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Pretty solid start really. Given there are a million app store games though, you'd expect to get massive quickly. #1
I would be very happy to see the Indie percentage grow as I am sure this would see even more of the industry's top talent leave their prisons and venture out into the freedom of the indie scene. #3
So what do you reckon the tally will be by the end of the generation. I reckon we'll pass 2000 #1.1.1
You know what, I prefer the Xbox controller and UI, so I play Xbox. That's more important than the variation in games available for me. I do wish Naughty Dog was a multiformat dev though. #4.2
Yeah fantastic idea. Probably around 30 or so of the major publishers. I reckon way more of the indies. #3.1
Interesting, that would suggest around 200 multiformat games. #2.1
Way more than I would have expected, but look how many of them are indies! Pretty impressive to see how much that scene has contributed to this generation. #1
Nice week for point and click, with Monkey Island celebrating its 25th birthday and all. #1
You could argue that you will need to shell out for an additional hard drive quicker with an Xbox, which is another $100 to $200. However, that depends on what game you want. The full list of install sizes is linked somewhere in that main article, and not all games are so different in sizes. #2.1
I think it's streamed. #1.1.1
Thanks uth11 that was great insight! #1.1.3
Can you not just use an HDMi output now and play your iPad on your TV with an MFI controller? #1
I would love to hear an theories you guys and girls may have on why there is such a difference wit some of these games. Definitely seems like Xbox One owners are getting hit the worst, too. #1
So that would be tied specifically to the hardware you think? It would not be the same runtime components across the two titles? #1.1.1
Some of those are pretty massive. Why the hell can a developer nail compression on one console and not the other. (well, nail better)? #1
Not all games are short, you can even play BioShock on iOS now!! #1.1.1
This is actually super awesome. My main concern is wrist strain. It seems like holding such a small device and having so many micro-movements could prove painful over long sessions. Not quite Nintenditis, but still... #1
It's been done - they all weigh the same... #2.1
I hate having to delete stuff so I can install other stuff. So not user friendly. My second 1TB HD is now almost full. There are only so many HDs I can fit next to my Xbox. Soon I will have to leg it to another room and start going through hard drives looking for the right game. Sucks.

a 2TB internal should have been standard. #1.1.2
Is there really a winner out of this? I guess there is a benefit if you're a PES fan, but I wouldn't be choosing one game over the other on file size alone. Well, maybe if it was 20GB different or something. #1
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