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There is that deep sense of foreboding isn't there?

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I was a little worried going into the venue to try it out, but thankfully the game seems stuffed to the brim with levels and mini-games that are actually fun! It's even better when one of those mini-games encourages rivalry between the media - so should encourage friendly rivalry in your home/parties too! :)

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I would hope that they just leave Greek Mythology and Kratos in general and tackle either Norse or Egyptian mythology with a new hero. Heck, even Celtic mythology would be an interesting setting. :)

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Wow. Isn't this a poorly written, reactive piece of garbage...

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In the UK, Persona 4: Golden hasn't been released and Xenoblade Chronicles was released last year, so weren't eligible for selection. The one game on the list I would say should be on that list is Torchlight 2, but the community chose the selection.

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I'd imagine that THQ will prompt the author to translate it into English for the games release. Perfect marketing ploy really!

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All content from the site is written by the reviewer, otherwise that would be plagiarism. That isn't the case.

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Very flavourful review! Quite excited now for this.

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I've actually chased Microsoft for comment on this matter. Will put a post with the response.

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When I say worst I've seen for a long time for a console, I'm not talking about the games, but the actual release window. Other than that, the games are great.

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The console itself; a great piece of machinery. I just wish Nintendo gave it a fighting chance against the AAA behemoths on other consoles.

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Very intriguing idea.

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Agreed. Dragon's Dogma may be a C+ in my eyes, but it is certainly better than Dragon Age 2 (though we didn't review it, so I couldn't give it the score I want to give it!) ;)

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Interesting update to this story now!

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Fair enough. Most certainly implied for sure, but not confirmed in the slightest.

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I have to admit, I was thinking the same before I played it.

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A more complete version of probably the most complete fighter of last year is always a good thing, and considering they're attempting to use a lot of the exclusive functionality of the PlayStation Vita, it is definitely worth looking into.

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The 12 days of Xmas thing is part of a array of feature articles about games. There is a common theme beyond that, which is somewhat relevant. (Hint - Look at how many things are discussed through the articles).

Thanks for the feedback though! :)

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As a collective gathering of votes that began in mid-November, there were a couple who voted it amongst our own personal top 25. These were all totaled up using a complex algorithm and the top 25 were chosen based on that.

With regards to Twisted Metal, I'm guessing that it just wasn't on as many people's radar, being a PlayStation 3 exclusive and some of the staff (but not the majority) mainly using Xbox 360. This is not to say however that it doesn't look go...

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