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I guess I can't complain since I loved Ground zeroes so the only reason it's a disappointment is that I already own it. Call of Juarez looks reasonable I guess but I doubt I'll bother with it and the rest are just more of the throwaway simple pixel art phone game type things which tend to last me ten minutes or so. #16
All I will say is, read the books. I'm not even usually into fantasy as a genre but the books are fantastic. The Last Wish is a great selection of short stories to really get you into the Universe in quick action packed bites but the main Geralt/Ciri ongoing series is the real meaty character driven stuff. Not nearly as much action but the characters are brilliantly and deeply written. I still haven't finished the series, only being halfway through the fan translation of the fourth bo... #3
There has been no downgrade!

Downgrades are inevitable!

Yeah, I remember grinding my feet on Eddie's couch. #3
The fact that it is a spoiler (which it is, maybe not a big plot ruining one but it's spoiling what may have been a surprise) isn't what gets me. I mean I already that part spoiled for me by Conan's Clueless Gamer segment and I didn't even mind because the segment was entertaining enough to make it worth it. What is truly annoying is that they're spoiling things just so they can play up the 'Is this morally outrageous?' angle for clicks? It's disgusting and sho... #1.1.2
So, a spoiler just for a 'did they go too far?' clickbait piece of crap gawker piece? Ugh. #6
I definitely would love to see the repetitive cut and paste type of side mission die off. I love Dragon Age Inquisition but man is that game the zenith of tacked on repetitive side missions. Yes they're technically optional but I still feel like I'm letting a member of my team down by not helping them out, because I don't want to spent hours literally travelling to different map points and hitting randomly placed rocks until they explode. #13
Yeah imagine if a game introduced a male character with his legs sticking out of a bathtub then panning the camera slowly up the rest of his naked bathing body. Imagine if he was forced to walk around topless for periods of the game or wearing nothing but a tiny towel.

You people don't know the true horror of a woman having to look at another woman's body with the aesthetically pleasing parts highlighted. As we all know, the female body is an ugly ugly thing and should a... #1.2.2
Polygon are clickwhores and nothing more. Sadly the most popular way to get clicks these days is to accuse somebody or something of being somehow bigoted or not socially progressive enough. Hence the, 'Is Geralt's White hair racist' and 'Is the fact that female characters in videogames have breasts misogynistic, transphobic and racist?' articles. #9
Yes I am. If I want pure kinetic gameplay I'll play Angry Birda. If I want to get lost in an atmospheric, beautiful world I'll play a game that promises such a thing. If I buy a game that promised such a thing and didn't deliver I feel lied to. #4
Is good thing bad? Click our article to find out. #31
exactly, it makes me so happy I too want to randomly punch my keyboard to celebrate. #32.1.1
I want to pick this game up and really enjoyed The Witcher 2 (until I had to stop playing because it gave my Mac panic attacks even on low settings) but I don't know if I can do it with Dragon Age Inquisition sitting around uncompleted. I also feel like I might have done too much exploring a big open fantasy wilderness in that game and it might dull the thrill of doing it in this one.

It seems every bit of logical thinking I can muster is telling me to wait a while to pick t... #4
Thanks to the coupling of that comment and that avatar I will never look at Tom Hanks the same way again. #4.1
1. Bland protagonist

2. HUGELY downgraded visuals.

3. Awful driving mechanics.

4. Hacking gimmick turned out to be a few shallow single button prompt actions.

5. Repetitive missions.

6. Bugs and glitches up the wazoo.

There you go, you get the first 6 without even pressing me. #2.1.1
"Or i am just a gamer who doesnt care for graphics but just the game"

See my reply to Elyuuou further down the page. Not caring how a game actually looks doesn't make you a more 'real gamer'. If anything it makes you a dullard who only appreciates the medium on the level of a cup and ball game. #15.2
I have to admit I'm a little sick of this smug, 'gameplay is the only thing that matters to meee' attitude. It also seems to be implying that one is a better appreciator of Videogames because they don't get caught up in such trivial nonsense as what the game looks and sounds like, they're cultured enough to simply care about the core gameplay mechanics.

I really don't believe that's the attitude of a person who really appreciates the medium of gaming.... #23.1.1
That's a healthy attitude I guess. Oh that reminds me, I have to get rid of this luxury yacht by the end of today and I thought, since you're clearly a person of refined tastes, I should let you have it for only $5000. Remember, this is a multi-million dollar value yacht for only five grand.

Okay, we got a deal? Alright well stop reading here because this next bit's only for the other folks on this site.'s not really a yacht. It's... #15.1
So why no reviews yet? Embargo or just more of the big gaming sites not actually bothering to review games and focusing on celeb gossip instead? #5
Waiting to pick this one up is no problem for me anyway. I've been a big Batman fan my entire life and loved the first two games but despite the flashy graphics I just can't get excited for this one. I can't help but feel like it's only being made because the money men demanded another entry in the series. Also the fact that I have far less time and inclination to game than I used to means my backlog and possibly The Witcher 3 will keep me busy for months. #18
Maybe I'm just still not thinking straight after the Silent Hills cancellation but my only thoughts were that I'm ired of being treated like I'm 13, I'm beyond sick of beating up explosions while dubstep plays. I think I'm sick of gaming. I just wish gaming would get its Coen Brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson or Martin Scorcese. I'm tired of playing digital Michael Bay films and I'm tired of playing minimalist 'art pieces' about moving a small blue square acro... #2
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