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I have the same combination on my luggage

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I like the question as it talks to the story in a way that I didn't expect from a Kratos game. But each to their own, I get a lot of people will be there for the action mainly.

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How doyou think an interview should work?

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cause he is greek

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They did say it was "loosely based" on norse mythology. Might leave the door open.

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Makes sense to me. 10 bucks says Atreus becomes Thor

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Will be interesting to see how the voting mechanic works. It's nice to give fans a say, but are we expert casters?

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I want that coin

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I should clarify and say that another user commented that they had read it in a different hands-on. So its third-hand information, but I have no reason to think they deliberately misinformed me.

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I just read on neogaf that you can actually upgrade your son as well as Kratos, which was queried in the article. Good news, should add another layer to combat strategy.

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Agreed, it's a pain in the ass whenever this happens, be it game or movie. Just give it a new name. Look at Star Wars Battlefront now we have I and II twice!

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In five years all the major publishers will be working with cryptocurrency; it makes too much sense.

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It would legitimise farming I guess: you can imagine blockchain in a game like WoW, would be super interesting.

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Blockchain tech is awesome.; i really hope it is used for the powers of good in gaming.

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Finally the Aussies getting a win on the price front.

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Sorry slip of the tongue, meant Xbox One family. I believe it is at 31million now

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How long before it catches the Xbox One X. By start of the 2019 they could be pretty close to each other at this rate.

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Apologies, bad memory on my part.

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It was Wii game to 360 I think.

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