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I think that you make a great point there Bimko as you're right, people do buy 10m CoDs every year.

I guess you could argue there is an investment vs. return there. If COD (with Kevin Spacey and co.) costs 100m to make and sells 10m. And a rad little indie costs 1m and makes 10m, is there an argument to make 10 games fans want over one blockbuster?

I'm not sure, but interesting concept. #1.2.2
Totally agree. Publishers don't want us telling them what we want, they want us to eat what they feed us. #1
On a side note, if you're into your dingy futuristic settings, check out the indie Metrocide. Very cool, if tough, little gem. #4
It's a great setting with plenty to explore, no doubt. But I think Zomnbies will keep ruling the roost for a while yet (not that I'm particularly happy about it). #2
Wadjet has a strong record, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Good article. #2
Excellent game and well worth picking up for all you iOS lovers. #1
A brilliant game! I'd love to see a fully fledged sequel that expands the scope of each level so you have huge navigation puzzles to follow across multiple screens in the same landscape. #1
Definitely has the vibe, but don't dig that name at all! #2
This looks like a stack of fun. Interested to see how the world changes with each play. #2
A reasonably consistent theme there of basically wait it out! #1
Considering just how huge video gaming is in the App Store, this is kind of pathetic. #1
I've got grave doubts that the Apple Watch will become a great place to play games. It has not taken off with the Android devices, that's for sure. #1
Intriguing if very odd title this one - works in your Chrome browser by the looks of it. #1
Many thanks to the author for providing the images with the text; good to see the ones I missed and ones I will never see. #1
Imagine! Seriously though, Nintendo better not just release a bunch of crappy copies of other "hit" games. #1
True. Looking at the timing, they will have a good chance to at least see how consumer's have bought in with the other VR units before having to commit to production or bundling.

That said, they don't want to be in a situation where a lot of great third-party VR games are being made and they are out in the cold again.

They could always just partner with Oculus or something I guess. #1.1.1
Nintendo are pretty good at ignoring massive trends, so I'm not sure if this will happen. But I think they would be silly not to. VR is actually looking like a real mainstream success story this time around. It's not even being that stupidly priced out of the gate.

Hands up - who would buy a Virtual Boy 2 (or general Nintendo VR unit) if it meant you could play Zelda/Mario/Metroid in VR? #1
I'm hearing that the single player is pretty rubbish. Anyone here played it yet - what's the dealio? #1
Ridiculous concept, but this screenshot is groovy. #1
Plenty of passion in that interview - that is what's most important in these indie games for me. #2
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