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Agreed, it's an absolutely hilarious game. Something we need more of in today's world of dull grey shooters. Well said. #2.2
Final fantasy 6. Easily. #6
Exactly, it's like the famous saying goes, 'Those who forget the past are absolutely safe from ever having to repeat it again ever'. #7.1.2
Because we're not all trying to generate hits by playing the phony outrage card. #4
There is obviously a legitimate point to be made about the shortness of the campaign but I have to admit I bought it last night for the ps4 and played through the entire main mission with a bottle of wine, It took me almost three hours, not intentionally dragging it out but taking my time and enjoying it and I have to say its a definite contender for the best gaming experience I've had so far this year.

I'm not a deluded fanboy either, I've been a fan of the series f... #15
I didn't get the special edition of the game so no Zekey goodness for me. However, after finishing the main campaign and then collecting every collectible shard and reducing enemy presence in every sector to 0% (first time I've ever done anything like that in a game) I had just finished clearing the last sector, felt a little sad, saw that there was still one strange icon on the map I didn't recognise so went to check it out and boom, so starts the paper trail mission.
We all already know Drake's powdered doughnut issue, he needs to cut down on them if he wants to keep quietly sneaking into museums with snarky Englishmen. #4
Thanks for the advice. I was leaning more toward Awakening and now I will definitely go for it. #3.1.1
"thanks born2game83

Shinobi one of the hater on here who feel good if they talk down on a online gamer.
life is about PERSONAL thoughts,feeling,ideals." - GT67 45mins ago.

"@ rando
are you RETARDED??? the trailer is the best showing of turtles ever!!!" GT67 5hrs ago.

What did you get into Buddhism in the past few hours or something? #1.2.5
I'm on the verge of buying either this or the Awakening DLC. I loved Dragon age: Origins, mostly for the incredible writing, characters, and freedom of choice, I've heard so many awful things about this game, about how simplified and dumbed down the combat and inventory management is and about how it takes place entirely in one city but I suspect I could handle that if the writing and freedom of choice was anywhere near as good as the original.

Awakening on the other han... #3
If you didn't like Dragon age 2 I wouldn't recommend picking this one up. It's quite similar.

ps. Sorry for the snark, couldn't help myself, #2.1
That's just ridiculous. There would have been a way to do it. Make the crowds kinda sparse and have them jump out of the way like the pedestrians in Driver, put them on little walkways the cars can't easily reach. They might not be the most elegant solutions ever but if we're at the fourth game in the series in which we haven't seen a single pedestrian I think we've already passed the point of inelegant solutions. We passed that point when it was Christmas Eve in a snowsto... #11
Dammit Bathyj, these others didn't bother me but you just completely ruined Die hard for me. #7.1.2
Hey I've had a family member attempt suicide and I've had The Last of us spoiled for me by some douche on YouTube. The latter hurt worse. ...okay you're right, I am a terrible person. #7.3.1
The saddest creature on Earth is the person that pretends to play a game they haven't actually played just so they can claim not to have enjoyed it. Under any half decent review here you'll find people saying 'I bought this game cuz I thort it would be rely good and it was just boring after an hour I took it back and teh graphics wasnt even that good like they say anyway' then you check their history and it's nothing but pre-release bashing of that game and the system it&#... #7
This is great news to me as I never got around to Sly Cooper thieves in time. I was always a big Sly Cooper fan too I think I was just burned out on cartoony platformers when it came out then forgot to pick it up later. #4
Ascent? It's spelled 'ass scent'. At least if this what I think it is, the game in which you have to sniff the iron throne to find out who's been sitting on it covetously while nobody else is around. #2
I still suck at games after playing them for years. I don't tend to think of a 'casual gamer' as someone who lacks skill at videogames (at least not when I use the term nastily) but rather as somebody who only plays the dumbest least imaginative instant gratification crap and refuses to even look into anything a little deeper or more original. #3
Printing counterfeit money is a serious crime. If you have evidence that they're doing this then you should contact the authorities. #1.5
I actually considered picking this up today after finding a second hand copy but passed when I discovered that the number on the little sticker was the money they were asking me to give them for it and not what they were offering me to take it. #4
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