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Looks graphically just unbelievable (which sadly I can't get excited about due to so much dishonest hype footage then downgrades in recent times) and I really like the scale but dammit I just wish Final fantasy characters went back to looking like something from a storybook and less like a boy band on tour. #40
It's not that they 'Couldn't possibly', it's that the actual research strongly suggests that they're not. #16.1
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They should give the option to have French in the Animus and English outside of it. That's how I'd play if it were possible. #3
One person cheats on their partner with multiple people in order to gain good press for their game.

Another person uses demonstrably false and fabricated information and events to scam money by whipping up anti-videogame controversy.

Both these people seem to be drawing criticism from the videogaming subculture. I wonder why....... hmmmmmmm. Oh wait, they're both women. It must be that. Yeah it's because they're women.

(Apparently... #7
I don't know what you're talking about. There was no killing of prostitutes in the GTAV I played. Perhaps I'm just a more caring, considerate player.

Okay.......So there was one small stabbing incident but c'mon, it was Trevor's first night in the city, he was overexcited. Besides, I'm sure she was alright, she still managed to run away and wasn't THAT far from people that could've helped. #22
Damn, if this is an accurate score this is probably the worst year videogaming has ever seen, even if it's not accurate I guess. Let's hope one of the October-December releases swoops in at the last minute and saves us all superhero style. #2
There is an aspect of personal taste but I honestly believe The Last of us is an objectively better game than The War Z. I understand that many people may not feel the same way but I feel comfortable saying that that's because their criteria for judging games is way off.

Of course 'better' and 'worse' are very limited terms but in the sense we usually mean them in every day conversation I do believe there are better and worse games if not an absolute best and... #9.1
It's the year the stakes for top level games got too high to take creative risks, and that's sad. It's the year the industry finally shook the last nerds (creative people) off the top spot and got taken over by money and marketing folk. Aside from one or two people grandfathered into the industry and too respected to be shackled our only hope for real creative and technically impressive games lies in the mid-level indie studios. Our only real hope is that the technology reaches th... #10
Nobody believe this liar!!! I just took his advice and tried touching real ones and now I have to got to court on Thursday.

Seriously though saying only virgins enjoy virtual representations of sex is like saying only quadriplegics enjoy sports games. #5.3
I love the faux disapproval of anything involving sexuality people put on when they want to sound mature. 'People having fun with their bodies? How very sad and pathetic' Okay Professor we get it. You're totally too classy and mature to even want to look at a pair of boobs and that's a totally mature and healthy attitude to have towards sex. #11
This is one remaster that's completely welcome for me. I loved GTAV but the grainy look of it would make me feel sick when I played for too long and some of the textures, especially grass were just ugly. Still I kinda wish I hadn't already done absolutely everything there is to do in the single player mode. I knew this upgraded version was inevitable and I knew I wouldn't be able to wait for it but I probably should have at least held off on a few side missions. #3
That's just the way it goes. I've had to make myself resist the urge to go through my comment history and find my downvoted to hell comments about how Watch dogs was a major disappointment and how everyone was gonna agree with me once the hype wore off, along with all the accusations that I'm just a hater who doesn't appreciate any game that tries something new and isn't just COD. It's annoying to see people fall for hype again and again but at least we get a nice smug... #4.2
As far as brands go it's the least interesting thing they've tackled to me but I know their writers are good enough to get me hooked anyway. Still I'm far more excited for their take on Game of thrones. THAT is a series that is perfect for them. They both rest on the same degree of amazing storytelling.

The writing of their Walking dead game was so good that on the final decision I disagreed with 90% of other players and I still feel completely confident and justi... #3
THE WIRE by David Simon.

Scene 1. Daytime EXT

A sunny day in a Baltimore housing project. A small band of Police officers stand in a small circle One of the officers, a rugged looking male named Mcnulty checks his gun and speaks.


The Officers nod and suddenly bullets begin to fly. From out of every window and doorway drug dealers come running, firing off endless rounds from every imaginable variety of gun. The offi... #15

Hehehehehehehahahahaaaaaargh. ......

......Aaaaaaarghahahahaghagha ghaaaaaaaaaaaarghahahahahahaha. ....

........ #7
What? They're making new games in the Alone in the dark and Legacy of Kain series??!!?? Awesome, I grew up on those works of art. The world of imagination and fantasy they created meant so much to me growing up, I can't wait to return back to those worlds and see what has changed. Let me just load up n4g and check out these previews....

.....oh...........oh my........

http://www.reactiongifs.c... #4
You should try it some time, it's nice. #12.1.1
Come on folks, if Ubisoft have to delay it it's obviously to improve the thing and make it the tightest, most polished game they can, just like they did with W'....j'just like they did with Watch d'dog.... Just like they.... Sorry, I can't do it. #12
I don't care about how microtransactions affect the multiplayer really as I'm playing it for the single player. However, it doesn't feel like a good sign for a game I was already worried about. All I really hope is that it feels like a real work of art written by creative people with a real insight into what makes an interesting character and a desire to tell a good story (just like Origins). When I see terms like 'microtransactions' I just get awful creeping memories of D... #6
It does nothing for me from everything I've seen so far. If I was to liken PT to a movie it would've been David Lynch's Inland Empire. It was strange and experimental, it treated me like an adult and didn't condescend to me for fear that I might decide it 'sux' and pick up something easier to grasp and shallower. From what I've seen of this I'd liken it to the kind of cheesy lame cash-in Hollywood 'horror' starring punchable looking 18 year olds that yo... #6
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