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I wouldn't mind knowing what Bendan McNamara is doing then if it is not this?

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I knew the game was in developmental hell, but didn't realise the whole thing had been given up on and everyone had moved on. Loved L.A. Noire, and this sounds like it would have been even better,

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And 5 is like a good score for this game - what a joke this game is

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Spewing there is no split-screen. Instantly rules this game out for me as I will always be comparing it to the fun same couch co-op of earlier games.

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Has it been reinvented. The story and setting feel so, but the gameplay looked like more of the same. I love God of War, but I expect the next game to play like God of War. Perhaps Halo Wars is a better example of mixing up a series.

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I was happy with this E3. The analysis here asks if we should be happy with that kind of drop? Well I would like more. I would like E3 to be more about new games than Call of Duty 17, but the mix felt good this year.

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Color me surprised! I thought it was a pretty jam-packed E3. Maybe I am just more excited by what I saw that last year.

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Can't wait

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A natural fit to do this IP first I reckon

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I think they are zombie ghosts - NEXT LEVEL

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Ok, I didn't know all that. I thought Kitchen was the tech demo, but good to hear.

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There is no way they can sustain this kind of gameplay for an 8 to 10 hour campaign. There must be stacks of "normal' sections, too

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Wow, I love this series. Super surprised by the score, what is Ubisoft doing?

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Game looks like a pant-filler. Not sure I'd find this "fun"

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Maybe, but also they are started to link these servers together. Like Battle.Net

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It will come out on consoles for sure. Can't make enough money off just PC

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Really fun read - it does not mention it but I found a free sample on iTunes that has like 1/3 or so of the season in it.

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That's a decent argument. Personally I don't know if between e3 and, say, Christmas, there is enough to take a game from announcement to release. Although Fallout did it last year.

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It will be lower in my opinion this year. VR will up the amount of games announced and releasing soon after

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I'm really hoping for some God of War 4 love and fascinated to see what Watch Dogs 2 is looking like. Titanfall 2 will also be a very interesting reveal. Mass Effect Andromeda and Legend of Zelda are also high on my interest list, and I expect Bethesda may have a sneaky announcement. Going to be a good show.

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