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Can't rememeber anything that great from Combat Evolved, but the later games have their moments. Not expecting much from 4.

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No shorter than recent CoD games, but I was expecting maybe 8-9 hours. Thank god for MP/ Spartan Ops.

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If it's not helping out with GTA 5 or Mafia 3, I'd like to see a futuristic, Blade Runner-style open world game. Please.

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It won't be before 1 April. Take Two has all but confirmed it with the lowered forecast - or do they believe GTA 5 will make hardly any revenue?

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Much as I love XCOM, the texture pop-in and audio-stuttering on PS3 are really quite annoying - even on a turn-based game.

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What was the last R* game to launch 1 March? And why has T2 lowered its estimates?

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Look pretty much identical for once. I'll be playing on PS3 though, as I'd rather have it on one disc.

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MP's been rumoured for Infinite, DE has worked on the franchise, and the ad calls the project AAA FPS as well as "prestigious" - The Darkness 3 that is not.

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I'd like to see something innovative with Columbia's factions, the skyhooks and maybe even supernatural powers. Could be awesome. Sounds like they've struggled to crack it though, and shooters simply don't get made without MP these days....

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Not surprised - it's a different game to the one they previously revealed.

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Needs polish, but it looks great. Isn't this what a Gauntlet game should look like these days?

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Christmas will be good to Nintendo, but there's no compelling reason for the masses to get involved just yet

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1. Pachter doesn't know for a fact what's going to happen - but just because he predicts something doesn't automatically mean it won't happen.

2. GTA V defies regular sales patterns - launch sales will be through the roof whenever it releases.

3. I agree R* won't ship until it's ready - but Take Two made these huge revenue predictions some time ago, so they must have had an idea it would launch in the next 12 m...

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If you read the quotes, it's because Take Two has forecast crazy profits by year's end (March 31) - no GTA V, no crazy profits.

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March is a good shout. Can't wait to see this in GI next month. Game of the generation for sure.

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It's not campaing co-op, so it could be other characters.

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Co-op wave mode? What about a Fortnite-style meta game whereby you keep surviving/scavenging while repelling waves of bandits etc? Make co-op deep enough to play by itself, and it'll be a success.

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In terms of stealth and action the series' have similarities - but it sounds like Ubi thinks they have the more mature game, rather than Kojima's sprawling, anime-inspired soap opera...

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The mention of motion-sickness makes me think VR headset. Has to be.

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GTA needs more detail, not a bigger map. San Andreas looks sparse these days.

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