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Mario cameo? #2.1
Love the chaos in this screenshot, but definitely will play better on consoles than PC for my money. #1
I have a feeling it will be Armature will be taking the lead on this game. They are the ones with less on their plate (and have the better pedigree in my opinion). #1
You know I think that game ended up being disbanded. Haven't heard anything about it. It was being made by the guy who led the L.A. Noire team, but for George Miller's (Mad Max director) company. #1.1.1
Never heard of this game, but great to hear more excellent titles joining the noir renaissance. Shame we'll never get L.A. Noire 2 now that Rockstar boned Team Bondi. #1
I have seen some so-so reviews of this game, but that review argues a good case. And also big props to it being paid - I HATE this F2P timer-based stuff. #1
Yes! Yes! To AW2. Would prefer that to Quantum Break! #2.1
Seriously, who has a Xbox and doesn't have Xbox Live Gold? It's got to be a must-own for what you get. Same for the PSN for Sony fans. #1
Good call - maybe one of the earlier Hitmans. I'd love to play Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, but that won't be happening. #3.1
Lol - title should be accurately predict #2.1
I reckon the are definitely right for Mirror's Edge, no so sure about the others but the theory is sound. #1
Just freeze frame the video during the press conferences and you can see most of these titles. No one else seems to have gone to that effort. True though that everything is pending an official list. They might even hold some back to create a consistent string of announcements. #14.1
Awesome! Thank you! #1.1.1
I'm rooting for this gam - Jetpack Joyride was great. #2
If Rockstar and Acti come in, it will jump by 20 overnight, too. #2.1
Pretty happy about Crysis 3 - question though. Do you have to download it to your Xbox 360 now through Games With Gold, or can you download it to your Xbox One and leave it for a few months. #1
Very interested in this now - thanks for the review. #1
This whole situation is getting ridiculous. They need to provide some clarity and quick, too. #1
Great to hear this game is a success - those Pac-Man Ghostly Adventure titles were pretty lame. #2
Project Morpheus could turn me to PS4 - I am really excited for it. Naughty Dog will work on a game for sure. #10
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