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Obama's America everybody. #97
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Hey OP of this article. Quit asking for attention. If you want attention SO bad, do what the rest of us normal people do and take your penis out and go walk around a shopping mall. #31
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Can't wait to be playing this on a PC.. Where it's meant to be played. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT. What? sizzle. :P #14
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Here's some food for though. Both are "an racing game". Both are fun. Play both. Gain less noobness. Win life. Problem solved. #33
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"I write bad reviews so people pay attention to me talking!"

Hey, you, your face, and your horrific reviews, SHHHHYEEEUT-UP. #11
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What a horribly faggy opinion article. "The numbers never lie". That in itself is a lie because THE NUMBERS ALWAYS LIE. Idiots. #11
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Mmmmm, that PC beta tastes great. 2 days ahead of everyone else and better graphics/resolution? Thanks DICE! #13
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Wait, that's a lie. Didn't someone post a comparison shot of a place shown in the trailer, to the PC version, and all the lighting was shit, and there were hundreds of trees missing and massive details missing in the rocks? Yeah, I know I saw that. It's no where near as good looking. Sure, the graphics might be on par, but the amount of detail in the world HAD to be taken out because it would have crashed the consoles. What a fail if Crytek actually said this. My guess is, E... #28
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I play all the consoles, but apparently you've never heard of a thing called framerate and resolution. Kind of make all the difference in a game. #1.13
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My sociopolitical cousin is less needy for attention than you, eat a bowl of menthol flavored dicks, donniebaseball. #1.1.11
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Jesus fuck people seriously? 1. To the gamers, game designers aren't your fucking slaves. 2. To the news writer, "Dice lashes out"? Go fuck yourself, it was a moderator, not DICE. DICE is a company, and I'm pretty sure in some legal papers they say that there company is NOT represented by the views of a single employee. Both the media, and the bitchy little whiners need to get the head out of there ego/shit filled pissy little fucking asses. For realz brosif. Fuckin... #60
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I don't give a fuck if the map was pee wees playhouse, I just want to play!! #11
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The answer is yes. Thank you for wasting the Internets with your shitty article. #41
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Man, the CD era really is starting to show its age, lol. It's been around pretty long now, almost time for it to finally die out. I'll give it till the end of the Xbox 360 life cycle. Once Microsoft stops using them, there won't be much of a need anymore, especially with the drop in Blu Ray prices. #121
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And still the game is 60$ and the DLC, still canned goods created before the release of the game. This is stupid people being milked right in front of our eyes and we don't even care. Just shows how lazy our society has become. Would you like more lube with your ass-fucking? Imbeciles. #30
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Uhh, if it was designed by a different company I would. It doesn't look like much more than a plastic toytroller. Maybe if the 360 and PS3 allowed for universal controller access, like the PC, then we wouldn't have this problem. And both consoles have a USB port, so don't even try telling me it's not possible. It's beyond possible. #120
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This ^ anyone who doesn't understand that, is dumb. It's simple as cake, optimizing = shitier graphics but better framerate. Isn't rocket scientist.

btw, who the fuck cares about what Sledgehammers opinion on MW3 is, all they did is the bitchwork (basic modeling, maybe some multiplayer maps, and if they're lucky, they're own mode that will probably suck. They'll do anything to get extra money for Activision. And Activision will pay them because the... #16.1
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I love reading comments. All it is, is 1% truth, 99% assumptions about a game that has little info released, little gameplay, and hasn't even been fucking released yet. That's like me saying "God damnit the next super smash bros game is going to suck because of all of this unreleased false info" Noobs. #36
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Says the company that HELPED DEVELOP THE FUCKING GAME. Jesus, massive fail. #31
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