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Anything more than the PS4 Pro - really, it should be under for market advantage. Depends I guess if they bundle in Oculus Rift in the main SKU

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I'm disillusioned. And I sure don't compare my Xbox to any Nintendo product. But I guess the biggest impact is on people that have not bought it yet and are considering it.

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Definitely the big problem. They need to bump this up to 80%. Other than Sea of Thieves, all new titles and lots of them. Not indies either.

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PAX is way better for inides! Sony did not even show any last year.

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Probably get to 200 by the end after all announcements - impressive

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Be interesting to see if last minute announcement works for it.

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Microsoft needs to be encouraging devs to do more than just clone what they did for PS4 Pro in my opinion, given it is a more powerful machine.

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Great article

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Well they started work on the MMO in 2007, not that long after

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Sounds more like traditional deathmatch

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I like the Captain Toad sections from Super Mario 3D World

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They should hop to it.


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If they don't reveal Scorpio as the next Xbox (the Xbox 4 but with a better name) then they are idiots. They need a full brand reboot as the Xbox One is a slowly sinking ship.

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Got to do it for the Core

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Next stop for this Aim Controller? Killzone VR announcement at E3 perhaps?

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I doubt that, it more that they have not worked it out yet. As resolution improves it should get better.

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I really hope it works. Definitely want Farpoint to be good, but I am kind of nervous.

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So basically, buy the Aim Controller

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So why aren't all the other multiformat Switch games more expensive on Switch, too?

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