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totally agree on that, but it will be years away. Polyphony Digital is, but racing makes a lot of sense. Media Molecule is. Maybe it will be some of the third-parties or indies who push it into interesting places?

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This is a good win for PS4 fans; the iOS game is great but the episodes are short. Getting all the episodes in one lot will fix that problem. It's $15 or something on iOS, so hopefully the price stays similar.

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Picked up the console day one and still play it quite regularly. Probably same as I play my Wii U and bit more than PS4. Two years feels like a long time, but I'm not sure if this gen has really got going yet.

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Could they allow those with the collection to buy it as DLC I wonder?

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Boy do I hope this happens. As much as I love this series, playing on a Vita - as high-end as it was - just felt like hard work. Give me a couch and a big ass screen please.

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I'm going to go left field here and say Worms as the highlight. Man I had some laughs with that game!!

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Uncharted 1 come out a year after PS3.

Uncharted 4 is out 2 years four months after PS4.

There's you're fourth game I reckon. Probably a result of The Last of Us being late gen, and the HD remakes at the start of this gen

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Really! Damn fine buy!

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Do we think they will stay PS4 exclusive? Or could they go the Insomniac, Bungie route and expand out?

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Do we count these as part of the library? I'm not sure. I guess technically the answer is yes, but it hardly compares to 27% more games from this gen. Not trying to write-off backwards compatibility as I think the feature is awesome, just wondering what general thoughts are whether they should count in a list of XBO games.

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I actually just want to catch up on series I didn't finish before the next instalment. Such as Dishonored and Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Very interesting article - I do agree that the reactions of Buzzfeed and Vox were not particularly productive.

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Very odd that they started with Assassin's II. If you are going to make the whole series BC, why not start at I?

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Yeah agreed - pretty disappointing the initial line-up of games. Could have and should have been way stronger, but it is just the start. A second update in December would be good.

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I loved the first and second games, then it kind of started to lose me. Would be great to see Naughty Dog, or even a division in the company, revisit this series with it's latest engine tech and storytelling know-how. There's not enough 3D adventure-platformers out there.

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Why are they ever bothering. It's cool that they are, but why?

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The what now?? I just stumbled on this in Halo and my first thought was "go suck a d--k you thieven mongrels." Please tell me not Lara too.

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If you don't have VR then it might feel quite dry

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Wow, looks a lot like Worms to me! Not a bad thing necessarily

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It's got to plateau at some point though; there are only so many days a year and the market can get saturated.

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