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Felt like E3 provided more this year.

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Hard to argue with that one

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But the FIA has certified the virtual championships as legit. As in, winning that will hold the same value as winning a real-world championships.

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He said it in a different article OffRoadKing -

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I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but Kaz isn't likely to do a GT7 - - although that does not mean that a more fully developed career won't end up in GT Sport 2

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I know people are ragging on GT Sport for cutting back the career, but I want that FIA license!

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Yet that is a big problem. Why mid-gen consoles are a waste of time.

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I'm kind of gutted. I really expected this to be the game that launched a gazillion PSVR ships. But sounds like I will stick with Dirt Rally.

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There must be a Wolfenstein story somewhere in our future

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Love the style of this game; just looks like a fun world.

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I actually prefer linear gameplay. Open worlds shit me to tears nowadays; that's a young kids genre for people with lots of free time.

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Looking forward to the R-Rated, Logan style Mario adventure in the future. Maybe after he ends up in jail after beating up Princess Peach while on Shrooms.

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This is the big problem with Switch -

Too many of its potential audience have left the industry for mobiles.

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Mine first!

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Fans need to take this seriously I think. From what I have read, it is clear Sport is the future for GT as far as Kaz is concerned. This is the second generation of the series. Expect six GT Sports.

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No way; the Switch will be lucky to get 50m. It's already slowed down a lot.

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Maybe they are future proofing for a decade or more so they don't have to redo the assets again as they did this time.

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Obviously this would have added to the delay, but I guess it means they will have more cars and tracks in the next game.

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There will never be a GT 7

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