported this article are an embarresment to this site and to yourselves. This is a great article, and I can only assume you didn't read it, or lack a brain.

Pull your heads out of your arses and go back to or wherever you tweens hang. #2
Big whoop
Sadly, I have way more than that. It's too many to count, but I would suggest it would be in the realm of 2000 - 3000.

I am not trying to cut the guy down, it's very impressive, but I wouldn't have thought it much of a story. Surly I am not the only one on here who can whoop that number? #39
they're the Aussie distributor of all the Konami games. #4.1
Busy Days
I hope their sever can handle the ridiculous amount of traffic it's going to get slammed with. #2
@guy above - can you read?
Is so you might want to try again. Becuase you totally got it wrong #1.7
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