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This game looks really nice, the only thing I don't like the idea of is the MOBA features in the multiplayer mode.

For a racing/combat game that sounds pretty stupid to me, but I'll wait and see. #2
So, it seems that magical hidden processors are the latest excuse as to why the Xbox One isn't at its full potential... #12.5
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Good. #12
4th gen for me, I spent so much time playing on the Mega Drive... and sometimes the SNES too. #11
Mario is overrated. Link from LoZ should be Nintendo's mascot. #17
I was thinking that this game is becoming the new Duke Nukem Forever... #4
True. Microsoft has been caught doing it before, I guess they aren't to blame every time lol.

It could be either of them really, they would both rather have gamers locked in to the Xbox / PlayStation brands rather than people gaming on PC where games are produced without a developer license fee. #8.2.2
I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft has been slipping money for "parity" between the console and the PC either.

Nobody will even care that the Xbox One is the weaker system compared to PS4 and PC if the games push none of them. #8.2
Inb4 exclusive to Wii-U...

Sega, damn sellouts. #3
I think that the Atari Jaguar has to be one of the worst ones. It could hardly even compete against the 32x when it comes to graphical quality. #2
Being in 3rd place classes as "destroying the competition" now? lol #1.14.2
Say that to the MegaDrive/Genesis and SNES owners back in the 1990s... #5.2.1
your* #11.2.1
They aren't free, you pay monthly to access them... #8.1
I think the Master System and the Mega Drive are great, those are my consoles of choice during their respective generations.

It all went downhill after those two though with a constant string of failures. #4
.....then just buy a PS4? 0_o #3.1.2
Well, people kept saying that about the PS3 last generation too... #2.3.1
Nah, they don't have any kind of expansion port that would allow it. Unless MS and Sony would expect us all to solder the expansion to the motherboard inside the console. #1.3.1
Speak for yourself, I don't give a damn about Nintendo right now, I'm having great fun with my PS3, PS4 and 360. #7.1.1
I think it'd be a silly idea to kill off the Wii-U early, I mean look what it did to Sega when they did that with their systems...

Nintendo has a lot more money now than Sega did at the time but it would still be a really bad thing for the brand. #4
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