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Obviously this would have added to the delay, but I guess it means they will have more cars and tracks in the next game.

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There will never be a GT 7

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Project Cars 2 landing a month before GT is bad timing - I wonder if the series still has fans.

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I don't know why this has been changed, but some mod has converted this piece from the actual opinion piece, to a news story that doesn't talk to what the original piece was about at all. For those who want the real story -

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Is that enough time for a game of this scale? A full series IP starter?

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Well I took it to mean Microsoft and Nintendo, but was referencing the title specifically - I agree on you point about the title in general, but n4g does not let you change it.

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It's not my title, but I certainly got the impression that he was saying Microsoft would need VR to stay relevant.

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Cock and balls is next-gen

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They dodged a bullet on that one!!

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One of my favourite mobile and indie games. Such an odd-ball developer, too.

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Yeah Rise of the Tomb Raider was a good headstart timed exclusive. Had worth.

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The voice acting of that Orc in Shadow of War was terrible though - sounded so off-IP.

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EA's conference was super weak, agreed. But MS conference set a good standard I thought. 13 new announcements. Was stoked about Metro!

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Good conference! Still a lot of indies and Scorpio games didn't look massively better, but still way better than last year. Hope restored.

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Sure it's me. But I don't think I am taking my gaming too seriously if I feel disillusioned with MS at the moment given they have only one notable first-party game on the horizon in Sea of Thieves.

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I don't really see how. I paid $500 for a machine and I'm starting to wish I had spent it on a PS4 VR setup instead.

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Are you involved at all? Do you know something you can tell us?

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And some indie title - Runbow Pocket

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