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In other news: Homophobic gamers not happy with gay characters in games. Flat Earther gamers pissed off about depictions of the Earth as a sphere in gaming. Gamers who hate the word Doom extremely pissed off about the game, Doom.

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Wow, darker skin tone AND a penis! ....just think of the possibilities. You won't see anything like that in any other game, aside from GTA V, GTA: San Andreas, Prototype 2, Mafia 3, GTA: Vice City Stories, The Walking Dead, Dead Island, and a bunch of other games.

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Heh. Heh heh heh ha ha haaaa haaaaaa HAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA HA HA HAAAARGH!

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I have to admit I'm not really feeling it, and I love a good 'walking simulator'. The problem is, if you're gonna make your game solely about discovering the story you better make sure it's a pretty damn top tier story, whereas this one to me feels kinda like a sub plot of some tween oriented soap opera.

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Exactly, I came here to say just that. Like a depressing number of videogame protagonists, this one (especially) really is today's equivalent to Poochie. He's a l33t hackin', parkourin' guy to the extreme! He da real mvp, right kids!?

That's what bugs me about it. I'm in my early 30s and if I could see that these characters were just meant to relate to younger people I'd accept it but it's just how insultingly contrived the whole thing is tha...

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By the look of that defaced billboard in back it looks like we're dealing with another, "Hip and cool young millennial hero sticks it to the big corporation, maaan" story. Likely to have all the creepy youth pandering and (lack of) depth of a hair wax advertisement. Just once I'd like to see a story like this flipped to show the hip young rebel as a big of an uninformed self important douche who's just creating pointless drama to make himself feel big and important, but...

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It's annoying to know how to take this because those of us who appreciated the greatness of the original game know how unfairly reviewed it was, but then a lot of the criticisms in the harsh reviews seem to make more sense this time, and you do get a worrying feeling of the EA curse rearing its ugly head again. Plus on a personal note I get a weird sense that they've intentionally tried to veer away from the almost classic anime feel of the first game and tried to make it a lot more t...

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A Morrowind remaster would redeem them as a company devoted to creating worthwhile content, sadly it'll almost certainly be a remaster of Skyrim, which will put the final nail in their coffin as money grubbing sellouts.

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1:02 - "Into a place which deprives one of faith, and racist memories."

Nice, it might actually be worth going to Hell if it makes me forget the time I did an over the top Bruce Lee impression in front of a Chinese girl at college and she got all offended. I'm still cringing at that over a decade later.

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I think the thing that would make Metal Gear Solid V well worth picking up is if they patched in a mode that allowed you to completely ignore the side ops and just play through the main missions. I know it sounds dumb to actually be asking for less content in a game but it's just such a slog as it is that I couldn't recommend it even for a reduced price.

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Dammit. I can handle a game like Uncharted 4 getting delayed because you can be fairly certain it's gonna be good, or most other games because you at least know generally what you're gonna get when it's finished. What makes the delays for this game especially painful is that it has the potential to be amazing and the potential to be kinda crappy, I just want to know which it is. I could handle waiting to play it if I just knew it was worth waiting for. I know there's no way ar...

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In response to Bimkosomethingsomething.

I'm not calling for the banning of anything (and to be honest don't even care what score Doom gets from anyone) but I have to say reviews really shouldn't be completely subjective.

I hate driving games, I hate resource management games. I've tried to get into both genres but neither do anything for me. Any game in either genre gets an automatic 1/10 from me purely subjectively speaking. Still, let...

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I'm very very happy about the scores the game's getting but dammit, is there a single review released yet that doesn't begin every single paragraph with a story or location spoiler?? I know it's hard to give an in depth analysis of a game without having to mention specific things but really it's starting to seem like a 'review' is supposed to be a beat by beat description of the plot and a list of all the locations in the game.

How about somethin...

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I'm not gonna freak out over a score 0.2 lower than many of the others but as long as we're piling on 'em, please IGN stop with the 'review in progress' idiocy. Everybody knows what you're doing, everybody sees that you're trying to milk the more popular titles for more stories/more clicks than you need to, everybody else gets their review out on time, you're not special. Even from a purely businessminded viewpoint, I don't know how you can't see that b...

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I get that you want people to watch your video but for such an anticipated game it would've been nice to at least write up a brief summary of your opinion about it for those of us who clicked on your page but didn't want to watch anything featuring footage from the game.

I mean if you're gonna claim to be mindful of people's fears about spoilers the decent thing to do is give us your vague general thoughts about the overall quality of the game first, complet...

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Haven't watched the video yet but I loved the first game despite a few problems I had with it. I do hope this time they tone down the "quiet.....quiet......NOI SE AND LOUD SCARY ORCHESTRA MUSIC ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!". The rest of the game was so well made it didn't need the music stab jumpscares to make it creepy. I did think the Whistleblower campaign was a noticeable improvement over the main game though so I'm hoping this one continues that upward trend.

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Spoken like a true Ouya fanboy. Go play your Ouya, Ouya fanboy.

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I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna move to PC gaming. I bought a console to not have to worry about keeping up with upgrades in order to know I'm playing the games the way they were designed to be played. Obviously if this is happening now it'll keep happening and it's a ridiculous thought to buy the PS4.5 now and when the next slight improvement in tech comes along have to move onto the PS4.75 and so on. If this was a lower priced add on for the PS4 I'd consider it but I...

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I'm not sold on VR and am really trying to hear both sides of the story as I am worried it really could be another gimmicky peripheral that gathers dust after a week, so I clicked on your comment history to get more info about this VR trial you claimed to have, first comment I clicked on was you whining about how Sony fanboys won't admit how bad Uncharted 4 looks. Yup, you're just a salty little baby.

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Honestly the reason it's never looked interesting to me is the LACK of captive risk I see in it. Stylistically it just looks like another cheesy young adult douchefest, with lots of moody gravel voiced dudes brooding and lots of car commercial styled extreme camera pans and swoops. I would like the idea of putting the show in the game if the show looked the least bit interesting but in this case it just looks like a typical generic third person shooter with gimmicky time powers, with the...

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