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Getting! Here is the direct link if you want it - #1
I really like the idea of being able to track my lap times against the global race base on this thing. Video uploads not so much. #1
Yeah I think that is fair enough argument to be honest. I suspect we'll never know for sure, but you do make a good point. #3.2
Hard to argue with a buck! #1
Few no brainers in there. République is awesome. Bardbarian is great and Modern Combat 4 is a damn fine FPS. #1
You can play GTA San Andreas :) #4.1
I thought you meant journos in articles like this one. Not the industry as in the suits on stage at press conferences and analysts like Pachter. #2.1.2
That's interesting that was your read on it. I really got a different vibe from it. More of a, bullying just begets more bullying so why cast the first stone.

I don't remember reading too much pro-iOS stuff though. Thought it did strike me as a bit weird how people queued up for days to get a phone. #2.1
It sounds a lot deeper than it looks. I was expecting something very superficial when I first saw this game, but the way it's described sounds quite compelling. #2
Do you feel Star Wars or Angry Birds was devalued by the pairing? What about Sonic + Mario + Olympics.

I think you raise an interesting point, but I am not 100% sure I agree.

Given the sheer popularity of Angry Birds and the general polish of those titles, I would have thought you could do it in a way that didn't devalue either brand. And let's be honest, there have been some shocking Pokémon spin-offs over the years.

Theoretical... #3.1
They've done an excellent job on this. If I was Nintendo I'd be looking at it and going... well, maybe we should. #1
Good list of games isn't it. I know E3 really isn't the place for indie games to shine, but there is also plenty that could go on in that side of the world, too. #2
Imagine if they made Titanfall a F2P mobile game... #1
Well evidently you don't. #3
You should play games like République, The Shadow Son, Oceanhorn and co. - they're pretty console-like. Plus, you can play them with a controller now if you like.

HDMi connector + HDTV + MFi Controller = console with 100,000 $1 games #2.1
Except that Apple has approved it and allowed it to go on sale, so it is obviously ok by their standards.

Still, weird it got through. Maybe stories like this will get it retroactively removed. #1.1.3
Who owns all those old games now. Like X-Wing and Dark Forces... is that Disney? #1.1.1
Looks like you can download these songs for free too, which is nice. I wish all devs did that. #1
It's hard to believe this game actually exists. Do I need to see it for myself?? Do I?? Maybe... #1
Well number one was a no brainer, but there were quite a few in that list I had not heard of before. #1
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