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I think it'd be a silly idea to kill off the Wii-U early, I mean look what it did to Sega when they did that with their systems...

Nintendo has a lot more money now than Sega did at the time but it would still be a really bad thing for the brand. #4
What, is the Xbox One going to magically grow a new GPU? #82
Genesis is better. #1
Oh, you're one of those people... #12.1.4
Why don't we all just go back to playing on SD TV's then? #38
I'm surprised they're managing to get this far so fast. Even what they've managed to get running in it so far is a huge achievement.

Last time I looked at it, it could only run some very simple OpenGL demos and even then crashed 90% of the time. #6
I'm not even surprised anymore... #17
To be honest, the older ones are usually more fun if you can get past the dated graphics... #3
GAME is a horrible store anyway, they generally overprice things and try to shoehorn lots of things in with bundles.

Having said that I did buy my Xbox 360 from there back in 2008 though...

I was pretty annoyed when they bought GameStation as GameStation used to be a lot better. #2

I just like the big X on the top thats the only unique thing about that console design really.

It literally was an X-Box lol #2.1.2
Nah that was a tech demo for the Nintendo 64 before Square abandoned Nintendo over the "Why is N64 still using cartridges?" argument because there wasn't enough space for what they had in mind. #1.2
I don't really like it when a console tries to look like an appliance like a VCR or DVD player, I like the more interesting looking consoles like Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Original Xbox, Dreamcast, PS1, PS3, PS4. The elite 360 consoles look quite cool too imo #2
My Gaming PC is just a big black box lol, I never saw the point in adding flashy lights to them it'd just annoy me while gaming or watching a film in the dark. #1.1
Not unless they find the ultra secret 2nd GPU that Xbox fanboys were banging on about awhile ago. #4.1
Not for long it doesn't. #13.1.5
The only problem I have with the new look is how Knuckles looks, he just looks plain weird. I think the other characters look fine though. #3
I was playing this the other day actually, lol

It doesn't cost much on the PS3's store. #5
...doesn't that just mean that they are stuck in the present? #4
Woah this guy is even more of a Nintendo hater than I am. #3
This game gets more hate than it deserves imo. It's a fun 3D beat em up game.

The only thing that pisses me off about it really is once you start enjoying being a big giant you suddently get reduced back to a small size again for whatever reason lol #3
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