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Well that is a pretty impressive improvement in visuals - another killer indie on the way! #1
How have you found the IAPs? Impact or kind of not too bad? #2.1
It's free... I'm not sure how much the IAPs impact, but as long as the distractions is fun, I will take it at the price. #1.1.1
It's a shame F2P is so deeply integrated into gameplay systems that the option of a fixed full price product can no longer work! #1
Great News! A hard task trying to topple something like Halo in your resume (or Marathon for that matter), but you have to know whether it is good or not. #1
Good call on all counts. #1.1.1
Can't wait for this game series to unfold. The Halo link is too good to ignore! #1
Would Zelda: Wind Waker classify for this list? Marginal, but potentially.

I remember another game when I was a kid called Taipan, but have never been able to find it again. Was almost text-based, super old-school. But I loved it. #3
If that images is actually a level, count me out. Looks like a mind melt - like that game Schwizzle - #2
I think the art styles have a lot to do with it, too. #1.1
Enjoyed Doggins, although agree it was way too short #2
There's something about the name of this game that really puts me off checking it out. #1
What ever happened to Guitar Hero Mobile?? #3
Awesome Shipnbottle - thanks for the update! #4
The images look very Halo-like! very much looking forward to seeing whether they can pull this off. #1
Leisure Suit Larry.... #5.2.1
That is a super interesting point actually. I guess that is the exact definition of a successful spin-off. One that entices a lapsed fan back into the fold by trying something new and then gets them reinvesting in the core titles! #3.1
I'm happy to see this game get made personally. And look forward to the Steve skin DLC pack in Halo 5 #1
Great news! #3
Ha ha - yeah don't inspire you too much do they. Look what they did to SimCity on mobile. #3.1
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