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I refuse to read or click on anything that comes from f-ing flame bolt. What a joke of a website! And yet fanboys get played everyday here at n4g !!!!

Wake up and refuse to click on these 1 paragraph articles!!!!

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Loved Far Cry 3..... FC 4 is one of my most anticipated games for later this year!

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As a gamer who games on everything, i hope MS brings their A game tomorrow as well as Sony.....

Competition between companies such as MS / Sony only benefits the gamers on both sides of the fence.

After a shaky start, Phil has been doing a great job since taking over XB.

Sooooo many great games to look forward to over the next 12-18mths regardless of your console preference!!!

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Can't wait for this game!!!! Long live bungie.

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Silly Sony!!! no need for this....

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Yet another fanboy fueled title aimed directly at sites such as N4G !!!

Both systems cant be expected to launch with absolutely every feature up and running..!!! Have some patience....

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Whilst i agree that PSN has come a long way, it did take them quite a few years to get up to speed... and MS have certainly invested huge money in their Xbox live upgrades for XB1.... Sony's silence in this regard isn't a good sign IMO.... I'd love yoshida to answer this, rather than not blocking early access consoles....

As someone who is getting both, this is my big question for Sony....

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Xbox live i think has better infrastructure behind it but i applaud Sony for PS+ as it is great value (Instant game collection). Looking forward to both!

I would like to hear more about Sony's plans for online etc though.

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Gets popcorn....

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Good job reading and commenting on an article for a product you don't intend on buying!

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It's funny how out of the first probably 20 comments, they are predominantly Sony FB's who obviously have no intention of buying an XB1 ?!

I'm getting both, and although there are XB FB's who do the same thing on N4G, the amount of Sony "only" gamers who would praise sony, and rubbish MS for the exact same thing is staggering (and funny).....

I used to only game on Sony machines PS1 / 2 and i'm so glad...

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SDF out in force today! Typical day on N4G? Yep....

I do agree that the title is misleading though !

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Shock horror......he doesn't play playstation games does he? OMG.... sack him!!!!....

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Some great games coming to both platforms!!!! Sony certainly have the indie games covered though!!! Lots of movement there....

MS do have some great AAA titles in the first year as well though.

Good month / year to be a gamer!!!

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Settle petal !!!

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No S$&@ Sherlock!!!

You mad bro?!

I'm getting both but find it funny that if ms say cloud anything it's BS, and if Sony say it, it's like the second coming of Christ.

My comment was just generalising the most common sony fanboy comment regarding cloud in general.

Chill dude, the ps4 is a more powerful, box but just doesn't compete when talking online infrastructure!

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Sony using "da powa of de cloudz" must be possible then?!


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Slow news day..... What a rubbish article..... cant wait til both consoles are out so we can start talking more about games, rather than blog rumours and this kind of crap!

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How does this sh*% get approved on here, really? is this news worthy?

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"You are the perfect example of an Xbox fan, someone who tries too hard (and fails) to be funny, can never answer a simple question and makes a clown of himself"

You really need to apply that comment to yourself inserting (PS) as it's what you do each and every day on N4G !!!

Hilarious !!!

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