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Easy money... #3.1
I'm not sure about the final date, but I think it's a certainty that XCOM 2 will come to mobile given what they are saying. #1
I was about to say that I have never had any problems, but maybe I just didn't pick up on how good the phishing email was? #1
You have to invest in at least a new vehicle, but you don't necessarily need a new character to drive it. You can download the game and use your existing characters and enjoy 50% of the experience.

I doubt that version will be 50% of the price, however. #4.1
Those water effects are pretty special. #1
Co-op is such a disappointment! Not two cars?!?! #1
I reckon it is going to happen for sure! Why not? They make a good point - if you're going to build it all.... #1
Great article. I wonder how the Bandcamp Name Your Price system works for musicians. Do people pay, if so what percentage? Maybe that is the model? #2
Stoked to see the women get a shot at the big time in FIFA. This is a huge win for the series in my opinion. #1
A minor blow, but it helps add to a groundswell of opinion that PlayStation is the place to go for the indies.

I'm a big Xbox fan, but I hate how quiet they go for long periods without releasing anything of interest. Meanwhile Sony just seems to keep plugging away releasing and announcing cool stuff.

I reckon it's an area MS could definitely improve. I think there is certainly a perception out there amongst indie developers that PlayStation is a more... #1.2
I've played both these games and they are excellent fun - I see this as a blow to Xbox fro sure. Although I guess they will have their own indie alternatives to show off at E3. #1
The first game was brutally addictive. I'm not sure if I can risk trying this, free or not. #1
Just gave it a whirl - surprisingly fun! #1
The first one was stupidly addictive, I can only expect this will be too. #1
I remember thinking Brutal Legend was good fun, but then it turned into this odd strategy game halfway through and kind of lost me. #1.1
I know some countries where you might get shot being that close to a bank robbery wearing a mask from a bank robbing game! #1
Star Citizen is the big one! When that drops, does the world change? #4
Well it's pretty clear that Kickstarter has done a lot of good for gamers. I can't wait for the full release of Armello - wasn't it supposed to be come out in march? #1
I played the alpha, this game is really quite fun and well constructed. #1
This game is touch as nails, still not sure if I like it or not, but you got to praise the idea. #1
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