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My only problem with that is
how many times you see music magazines with 90% of albums getting three stars. Doesn't really help you that much #6.1
Even though I posted a link above that explains the title, if we are going to head down this conversation path I think Haze flopping on PS3 may make 360 version an innevitability.

They need to recoup losses, poss with a cheap and nasty port that just appears on shelves all of a sudden and is bought by the naive #9.2
@ the dudes above
The title is in relation to this article that the site previously wrote comparing Too Human to Haze

FYI #1.4
Interesting point
I don't know if sites can realistically review a game again. After they are tracked on metacritic and gamerankings and the like I think it is published and set in stone.

GTA is a technical marvel in so many respects, but in others...

Perhaps the only way a site could go about this is to do a second opinion? Or an opinion peice that does a GTA IV review in retrospect or something... #4.1
I stand corrected
nicely put mate and a valid point. You've swayed me to your line of thinking. Bubbles your way! #3.3
are you nuts
I feel the direct opposite. Thery're one of the few sites out there actually telling it like it is and writing things to fuel discussion and make for positive change.

As for calling this article fanboyish, how the hell so. They make an effort to give each platform equal coverage and then crack a joke about people like you at the end. #1.1
What about
SKATE - that game looked, and was, awesome! #1.3
then I wait to see
who gives Too Human a 10, then. #2.1
I wonder then
Why do you seperate personal and professional?

Should a reviewer not be trying to tell us whether we would think it was a 10? I mean I want to buy a game because it is fun, not because it has the best draw distance ever?

I am not sure I agree with what i am saying here, just throwing it out there for debate #3.1
I wonder
What people new to gaming in the generation think - who have no pre GTA experience. Is there anyone here who can answer that? #7
I think the article nails it
We're all a little to blame for the over-hype of GTA IV. rockstar had a vision and they pretty much delivered it. If we wanted something else then so be it, but I remember before the game came out the number of stories on this site that went through the roof.

Everyone was just building it up to be the next Super Mario 64 and it could only be a Super Mario Bros. 3 #3
One thing is for sure
I hate fitness first.

No actually, given that People are still buying WoW, yet the active player number is dropping, then the decline is actually a lot sharper than it looks.

Rise of the Lich King - bring it on! #1
oh well...
guess the conversation ends there - shame I was enjoying that! #12
It is not a case of the site leaning either way. perhaps it's just a case of one product being better than another.

For example, if this was a film site, and we were always saying good things about Blu-ray and bad things about HD-DVD would that mean the site is bias or leans a certain way or would it just mean that one was actually better than the other and thus got more positive and less negative press.

not voting either way, just throwing it out there. Maybe th... #1.17
I look forward to
The other parts of this story. Will be interesting to see whether it all comes good at the end.

Like I said, my first RROD experience was pretty different. Sent it off on Monday, it came back on Friday. That said, it was back when there was a far smaller install base and (poss) less demand on the call centre.

Still 44min makes my ISP look sharp, and that's saying something #7
haha the disagrees
Two fanboys at least think that reading the article is not necessary to have a good rant. #14.1
you completely misunderstood my joke #13.3
i think you just notice those anti ones dude
there were some glowing previews earlier in the week for Fable 2 and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, too that I would consider to be pro-Xbox.

As for the article, I would be intertested to see what happens if you need to call a Wii or PS3 helpline as well - it is probably just as bad. I guess those consoles don't have the technical issues that would require a fast and efficient help line as much... or get as many calls.

P.S I should point out that I am not sayin... #1.4
no, they said it was better that the last PES and that the ball was no in Konami's court.

And they said that PES 3 is still better than any of the last five FIFAs, so saying it is better than last year's title is a big deal #1.2
It's worth mentioning given the comments above that the article is talking about software, not about hardware.

Maybe give it a read before commenting? #14
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