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Never got into the first two, but love the setting. Might have to cave in this time around.

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I like the idea; but can't imagine I would use it that much.

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Wouldn't they normally just buy a company who is working on a Pokemon like a game. Then close them and make them do something else?

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It was only announced as $40 in the last month or so wasn't it?

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The article is saying that the game was pitched as a big AAA, but it is more like an indie title, and that the review scores may have been impacted by people going in expecting something more than the game was ever aiming for.

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Was there any patch? I dropped out of the floor in one stage. And I played fro at least 40min before suddenly collectibles and loot suddenly appeared. I'm on a normal original Xbox - not sure if the S is performing better.

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Could be closer than you think =

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Indie or not, I don't think the bugs that this game has shipped with would be acceptable from the sounds of it. Smells like a rushed game.

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I'd be happy for them to palm it of. They are palming off Quake I am sure they can palm of Commander Keen.

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Commander Keen has a remade downloadable like they are doing the new Wonder Boy would be rad.

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I reckon it will be announced after all the big games. So maybe late Nov early Dec. The Neo has Sep, and Oct has too much interesting stuff. And Nov has the new Pokemon on 3DS.

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Yeah they'd waiting way too long to say anything

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Maybe Project CARS too?

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I reckon the NX will have to post some serious numbers first though - developers will be wary of anything that isn't an obvious knock out of the park.

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The NX won't survive on ports anyway; no great loss.

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Had to, otherwise it was going to get creamed by Gran Turismo. Probably still will.

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I like the name, but I hope it is more Dominos than Pizza Hutt

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Sounds like a huge game. I usually get annoyed by sidequest distractions, but if they are full stories into themselves, could be cool.

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Excellent!!! Should have done it for one too; tech was there.

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No BFG and no Reznor makes Slapping go something something

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