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Gaming has been creatively locked down by money men, just like the American movie industry was. Anything monetarily 'risky' (meaning 'creative') is opposed at every step whereas every next recycled seven hundredth prequel to a tired franchise or cash cow F2P multiplayer shooter is rushed out as soon as humanly possible.

Ofcourse the occasional creative experience will slip through the cracks but those will be the exception to the rule. For the most part, just li... #25
I've not managed to recreate that movie's ending yet but I've recreated Paul Walker's ending more times than I'd care to admit.

...I thought about it and decided it was worth losing the bubble. #7
I'm pretty sure that's just the Internet, which in turn is just people interacting without the threat of permanent damage to their reputation. If you don't believe me go find a forum for lawnmower enthusiasts and ask a simple question about lawnmowers, the people trying to help you will be outnumbered 10 to 1 by people smugly suggesting you just let your backyard grow wild if you can't handle such a simple lawnmower related problem. #6
For those not in the know, the 'helicopter' is when the man swings it around in a circular motion by flexing his hips. I haven't watched the video yet but I'm already impressed somebody was able to do this. #4
Hey, leave that fighting through walls thing alone. If it wasn't for that I'd be working my way through a giant pig's small intestine right about now. #1.1.1
I'd say 9 is the best to start with since it's probably the last of the absolute classic era Final fantasy games and still holds up well technically. 6 is the best (and one of the best games ever made) and the remake of 4 is a great Intro to the series too. This was my experience anyway and I didn't even play them myself until just a few years ago. #33
I have to admit the running around the huge open area was a bit of a negative to me, but in a way that's pretty much my fault and not really a fault with the game. It's just that I've played so much Dragon Age Inquisition that I'm kinda sick of hiking around a giant open area of wilderness with a four person party.

I thought the characters would be my biggest problem with the game but with the Japanese audio on I actually even quite like them now..

... #4
You can look at my comments around the time of certain recent releases to see I'm not some fanboy who attacks when a PS game is criticized but I have to say, IGN recently have had the hugest fall from grace I've ever seen a site have. Their Dying light 'review in progress' (let's stretch this thing out for clicks) was where it really became undeniable to me. The guy wound up giving the game a good score but during the videos he was playing beyond poorly, jumping as high as... #43
Not sure, a 'Dark Souls Virgin' could be somebody who's never played it before or somebody who's played it a LOT. #6
No. Is it worth buying anyway? Yes. #10
Sadly I have to agree with this score. The first game was almost a puzzle game and was great for it. I loved hanging outside of a room figuring out my tactics, 'Okay so I can wait til that one guy is passing the door, knock him over with it, quickly kill the guy just behind him then throw the weapon at the guy across the room' then putting your plan into action and seeing it work out, it was glorious.
It was great planning how to silently take out enough people so that you co... #1
I might pick this up as I've been in the mood for a Final fantasy game and I heard this one has at least a sliver of the magic storytelling that made the old games so great. Of course there's also the incentive of FF15 episode Duscae. Speaking of which, has that been released? Seems odd that after so much anticipation for it I haven't seen a single Hands on impressions article or even a comment here from somebody who has played it. #5
Half life 2 is my favourite game of all time but it's been too long. It makes me really sad to admit it but I no longer even care about Half life 3. It's been so long it wouldn't feel like an end to the story anyway, it would feel like some weird modern reboot of an old forgotten series.

I don't care about the pressures they must've felt to top the previous game. I don't care about the new technologies Valve has been working on, though I'm sure they&#... #13
The aspects of the Nemesis system that would work for Fallout are already there, in a sense. That whole sense of your actions being remembered and having lasting consequences. Who didn't love discovering that they had pissed off the wrong person through a contract found on the body of a slain bounty hunter?

Of course I want to see that kind of thing expanded for the next Fallout. In fact my only real worry for the game is that it will go the Skyrim route (which I enjoyed, an... #15
Agreed but honestly I'd settle for a few game characters with half the complexity of Dirk Diggler right now. #15.1.1
Brilliant from a tech standpoint but when it comes to making the actual games I really hope we start seeing less games that look like they were directed by Paul WS Anderson and more that look like they were directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. #15
God I hate those 'Gamer phrase' themes and avatars. All those, 'I am the REAL God of war' and 'I will own you!' things that clearly took some douche two minutes to throw together in Microsoft word and take ages to scroll through when you're looking for all recently uploaded content. #6
Incredible news!!! I've literally never been so excited!!! #2
So I assume they're using tracks like Eternal life and Grace? Don't get me wrong, he did a beautiful cover of Halleluiah but I don't really see it making for a thrilling videogame experience. #4
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