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Agreed, I was thinking the same thing: It looks to be a good game in which I look forward to eventually getting, but I will wait for the goty/complete edition.

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Good blog. I never understood why cliff was so popular in part of the gaming community. So he had a hand in the gears franchise & so did many others. And now because of his one hit wonder mentality went to his head he thinks he is the be all & end all in gaming. Give me a break! As far as I am concerned cliff can shove his anti-consumer attitude & ignorant opinions where his over bloated ego is.

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Kinect is spy tech & microsoft is one of the companies on record in selling it's consumer user data(ie: kinect) to the nsa via the prism spy program.

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The difference is the playstation eye is not required for the ps4 to operate, the kinect is required for the xbox 1 to operate though. Big difference there.

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Sony's ps4 console has similar & better(in some areas) specs than the xbox one, ps4 is more gamer focused as a whole, has a lot more first party exclusives coming in the near future, will have good indy support , does not require any spy device(ie: kinect), and costs $100 less than the xbox one. YOU WERE SAYING MICROSOFT?

Microsoft you may have been living in your dream world of arrogance with the xbox 360. But the reality of everything is that outside the u.s.a. some...

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They could program the game with all possible variables that could be pursued by gamers(HINT: all companies have been doing this practice since practically the beginning of the gaming industry) within the limits that the game would allow without having to include an always online connection.

These games have stealth drm written all over them. Don't believe the corporate "it's the future of gaming" story of pr bs jargen they are feeding you that you are clea...

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Thanks for the info.

I have a good dsl internet connection at 7 mb/s(it is a dedicated line which means no sharing with any other dsl subscribers in my neighborhood) & have hundreds of console games alone in which I spend quite a bit of money on one of my favorite hobbies. But I will not be buying these games based on the fact that ubisoft truly does not care for anyone or anything but the bottom line.

I suggest to hit them in the only place that ubisoft ...

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Here is an interview that sums the up major full nelson pretty well, the interview was conducted before they changed some of their anti-consumer policies.

youtube . com/watch?v=6RtSGFryKwo

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Yes the second version is what I meant. I bought my ps3 metal gear solid 4 bundle the first day that bundle was released which was about a year after the ps3 was out. All of this time I thought the blue version of psn was the original, I did not know that they changed the first version psn store that quick(from the first year).

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Ever since sony implemented the new psn store look things are a lot more cumbersome and buggy. Sony needs to go back to the original blue psn store look because it was a lot better overall performance wise & and was more user friendly, not this buggy, jigsaw puzzle, cumbersome mess that it is now.

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Thanks for that bit of info, I did not know that you could do that.(Agreed & Bubble+)

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You are absolutely right(agreed + bubble). I was telling my friend the same thing the other day about me not going gaga because sony did not go the anti-consumer route like microsoft did, but at least they clarified it that used games will have no restrictions.

That fact of the matter is that drm & anti-consumer practices should have never been on the table to begin with concerning the game industry. I am glad that sony did the common sense thing & not decide to go t...

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For the longest time I have criticised microsoft mainly because the only thing gaming related that was offered with the gold sub was online multi-player, couple that with the fact that there would be ads plastered all over .

When ps + came out I would have never payed for it because it was simply not worth it in the state that it was in at that time. But as time went by it has become a better service overall & for the last 3-5 months I have been debating into getting ps + ma...

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& lower prices for those games too if possible.

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I was thinking of pre-ordering a ps4, but since most places only have a 2 week to month return policy I am instead going to get a ps4 at a store called target which has a 90 day return policy when the ps4 is available at that store.

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I remember a while ago I read an interview concerning kojima & the metal gear solid franchise in which he referenced that the movie escape from new york & the snake pliskin character was a heavy influence in the solid snake character's creation.

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- Shin Nihon Kikaku(New Japan Project)

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"What the {*insert console here*} Needs to Do"...

I have a new article. How about:

*article start*

" what authors that write these type of articles need to do"



*article end*

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@ MasterChief3624

"Even a broken clock is right once a day." is a figure of speech and/or saying. In the political realm nancy pelosi is a joke of a politician.

The stupidity that she usually seems to display frequently on a daily basis took a vacation the day she said that video games are not the cause of violence.

The figure of speech was appropriate in which pelosi mostly messes up in her political career in which (*PopRocks35...

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I am not saying that dmc 4 did not have it's faults because I have clearly not played through the game myself(but I own a copy for the ps3), but dmc 4 became a greatest hits title in all three major regions. If dmc 4 is a best seller throughout the world why on earth would anyone with a brain at capcom(if any people that uses their brains actually exist at capcom) think the series needed a reboot? I mean seriously capcom?

I just got into the series when the dmc triple pac...

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