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I think i have maybe 25 or so... kind of makes me feel a bit small really. Has anyone seen all 500 I wonder? #1
Knew it! I am reading this as them both coming back in some capacity, anyone else get that vibe? #1
Nice gatormat!! #1.1.4
I think Mass effect 1 was through MS, but the other two were not. And I think that means they will end up on EA Access instead. #3.1
I am with you EDMIX - I want to play Deus Ex before the follow-up comes out, and i will be paying for the actual Xbox One version, not the older 360 one. #1.1.3
Solid list and I agree with most of them. What I don't understand is the Halo games - I have seen them on the imagery too, so I know they will be BC, but why would you do that just after you release the Master Chief Collection? #1
I really enjoyed that read; I like seeing it through his perspective, but things like what Keji Inafune has done with Mighty No 9 probably pain a lot of devs in the wrong light. #1
I reckon they will be back for sure. They can't risk this being the last Uncharted and not close off such important characters properly. IMO #1
Honestly, I just don't want to delete them.
It's my library and I like to browse and choose to meet my mood #18.2
Maybe with patches and DLC, but those games are not that size on the box. #2.2
Yes!! #4.1
Considering how many more games the PS4 has, it's off they are so close on total GB. I guess that shows how many of the extra PS4 games are small indies. #2
13000 lines is epic - it has to stop being fun at some point. #2
Should get through to year 4 on that, lol. #2.1
And scored progressively worse #4.1
I reckon this is pretty funny; I have 1.5TB currently of storage. Anyone got 4TB or more? #1
Forza is really good fun, but out of the coming exclusives, I like the look of Sea of Thieves and re:core. Shame Project Spark was still born. #2.1
That's really interesting data. I can't imagine it is anymore than coincidence, but seeing it graphed out like that is a bit compelling #1
If I was MS I would be concerned about the downward trend in quality. People will always buy brands over quality, but there is a console war perception to win too.

I totally take your point though: it's super valid. #1.2.2
For me the best thing about Halo is splitscreen, which means Halo 5 kind of has to be at the end of the pile; I can't play it how I want to, so I don't really want to. #1
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