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Mega Drive ftw, but both are great.

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I'm not surprised... I don't think I have ever seen a tablet with an ethernet port anyway, it was to be expected.

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Actually the original Xbox had an internal power supply, so it isn't exactly new to the Xbox product family either.

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Yes, they do.

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Each console has had multiple dev kit models available. Only a small number of them were shown here.

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The cartridge slot says it all really... caused most developers to abandon them for the PS1 and Saturn (well... mostly PS1) It also completely lacks a sound chip at all meaning the CPU had to do it, which drained system resources.

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Good thing it was fake. Hopefully if Nintendo actually were planning to ship something with a similar design to this, they will now have a good idea how negative the reaction would be and have second thoughts...

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Why would we be jealous of having to buy a whole new system whenever you want an upgrade?

Honestly this degrades consoles, you'll soon be buying a whole new console every year just as if it was some low end smartphone.

I personally would prefer a console continue to be a single target platform/machine as it is the main advantage of them.

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I don't really see how anybody can spin this as a bad thing...

It will reduce game player base fragmentation resulting in a gaming community with more activity.

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"If you don't like it don't buy it. It's that simple."

Yeah, we all know how well that attitude ended for the Wii-U and DmC: Devil May Cry.

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Nintendo actually has done it. There was the DSi and the "New" 3DS.

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Actually the Wii and Wii-U are the only Nintendo home systems that support backwards compatibility at all.

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This is a very stupid idea...

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I play WoW occasionally and I really couldn't imagine myself playing any game for even a third of that amount of time in one sitting.

At least he died doing what he enjoyed, RIP.

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I would rather have the PS4.

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The PAL/50hz vs. NTSC/60hz only really mattered for games during the PS2/Xbox/GC/DC generation and older.

Since we switched to using HD on the game consoles all regions now use the same video standard.

What you say is actually true on older systems. Some old games which have a choppy framerate at 60hz actually appear to run more smoothly on a PAL system, however the game as a whole is still slowed down overall since its running at a lower target frame rate. ...

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Ugh it looks like I can't disable auto update either.

At least I can drop my own music into the MP3 folder in the game's install folder and have it play my own music I guess.

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That's a shame after all the things that were said.

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Console peasant.

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Mega Drive/SNES style graphics are the future of game graphics by the looks of most new releases...

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