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There is a So, who failed in 2008? flipside article up too

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I am surprised that the Wii isn't more dominant than it is: it seems to be labelled so badly for its shovelware.

For me the worst games of 2008 were getting mediocre scores
Too Human
Tomb Raider Underworld
Alone in the Dark
Wii Music

these were craptaculist games

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Fair enough.

We had a great game with Super Smash Bros. - set it to 100 lives each and everytime you die you take a shot. Obvioulsy you die a lot, so you get drunk damn quick.

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that is the type of thing you have to do for real!!!!!

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That is a really insightful post. I never thought about how much of that shovelware must have ended up back in the arms of the retailer

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I can't really think of any game that is still coming out this year that hasn't already been reviewed by most sites.

Prince of Persia was the last big one.

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Are you serious? You're the type of person that gives the USA its terrible reputation.

The Planet is Earth, beleive it or not there are other countries, and they have other curencys and there is this thing called the exchange rate.

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I think that the Xbox 720 will drop late 2010 or early 2011. Four year cycle of the Xbox 1 would see this as the right time, the DVD drive will surely be struggling by then and certain design aspects (RROD and the proprietry Hard-drive) will really be starting to annoy.

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you are of course looking to buy a console this Christmas, it which case I can only assume it would be helpful. I must admit, I am not buying a console this Christmas, but I do get asked which one to buy a lot by my friends who know I game a lot.

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But it also mentions that you do not need to buy those things. The you need to buy all this stuff seperate in order to reach the same functionality as the PS3 argument is full of holes dude.

I have a wireless network in my house, but I have my router right next to me TV, so I just wire my X360 directly in (faster speeds too) and the PS3. So did I waste 'x' amount of money on my PS3?

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I have a fully speced out PC and I did so to play great games, but I really find myself staying away from it nowadays.

I want to play it, I just... like sitting on the couch. I know it sounds like a lame reason, but it is the main reason.

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You could read the article, which I doubt you did in the minute since I put this article live. Maybe you would see something that would make you want to do a stronger discussion peice 8-)

Edit: No worries dude, I was just being cheeky.

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It has been an impressive year for EA of all people. They really did buy smartly over the last couple of years.

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I just can't seem to see the racism though. Maybe you just have to be thinking racist before you can read into it enough

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huge fan of the series and i love the new direction. Good score. Bring it on!

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you have to read it to see why dude. lol

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people should read the article and not just the list. The site goes into detail as to why each made the list, and their explanation make inclusions like Nintendo EAD make plenty of sense.

Don't be so narror minded.

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Is developers will start to not optimise load times properly - see The Last Remnant - which will mean games will be tiered towards you installing which will leave a whole bunch of Xbox users with less enjoyable experiences

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I have 1.5TB on my PC and this almost full and I do not even download movies or TV shows... or (much) porn.

60Gb is woeful. I think MS really stuffed up here and unless they can start releasing 500Gb drives at a competitive $150 -$200 Sony will eat them alive once the digital distribution starts becoming the norm.

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Would seem that way.

Although I think Xbox had a stronger, if less revolutionary line-up

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