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Horn is most certainly worth picking up. That's a great game. #2
Yes, this is the game that was called Wayward Saga... until King started being a bully. #1
I know this game had a rocky start, but the amount of post-release content it has offered has been huge. #1
I still play Nethack all the time - roguelikes rule. #1
Like that these guys are going full throttle to make this great specifically on iPad #1
Most are multiformat including consoles and PC, but it would not let me tag all the games when I added the article. #2.1
Downloading right now. Here is the quick link if you want it - #1
I bet, all up, you'll get these 10 games for like $25 or something - awesome! #1
Super interesting idea - I wonder who the developer they have lined up is. Adventure developer.... Telltale? Probably more likely Wadget Eye. #1
Multiplayer flappy doodle bird jump. Sounds ok. #1
Loved every second of this game, I just wish it lasted longer. Here is the app store link if you want it = #1
There are so many puzzle games out there nowadays, it's nice to see something that actually looks different. #1
Game has an intriguing style to it - reminds me a little of that Monaco game. #1
I wonder how deep the experience is: this could be cool if it gets quite tactical. #1
There has been a run of dogfighters recently, but I still long for X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter 2 #1
The climbing looks a little slow, but the general aesthetic and idea seems quite cool. #1
Punch Quest was pretty cool, I'm interested to see how this game goes. #1
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Do you get to go inside the plane? #2
What I find weird is the name and some of the images look like a match-3 puzzle game, yet it sounds like an action game. #2
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