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You'd have to think that Nintendo would be leading the way in this department - they do with pretty much everything on their console - but it is nice to see other developers competing.

Obviously this dude really liked it

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I am just disappointed that Nintendo decided to not take all their awesome games into the HD generation, what can I say

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Puppy joke was giggle worthy

Mario will be gay as long as it is in SD and you have to move your hands

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Nah just joking, I will be playing this game

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So it would sound like Infamous is the way to go: do you feel like you get a real sense of the Cell Processor in action?

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The same site scored Infamous a tad higher, which I think is competing for a similar market - at least with PS3 gamers.

As anyone out there played both? What is your opinion, I am quite interested in one, but not both of these games. (I am unemployed you see)

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you dumb cun!T

How lame are you? And why is taking up Dantes Inferno anti Sony - it is on PS3. You definition Troll

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Did you play it?

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Making US$25 million only breaks even

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It has been delayed until early next year

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It very well could have been, but the boobs aren't big enough

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I think there is maybe three or four n4gers who hang at the gameplayer site. They put up heaps more articles that never get above 10 or 20 degrees on this site, but as soon as a couple of people on here start a flame war often when there isn't one implied it goes to the top of the site and that is all you see. So it looks like every article is a flame starter, when in truth there is one in every 10 articles which is controversial and the n4g guys turn it into a flame war.


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other than dying?

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Ghostbusters for PS3 as well. That looks sick. And The Sims 3, which I don't care about but 120 million other people certainly seem to.

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Is this some sort of maretting ploy, or do they not start porting this stuff until after the console games have been made nowadays?

Or is it to combat piracy maybe?

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I wouldn't judge too much off demos, I reckon they're done up months before release.

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Glad to see Volition get some recognition. I was a big fan of the original Red Faction, so i am amped to see that it goes good on next-gen consoles. Day one buy for me.

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but there has been so many console MMOs in the wings this generation that have never been released, like Age of Conan.

I hope it is not an MMORPG at the very least, or that Pirates of teh Carribean MMO that just got semi-announced. Disney and Square have a relationship as we know.

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They were right about the Kojima annoucement the other day

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