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You should read the Xbox article linked above, which mentions those exact games. #7.1
Reminds me of Naked Gun 33 and 1/3 #1
Interesting theory; would be quite the story. #2
Shame to see they couldn't keep the momentum going, but still looks like an excellent experience all up. #1
Here is the Microsoft equivalent study for those interested - http://www.grabitmagazine.c... #1
I completely disagree. This is a super valid point to raise ahead of the 2015 conference. Just how much of what is going to be shown can we actually expect to see the light of day - and see the light of day in a timely fashion.

This is the first time I have seen evidence to suggest that are rather large amount of announced titles not appear before the next E3. #3.1
I think they are talking about the actual hardware. #2.1
If E3 has become a big grab for market share through big announcements - and I believe it has - then there is definitely an argument here about clearly identifying when titles are expected to be released. I realise things often change, but there are as lot of games announced way too far ahead of their release nowadays. #1
This sucks - Doggins was great. #3
I always have, why wouldn't you? #4
Whatever happened to halfbrick? They kind of went hell quiet #1
Easy money... #3.1
I'm not sure about the final date, but I think it's a certainty that XCOM 2 will come to mobile given what they are saying. #1
I was about to say that I have never had any problems, but maybe I just didn't pick up on how good the phishing email was? #1
You have to invest in at least a new vehicle, but you don't necessarily need a new character to drive it. You can download the game and use your existing characters and enjoy 50% of the experience.

I doubt that version will be 50% of the price, however. #4.1
Those water effects are pretty special. #1
Co-op is such a disappointment! Not two cars?!?! #1
I reckon it is going to happen for sure! Why not? They make a good point - if you're going to build it all.... #1
Great article. I wonder how the Bandcamp Name Your Price system works for musicians. Do people pay, if so what percentage? Maybe that is the model? #2
Stoked to see the women get a shot at the big time in FIFA. This is a huge win for the series in my opinion. #1
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