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It's great to see more time getting put towards documenting our industry. Also looking forward to Rise of the Indies, which is coming out in 2015. #1
Truly awesome game. Great to see a premium title get such a large audience. #1
Interesting point about whether only having to pay a few bucks nullifies the fact it is a clone of a better game. You can't argue with the added convenience. I think I'd rather pay for quality though. #1
They should release some base code in the major engines that makes it possible to include in any old game. #3.1
This is a great idea and a very important game. Downloading now and contributing to the cause. #1
This is a really neat idea, but it would sure want to provide a lot of fun new content if they are going to try and charge for it.

I actually had not heard of this game before I saw this story, it sounds awesome without the apes. #1
Totally pumped or this game. It looks really high quality and definitely Halo influenced. #1
Fair enough, will give it a go! #4.1
I heard the same thing; it doesn't strike me as an easy game to get right on touchscreens #3.1
I'm not sure why everyone is so in love with VVVVVVV - I, do like the look of MAMBC though. That is intriguing. #1
Cally's Cave 2 is a must own if you have not got it already! #1
Excellent developer; glad to see that Machinarium sequel is on the way at some point. #1
I like James Ernest's hot soup. Notch's one seems kind of boring. #1
In my opinion, if someone has worked out a way to help cure cancer through a video game, it should be played by as many people possible. If that means giving it a full score, then morally, maybe that's worth it for the greater good - then leave the text to explain the details. #1
Yeah. Maybe the DICE guys could do that. They could put Dragon Age into the Battlefield engine perhaps. #4.1
I think we can safely say they made the right decision. #1
I heard a new witcher MOBA game got announced today, too. So that's another one to put on the list! #4.1
That Mech game looks particularly fun. Anyone know when it is out? #1
Awesome game!! If you haven't got it yet, you should definitely check it out. #1
I'm not sure my mind can cope with this. I've tried playing it and can't seem to get my head into the right perspective. #1
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