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I enjoy deeper insights into a game world like this; I would have thought that finding any resources on Mars would start a fulls arms race to get their first, but apparently not. Interesting about the blood boiling, too.

More interviews of this sought please.

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Don't disagree you with Uncharted as I two like the single player experience, but in general there is such a lack of good splitscreen co-op games right now I would love to have seen something as DLC perhaps.

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Such fond memories of the first game. Didn't love the next two as much, but open-world games kind of lose me. More Jak would be a good thing.

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This could be very interesting indeed, I really hadn't thought of anything beyond the jeep.

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Like Left 4 Dead 2... what a disaster that was after it had been censored.

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Interested to see what sex is like in this world? Or am I?

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I'd love The Revolution to be good but not holding out much hope. So much crap went down with it since the first game.

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@Sono probably worth pointing out the article has nothing to do with multiplayer.

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Sorry don't agree with you. I don't want a developer telling me when I do and don't want to move quickly. That's frustrating as no one size fits all.

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The last three didn't have big wide-open Far Cry like areas though, that's my only hesitation in agreeing with you.

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He can definitely run in some sections so seems weird to not allow you to do it whenever you want. Hardly going to stop me buying the game though.

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Why isn't it co-op?

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Surely they open up more of Midtown as Dark Zone. Surely.

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Long, but fantastic insight. Personally I would keep the baked beans - don't trust others to share theirs.

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Really frothing for this game!!

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Well that is disappointing.

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I like it!!!

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Or even all those indies like Amnesia

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Why not? I reckon horror and VR are a match made in heaven.

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Great game if you have not played it - super hard on the New Game+ as well.

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