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Sorry, but is John even relevant these days? Does his opinion even matter?

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dedicatedtogamers hit the nail on the head. Last gen the Xobox fanboys ignored the year early release and touted the sales numbers of their beloved console and the PS3 folks argued the early release was the reason for the jump ahead in sales. Now we see the shoe on the other foot and the Xbox fanboys are arguing that the week early release, more countries, and price difference makes for more sales of the PS4. You're right, it does. Just like last gens year difference and price difference ...

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IMHO the best thing they could do for this franchise is give each release a two year span and release more content on a regular basis. Game modes, maps, skins and perhaps an extended single player portion. Stop wit the yearly releases and just dish out more content for a reasonable price.

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Sorry, but in nearly ever match I have played in the last several weeks has not had a single kid yelling into the mic. Oh, and for those who are still to stupid to figure it out, there is a mute function and party chat...

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MPOG, the feature just does not interest me. Sorry that hurts your feelings. Just for giggles, last night I said "Playstation".... "Main Menu" and guess what? It went to the main menu. Did I like it? Nope, didn't hate it either. As I said, it's a feature that does not interest me. You getting all upset over my opinion is like wiping before going poop... It doesn't make any sense.

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The Treyarch CODs are garbage plain and simple. Sound, graphics and gameplay suck all around. If you say that the Treyarch games are more akin to the original then you sir have no idea what you are talking about. Infinity Ward games have always been far more polished than the Treyarch garbage.

And, thanks for the correction…

grammar Nazi.

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Thats my problem though with the number system. They can give it three 10's and one 5 and then call the game a 5... It makes no sense.

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As a PS3 slim owner I know you're full of crap. The PS3 slim had the power supply inside and was the most reliable hardware of that gen. Go figure that we leave it up to Sony to know what they are doing with hardware and their reputation precedes them. You sir are just wrong.

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A 6.5...

Is this a review for the Wii version?

And to add to it, I hate these types of rating systems.

another example of why number systems don't work:

Gameplay 6.8
Graphics 8.0
Sound 6.5
Enjoyment 6.5
Total Score 6.5

If we take an average we get: 6.95

But in the wacky world of video game editors, we get 6.5 because as w...

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Meh, it's the Madden of shooters. It's what makes it most popular is the familiarity between releases. The people that talk badly about the game are typically PC folks for feeling like Activision left them behind. The average casual that plays it could care less and will buy the next one when it comes out.

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Same. It's just not something that interests me. Good for some but just not for me.

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Price is huge but reputation is bigger. Xbox has to live down an entire generation of crap hardware whereas the PS4 is standing on a reputation of strong and reliable hardware. The choice is clear for me.

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I have my PS4 already so the truth of it all is, I could care less but to those who say sales help secure your choice of console, 2.1 million PS4's sold since launch says that my console of choice is well on its way to a great gen.

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I get a kick out of these comparisons to PC's and Consoles. Usually it's a butt-hurt PC owner that hates the fact that some 400 dollar console is whooping their PC's arse in graphics. The truth is however, the console will never be a PC and a PC will never be a console. They are two different platforms that are made for two different reasons. Sure a PC can provide games but it's more for those who are a touch on the hard core side and the Console is for the masses that simply ...

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Titan Fall looks pretty stupid if you ask me. Just not into that kind of thing...

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Aside from the power cord issue I had, it was one of my all time favorite consoles to date. Loved the lan parties with Halo and I could not get enough of COD2 The Big Red One. Great times with that system.

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Indeed. MS has set themselves up to make a cheaper package that includes less just as Sony can include the Eye for the same price. Both manufacturers can do something with a bundle deal to make up for a lack in price change.

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For me it was less the idea of what the current eco system has in store for a particular console and more about what the last gen showed me in terms of reliability. That being said, I didn't want to get burned again by multiple dead consoles. I was a big Xbox fan and can say that the first Xbox was by far one of the best consoles out there (aside from the fires caused by their faulty power cord originally)... At this point, the most reliable console is the PS4 or any PS platform for that ...

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Link the article that has some Sony rep stating that their intentions for Killzone were to be the "Halo Killer". If you can't then just stop pushing that garbage. Your opinion is not fact, just in case you were not aware of that...

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