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I'm wondering how much you'll pay for it ties into how much you get if your trade it in. Like if you get $30 for a trade-in (or an eBay sale or something). Does that make it a $30 purchase in your mind, or is it still $60?

I reckon the former. As long as you consistently pass on your games. #13
I was always a bit nervous that this was a Ready at Dawn game. I have no reason to say why, but it seems that dealing with handheld games would not automatically qualify you for stepping into a full AAA console new IP. I'm not saying the game is good or bad (have yet to finish it), but I must admit I was nervous going in. #37
Max Power, dynamic isn't it. #3
Every man and his dog wants a slice of this genre it seems, but this is an IP naturally suited to the RTS. I've played a bit of it for free, but haven't invested much. Impressed at the very least with the voice acting - sounds on point. #1
There's a lot of this genre-mashing lately. Do you think this has always been happening, or has I just been something to be born from the indie revolution.

The big publishers have been merging the RPG with all genres for a while. #3.1
Everything I have read and seen on this game looks epic. The question now is which format - I am leaning towards Xbox One if the combat is so fluid. #1
Stoked to see this game getting good reviews as I love the art style #3
what about the Outlast guys? #4
Yeah it was the only truly next-gen game at the launch of the Xbox 360 #1.1
Classic list - I'll be playing games on Valentine's Day I reckon, lol. #1
Very much looking forward to the next few parts - I like the style of this writing. Never been to a jam myself, but can't say I'm not intrigued. #1
I'm glad they mentioned Montas in the upcoming Horror games - plenty of good scares on the way! #1
Yeah the dude who created this was doing MGS for 10 years. He was then creative director on Halo 4, before starting up this indie studio. It's in the making of feature - there some pretty interesting stuff about this game. The guy was one day away from being stone broke having invested everything in this game and there was a last minute influx on the Kickstarter that saved the day, apparently. #2.1
Well that is a pretty impressive improvement in visuals - another killer indie on the way! #1
How have you found the IAPs? Impact or kind of not too bad? #2.1
It's free... I'm not sure how much the IAPs impact, but as long as the distractions is fun, I will take it at the price. #1.1.1
It's a shame F2P is so deeply integrated into gameplay systems that the option of a fixed full price product can no longer work! #1
Great News! A hard task trying to topple something like Halo in your resume (or Marathon for that matter), but you have to know whether it is good or not. #1
Good call on all counts. #1.1.1
Can't wait for this game series to unfold. The Halo link is too good to ignore! #1
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