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I suspect the answer is yes. I swear after the release of the first one I remember Firaxis saying that the series didn't work on console. Personally, I thought Civ Rev was great on my Xbox. #1
Still good fun this one, despite the flogging the genre has received over the years. #1
When you're at work of course! #3.1
I think it will be more action-like that point-and-click. EPOCH was full on action shooter game with lots of on-screen activity. I suspect these docile looking locations will get some heat. #6.1
iOS and Champers they reckon. Strawberries as well. Hardcore #1
I quite like this article, but as interesting debate point, I also thought this article about why not to play the game was thought provoking. and stands in stark contrast given its view on narrative.

Personally, I enjoy the game for the way these nine reason = one whole. #1
The style is more roguelike that JRPG to my understanding, but sounds like to the cause to like it. #1
Really looking forward to this game. If it maintains that addictive nature of the PC game on a mobile device, I will be lost to the world. #1
Lol - I can't believe how long it took me to get that. Need coffee! #2.1
EPOCH 2 was excellent and the early screens for this look promising. Would like to see some gameplay, though. #1
Sounds like old-school Schafer style fun. I am shooting fro the free copy. #1
Those Lego games go alright on iOS, but I haven't played the other ones. #1
Interesting debate point - should you be angry at a game that has IAPs when it charges $5 at the door, if that same game is $40 on other formats?

It seems unfair, but my answer is no. It should be relative to the format and install base. With probably 300m odd iOS devices out there, you should get the whole lot for $5 #1
It's just one of those days... #4.1
I'm not much of a Linkin Park fan to be honest, I will stick with RATM, but this is great idea for a game and I am stoked that it is decent. will hopefully encourage more bands to do the same. #1
Better than that other philia... but I would have gone for Minecraft instead. #1
I thought Deus Ex The Fall was good, too. Square Enix are doing some pretty good stuff on mobile! Not just the obvious stuff. #1
No, I will take plenty more games like Badland and Limbo! #1.2
Game looks like it as a great sense of style. I remember the first game had quite precise controls and it will need them for this one looking at how technical some of the platforming is. #2
Looks quite cool actually. If you're going to clone Flappy Bird, at least make it feel completely different. #1
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