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I just wish they would change the era up at least. The whole allure of the franchise was that we could see any point in human history. Now what do we get? Game after game of late 1700's to early 1800's, sneaking around boxy building's rooftops killing men in tricorner hats. It was the weakest era when they introduced it in 3 and really didn't need to be stuck with. #6
Wait so is the previous gen version free if we buy the current gen version? If so that's great if not this amazing feature simply means if we buy two different versions of the game we can use the same save for both? #3
Yes, next generation will be all about the motorised horseless carriage. #10
Wow, just look at how much they upgraded the weapons on Joel's back. #22
The protagonist of Outlast: The Whistleblower? #9
Fair point, sir. #9.2.1
Not bad music but I'm not sure it'll fit. They should go with some super hard dubstep instead. #3
This is not how you get great entertainment. You wouldn't have got a movie like There will be blood if the main character's occupation was decided by a Twitter poll. This method can result in one thing and one thing only... Poochie. #9
I can't believe the servile attitude of 'Stop complaining. Gamers are too entitled these days' that seems prevalent here recently. I can't think it comes from anyone who has been playing games for even five years.

You might not believe it people but games used to actually be exciting. They used to be made with passion by people interested in creating great experiences for others. I'm not just talking about cheap Indie games with retro 8bit graphics here eithe... #11
Which is why we made sure our promo pics looked like a screencap of robot bukkake porn. #2
Seriously. This news does nothing other than make me think this game might not be the work of art I hoped for and instead will be another soulless cash grab. #1.1
Wish I hadn't already played this. One of my favourite games of all time and that's not just nostalgia talking as I hadn't even played it until I pirated it around 2005 (hey, I was a different person back then). Most of the puzzles are a little too obscure but the story and the atmosphere is unbelievable. You'll really feel like you've been on a journey by the time you finish it. Even thinking back on it now tugs the ol' heart strings a little.

"... #11
Just finished and as I thought, absolutely amazing finale. I knew I would love it by the end. A daring choice to separate the action and the dialogue sections so clearly but I loved it. I honestly can't believe the quality of writing and direction of this series and of Telltale's The Walking dead. I'm used to expecting less from games in the writing department than I do from any other medium but I really don't know if I've seen a movie or TV show in years that comes close... #5.1
I'm only twenty minutes in and the writing has been as amazing as ever, however I have already had three QuickTime events fail despite the fact that I absolutely pressed the button on time (and I'm not just rage quitting because I got enough right that it didn't effect the overall sequence at all. I just know for a fact I hit those button prompts) and most annoyingly some jarring story moments and lack of ability to choose my own path.

-spoilers for the first two... #5
No wonder he delivered the entire thing with the thousand yard stare of a child killer. #8
I just hope the story is as well written, open and immersive as the first game. I'm hoping it will be a real RPG about inhabiting a role and interacting with a believable world full of interesting characters and so far I'm not convinced this is anything other than the kind of cliche third person action game Bioware have been making for a while now. #9
Yup, none at all. #18.1.1
A naked woman?!!?? What kind of Virgin loser would be interested in such a thing? See, I do so well with the ladies that even seeing the naked female form in a picture is a waste of my time. Such a waste of my time that I'm going to type out a comment on the Internet and let everyone know that this is not important to me.

The five minutes goofing around to make this is time that was tragically wasted, you should've been working on more important things!!! Besides hard... #18
Belated thanks for the bubble. At least there are still some of us classic Simpsons nerds out there. #4.1.1
If I had any writing talent this is the exact review I would've written for this game. #3
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