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Can't wait for Midnight Star, the game sounds amazing and the video footage looks great. From the guy who made Halo, too. #1
DEFCON was awesome - I haven't played this game on Steam yet, but from the video it looks like it could work quite well on tablets! #1
Great to still see this series kicking on after so many years. #1
I suspect your right, but by 2019, what then. iPads have come a long way in three or so years. #19.2
Yes they can - #19.1
If anyone wants a direct link to the App Store, here it is -

Pretty impressive to get something this modern and technical working on iOS #1
I guess it comes down to definition of suerpsede. In sales? It already has. Angry Birds has sold like 500m copies or something. And Minecraft Pocket Edition is outpacing Xbox edition I believe.

In gamer interest though, I doubt it. #1.1
Awesome video, and awesome choice of games. I just went from not caring to amped on each of them. #1
You can't argue with free... especially more free. #1
That picture cracks me up! I like this guys lightsaber comment, too. Funny dude hopefully makes funny game. #1
While I do agree with what you're saying, I also agree that the App Store is a bit broken and the way Apple treats it, even more so. #3.1
That's a pretty interesting point actually. Especially given there is no second game to really justify their status. First one was good though. #2.1
There was a game I used to play back on the Amiga called Blizzard I think, which was my favourite brick-breaker ever. Not sure if this will pip that, but will give it a look. #1
Looks like a very different take on the Fighting Fantasy series, but the past games by this dev have been excellent so well worth a look. #1
The trailer for the new game makes no sense at all. I say conspiracy. #1
If you have an interest at all in games magazines, the design of this is well worth exploring. Lots of little animations and easter eggs to find. #1
République is an underplayed gem. I think they still have three or so episodes left. Really good if you like games like Thief and BioShock #2
If you get into Monster Hunter, you'll never play anything else. #3.1
Really excellent list; what a great month it was for iOS gaming. I think they got number one right, too. Go Donut Games. #1
Super Mario Kart is still probably my most loved game of all time. That will never appear on iOS, but this is looking pretty darn close. Hope it's as fun as it looks. #1
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