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Super interesting article and it does make for a tough decision. I wonder how the L.A. Noire people feel now, knowing that despite breaking silence on their work conditions, the game sold like 5million? #1
I prefer the pretty locations of Talos, but it can't match Portal's wit. #1
Keep them coming guys - maybe 343 will realise how many people are pissed off. #1
Yeah stuff those guys, they shouldn't be allowed to play games.

/sarcasm #17.1
Stuff Clancy, I'm getting some of those Rockstar games! #1
I live in Australia - the player pool is small and the Net speed is shocking. I have three brothers and we've always played Halo together. I hate the idea of drop in and drop out, there is no true adventure together. It just sounds like some other game - not Halo. #1.6.4
Well thank god for that. Halo is dead to me. At least Gears is still worth anticipating. #1
Terrible - just terrible. How can you have Halo without splitscreen gaming? For the sake of graphics. They just don't get it. #2
Some of these bundle prices are stupidly good. Seriously, $3 - why are we paying $100 for six hours of Gears of War #1
What would you prefer? #4.1
Armello for sure! That is a seriously deep gaming experience to get for free. #1
It's an interesting discussion point and I am surprised by the pedigree of the people who have made it, but I don't really think Street Fighter is that challenging. #1
What will Ultimate Edition do to that player pool I wonder? #4.1
Would you not go the newly remastered HD Datk Souls II?

I was thinking I would just get the remasters where possible, #2.2
Each of those games I would highly recommend, although I would have swapped in Assassin's Creed II and maybe Halo 3.

For those who missed the full list, it's here #1
Did you read the article - yes you can. #1.3.2
Very interesting read - I just don't know how you can give each of the hundreds of people due recognition. #1
Pretty cool you can play them all on PC, too. Not for me, but still a great option. #1.3
I got halfway through it and lost momentum. Didn't quite grab me like the first two. I still haven't updated though, and do look forward to going through an seeing the original ending. One of these days #1.1.1
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