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'Half-life 3 will never be confirmed' + 'it's satire' = Half-life 3 confirmed. #3.1.3
my only concern about this is Fallout being a purely single player game. Don't get me wrong, I don't want multiplayer in Fallout and I am the kind of person that spends hours creating my character before playing, getting their look just right (even going as far as wearing appropriate looking attire for my current environment in game, despite armour rating or skill boosts) I love shaping my experience to make it as immersive as possible but I just feel like base building is a little le... #2
Simple. Back in the 50's and 60's most gay men would probably end up in marriages with women (simply due to societal pressure) that would not have been based on sexual attraction but were usually still quite loving relationships. Also, all women are bisexual. Yes, all of them. #7.1
Hmmm sounds good but I'll wait for the ChristCenteredGamer review before picking it up. #5
I'm thinking of putting together a petition to try and get CD Projekt Red to stop being awesome and take a holiday or something. I mean really, I'm incredibly thankful for all the awesome free content you're releasing guys but honestly I would've been beyond satisfied with just the content the game launched with. You're officially an utterly brilliant studio, now stop pumping out great updates and free extras, leave the office, go home and see your families. I'm sure t... #1
Don't get me wrong. I DO think articles like this can be counterproductive because they point at the gay character like, 'He's GAY! Isn't that amazing and brave!?!' and that can lead to pandering, when a studio wants to pass off a shoddily made game they might stick in some socially progressive message to deflect criticism of the game itself.

I just don't think anybody can say Bioware has done this. Not having done his quest yet I didn't even know... #19.1.1
Sarcasm mode activate. What's more I'm tired of this racial diversity being pushed on us by Bioware. Oh, so I'm choosing the skin tone for my character and suddenly they're trying to make me make my character black. You can say it's a choice but what about the curly hair option they give you? You're gonna tell me that's not meant for a black character?? I've got no problem with black people and of course they should be able to live as they see fit and should ha... #19
The attitude is the right one to have of course but I'm not sure about the reference to Skyrim. Skyrim was huge but I really felt like my only real meaningful interactions with the world were shooting things with my bow or accepting or declining offers to shoot things with my bow for money. I don't even really remember any characters or plot points beyond the ancient dragon thing. I do know I never felt particularly involved in the world or its stories.

I'm pretty... #16
That's too much for me to handle all at once. I need to go lie down. #2.1.1
To reply with Xzibit meme or Inception reference? That is the question. #2
I actually really like the idea of the gameplay as described in this review. Investigation and detective style games have always struggled with creating the experience of investigation without doing too much hand holding or just becoming a selection of random mini games. A system like this (if it IS actually implemented well) could be just the type of thing me and my fellow wannabe detective videogame nerds have been looking for. #2
Damn, I didn't even know he was sick. I feel really bad about the recent negative publicity around Nintendo being what he went out with. Not that it wasn't at all deserved but if I'd known he was that ill I know I'd have been a bit less harsh on their E3 show. #172
It's not a contradiction to say I liked one thing about a game and didn't like another. I play games for many reasons, I tend to prefer a game with a good story but if that was all I could ever appreciate about a game I wouldn't currently be addicted to Rocket league. I'm going to end it there because you're starting to seem like you're either 12 or the lead Dev of Shadow of Mordor stole your girlfriend or something. #1.1.4

I was never a fan of Lord of the Rings but I really liked Shadow of Mordor. I do agree, however, that the environments and main quest were rather bland and lifeless but I think it's more likely that most people liked the game (like I did) because the combat was fun and the Nemesis system really worked well. #1.1.2
It's a shame this game has had the issues it's had with its menus and servers because if it was working exactly as planned it would be damn near perfect for the type of game it is. It's just pure fun.

If I HAD to pick another flaw it's that the AI can be a little iffy at times too. I literally had one of my teammates drive the ball the entire length of the pitch into my goal without being chased or anything. Still the game feels loose and partyish enough that... #5
I really don't get it. I'm liking the beats the main missions hit so far (probably still only about halfway through because I went back to The Witcher 3) but almost everything else I dislike. I despise the tank battles, I really dislike the general porny atmosphere of the camera gliding over technology in slo mo like Michael Bay's sitting behind it masturbating. I find a lot of the combat somehow scrappier and loose, at points it can be hard to even make out what's going on in... #2
Calm your defensive tits, click the article and look at the highlighted gif. I'll admit I don't currently own an Xbox one but this technology really did excite me and I was really looking forward to seeing what could be done with it. After seeing this I'm beyond disappointed. #5.1
It's a damn shame this game is having these issues because other than that it's an absolutely fantastic game. Probably the most purely immediate fun game on the console right now and the closest I've come to enjoying a sports game since Mutant League Football. #19
For me it truly does. I like how great it feels to dive into and speed down a straight road but every single other thing about it (and many other things about the game in general) I really really hate.
Batman is the world's greatest detective, trained in hand to hand combat and committed to never taking a life. Why am I in a goddamn tank fighting a rocket firing helicopter? The riddler is a puzzle obsessed man desperate to prove his intellectual superiority to Batman. Why is he ma... #6
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