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Perhaps what I find a bit disappointing is the way the HBO series has taken precedence over the books themselves. I like the show, but the books are on a whole other level and should always be considered the inspiration. #1
Call me a cynic, but surely this new trilogy will bring with it a truck load of new Star Wars mobile games. #1
Very interested to see how this plays on touch - another classic given a new lease of life, or a classic control pad experience ported poorly? #1
Putting the disc in may be a bit of a pain, too! #2.1
You got to respect this; it's a pretty good effort. I have seen way better setups in terms of raw power and variety, but in terms of artistic layout, this is pretty darn cool.

I wonder how it affects heating up of the machines. #1
Midnight Launch??

/jokes/ #1
Yet another great gamebook in 2014. Talk about a genre making a comeback! #1
With the adventure game, and also the upcoming RPG, I'm enjoying seeing the way CD Projekt Red is starting to stretch its wings and the series forward. An FPS next? #1
Seems like a waste of talent really. I certainly don't buy that these two dudes have much MOBA experience. #1
Love Kumobius' catalogue of titles, so anticipate that this will definitely be worth a purchase. #1
I've played this, and it is pretty crazy addictive. It is also a lot of fun. Talk about taking an easy idea and making it sweet. #1
Brilliant idea for a game. Have not played it yet, but looks like a handy pick-up #1
I really quite enjoyed the game, but it was certainly way too short. Given it has sold 1.4m, I reckon the dev could have thrown a bone out to fans on the way with maybe one or two freebies before a full expansion. #1
Stoked it is finally out. I have been anticipated this game for a long time. Sounds truly unique. #1
I wonder what Seth Sentry thinks? #3
Has a real good style to it this game. Like a L.A. Noire comic. #2
First time in a while that I feel I am behind on the iOS games - basically have not played any of these and they all sound great!! #1
It was always pretty brutal #3
It says in the interview that they had to rebuild 100& of the game, which is interesting. So the whole of genesis was more-or-less scratched! #3.1
Yeah it's an excellent list and just the tip of the iceberg really. Plenty of quality on the way. #1
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