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Makes my Antec P180 look like shit

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I totally respect Hines point of view on this, but Bethesda actually does games that would make great movies.

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Well obviously that is not how Pete Hines sees it

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Good, I've got no interest in playing old games in HD over getting a new game. Games are just fine in the style they were originally made in.

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I reckon that is pretty stand-of-ish. Fallout Shelter yes, Fallout 4... maybe not.

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Really looking forward to this game

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Moldybead, did you not see the figures int he article. The Wii stomped it for support (even if a lot of it was crappy)

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I could be too busy playing Skyrim HD

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Isn't every game?

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Damn fun police!!!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 as well. I'd die for another proper Metroid.

Cool that Wonder Boy remake is coming to NX

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That would be solid launch line-up, but only if they get Super Smash and/or Super Mario on there as well. Needs more exclusives that just Zelda and bunch of indies.

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But it is not Vince who makes the call - it's EA.

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I did look at the sales numbers. And Titanfall reached 10 million players. This is more than any one Mass Effect by a stretch/

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Titanfall 2 will outsell Mass Effect sadly. I am with you, that I prefer ME, but the numbers on FPS don't lie.

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Why would Mass Effect compete with the same audience as Titanfall though. RPG vs. FPS

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When not specified, I suggest its the latter

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This is Lego game I have most looked forward to since LOTR I reckon

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I really liked it

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I wouldn't mind knowing what Bendan McNamara is doing then if it is not this?

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