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I reckon this is pretty funny; I have 1.5TB currently of storage. Anyone got 4TB or more?

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Forza is really good fun, but out of the coming exclusives, I like the look of Sea of Thieves and re:core. Shame Project Spark was still born.

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That's really interesting data. I can't imagine it is anymore than coincidence, but seeing it graphed out like that is a bit compelling

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If I was MS I would be concerned about the downward trend in quality. People will always buy brands over quality, but there is a console war perception to win too.

I totally take your point though: it's super valid.

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For me the best thing about Halo is splitscreen, which means Halo 5 kind of has to be at the end of the pile; I can't play it how I want to, so I don't really want to.

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My concern isn't that it is the same, it's that the XBO version is held back by a need for the game to function the same on 360. Surely it must have some impact, the power difference is massive.

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Surprising close the way their careers kind of went with big name series, innovations and even starting around the same time. Has to Carmack for me - I can't stand MGS. I understand that many people love it, but too slow for me. Give me a BFG and room full of noobs any day.

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Yet the Wii went huge overnight more-or-less...

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Some interesting comments above; should the size of an actresses boobs define whether she is allowed to be Lara Croft? It's certainly hard to not think of Lara's physique when you think of Lara.

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I am totally for this. She is who we associate with the character now and is the natural fit. Game adaptations are simply not succeeding with star-power, so to speak, anyway.

That said, looking forward to Fassbander in AC film.

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Do we really need a new Wii? I always got the impression that a large chunk of the people who owned one did not play it. If that is Apple's strategy, I think it will struggle. I would rather just play on my tablet.

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Agreed it is annoying, but hardly the fault of the site/article. It was the Crystal Dynamics guy who said the wrong thing.

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Nah I am talking more about small things that only a small percentage of people see, rather than those big action sequences.

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I liked Horizon better. The new name still does not make it as good as Uncharted. Although what I love about Uncharted is all the subtle details - the ones that just defy belief. Like being able to interact with a random cow in multiple ways.

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That lost inca city of gold one. Whatever that was called.

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If it doesn't have Jarrod Hayne in it, not interested in anything NFL related. But good to see the game is improving.

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Great time to be Sci-fi space fan. So much aweseomness on the way.

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Art looks great, pedigree is great - bring it on.

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I had not heard about this game, but after reading that review I am really quite excited. Sounds fantastic!

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