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Bethesda is in fire

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Totally agree.

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I for one will be giving The Outsider anything it wants

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Sounds like this game gave the guy a wang

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Flawless?? The guys doesn't have a go at the visuals being old much as the visuals impacting gameplay as you can't see upcoming corners quick enough

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Maybe Project CARS 2 is close

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Why isn't Project CARS on PSVR? Anyone know?

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Man I must be getting old. The only time I get to play anything is late at night

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Splitscreen co-op - are you listening Master Chief?????

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Don't like the look of Fenix Jr. - too everyday

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Moon was great!

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I get the impression this is just Harvey Smith getting itchy feet. He was happy to hand Deus Ex over to someone else. He will probably do that with Dishonored, too (hopefully without the 10 year gap)

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The death of Pandemic was very sad. I quite enjoyed most of their main games. Especially Destroy All Humans

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Wow, so that is putting it up with the Fallouts of this world to play it twice in terms of commitment. I don't remember the first game being that long.

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When did they say that. I've been looking around and I think everyone just assumed that. There is no quote from Nintendo saying it.

PS I agree with you, I think it will be an NX launch game. But weird they are not saying March for the game, when they are for the console.

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That seems like a pretty hardcore thing to say. I wonder how much a single playthrough is? 6-hours each side would be ok.

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The NX will fail without it

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That is woeful. How hard is it to include an adult sized strap in a $50 product.

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Yeah totally embarrassed I have not played it yet. Huge hole in my gaming history.

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Still on my pile of shame. So embarrassing.

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