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That's not a bad idea actually. Maybe we should start demanding Twilight be reprinted with the lead male vampire rewritten as a chubby short balding man or Fifty shades of Grey rewritten as being about a woman's relationship with a dirt poor sanitation worker. #2.1.1
So, after THAT title you're gonna launch directly into a complaint about the cheap shock tactics of Hatred? #16
Seppuku? #15
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I'm not saying you shouldn't feel slighted, I agree they shouldn't just be able to wipe the slate completely clean by doing this, giving us games we didn't buy rather than the ones we did. Still, for your own sake take advantage of the offer and grab Rayman. It's not technically speaking my kind of game either but it is a fantastic game regardless. #2.2
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The most offensive thing about this game is the fact that the lead character thinks he looks dark and edgy by dressing up like The Crow. It's not the nineties, fella. Today's uninteresting douche who wants to get a few unwarranted 'dark and brooding psycho' points is supposed to try and dress like Heath Ledger's Joker. #6
Our hero, Japanese immigrant Ishiro is driving a car adorned with rebel flags and extreme right wing bumper stickers. It is a stolen vehicle, stolen from the trailer park rednecks he had just been sent to kill. While speeding through a busy intersection he grabs his mobile phone and calls Luis, the head of the infamous drug cartel 'Los loco diablos' to tell him the job is done. 'You ees one crazy hombre muchacho!' Croaks the voice on the other end of the line, &... #31
and to think people say it's only great minds that think alike. #3.1.1
I did love the minimalist stealth horror of this one but it would be cool to see them progress from emulating the feel of the first movie to emulating its sequel. They're the only team I'd trust to nail the feel of Aliens, upping the scope and pace of the first one without just turning it into another dumb brotastic shooter. #3
It wouldn't have been so bad if they had released the PSplus edition first and held off on the full version until it was ready. I might have understood an approach of, 'Hey have this free limited version while we figure it all out and then those who feel the need for more can pay for the full version when it's ready' but promising the free version then denying it while releasing the unfinished game at full price is a scumbag move. #14
You're both gonna love it. Aside from a few bugs and glitches it's easily the best in the series. The campaign is incredibly varied and the subtle improvements and additions to the game really makes it seem like we're in for some good times once the community has had time to fully explore them. The top down platforming level I played the other night especially hints to me at great things to come, #2.1
You all know exactly what he means. You all know how something can be derivative and uninspired from a gameplay perspective even while excelling in other areas. You've been complaining about this in other games for years. I want this game to be good too but we can't just will it to be by shouting down anyone with a negative opinion. #10
Alternate title, Peter Moore is on Twitter. #7
I really don't want to be the resident downer believe me but I'm still waiting to be convinced this game will be enjoyable to actually play. It just looks so dated and uninspired from a gameplay perspective. Look at Uncharted 4, THAT'S a modern day TPS, this being herded down small corridors with the occasional QuickTime event between shooting gallery rooms really feels stale. #13
Where does it end though? In a year or two are we gonna see comments like, 'Jesus Christ people. The console only shuts itself off ever other day if you refuse to pay for the prime access package. You can still play every second day'. You might say that's an extreme example but there's a time I would've laughed off the very idea of this topic. #6.2
Breaking: My heart. #22
I have to agree I thought there'd be a little more actual remastering to this remaster. I thought they'd at least improve some of the more dated character models (I'm looking at you Glottis, you giant ugly polygon monster you) but honestly I'm glad in a way since it's lessened my jealousy toward people who haven't played it already and are gonna get to experience it for the first time with this remaster.

I mean even with the retro graphics intact and what... #2.2
Fair point. I just wanted to make sure we weren't being dragged into that 'everyone is beautiful and you're evil if you find Kate Beckinsale more attractive than that girl who played Precious' nonsense. #3.1.2
I think it's more to do with the fact that Troy Baker is some kind of magician with seemingly limitless vocal abilities. It's probably annoying as hell to be auditioning for a vocal role and watch the guy walk into the waiting room but I doubt anyone who loses a role to him could ever feel like they were cheated. #2.2
it's pretty morally shady no doubt but can any straight male say they don't find them more physically attractive post-surgery? I find it easy to oppose unnecessary plastic surgery in the west since the fake blonde stripper look does nothing for me, this look however... I can talk about the moral implications of such a cultural climate all day but if I said I didn't find these girls unbelievably attractive I'd be being disingenuous. #3.1
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