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I was obsessed with this game when I was a little kid. I don't know if it was ever technically a good sports game or anything because I was just a little kid and more of a comic book nerd than a sports fan, but the style of it was right up my comic book nerd alley.

Still, even understanding that's pre-alpha footage, I'm not sure yet. For one random nitpick that skeleton looks far too clean, the whole style looks too clean and Pixar for me. I'd much prefer they... #3
I hate to get sappy and love to get unwarranted praise but sorry CD Projekt Red, I for one cannot accept your thanks. I didn't buy the game as a personal favour, I bought it because all signs pointed to it being a beautifully crafted work of art, I kept it rather than returning it because it turned out to be just that.

If anybody deserves thanks it's CD Projekt for trusting your audience to be intelligent enough to appreciate the nuance and subtlety you built into the... #15
If this is anything like the Batman one that's a major downer on the game for me. Collectibles are fine for the people that are into that stuff and tying it to seeing through some side story is okay but essentially writing them into the main story is not.

I'm sure there would be a bit of a backlash if during the Last of Us you arrived at the gate to the Fireflies compound and a cutscene started in which Joel discovers that he needs 216 special Firefly key cards to op... #13
I really truly hate it too. Not everybody has the time or the desire to scour the map for hours looking for collectibles. Some of just want to experience a story with enough challenge to keep us invested and excited. #11.2
I hate to doubt the reviewer's credibility but I refuse to trust the opinion of anybody that didn't grow up understanding that Adam West is the only true Batman. #3
I'd definitely give it a little higher if only for how beautiful the environment you move through is (despite never really changing). I don't even mind it being a 'walking simulator', my problem is that I felt the game was sold on the idea that you're uncovering the big mystery as to what's going on in this village, like it'll all come together in the end into something meaningful and unexpected. The problem is that never really happens.

You get a... #4
As an Englishman I'm incredibly offended by your xenophobic remarks and will repay that insult in the strongest and most brutal way I know. Yes, that's right, I shall get my Butler to write a strongly worded letter and mail it to your place of residence. #1.1
For a game based around FIFA that's quite appropriate. #5
Shouldn't this be sitting in the advertising banner next to '20 hot girls caught doing dumb things'? #2
I was totally with you on the DLC stuff but you lost me when you started complaining about mobile phones. I didn't even own a mobile phone until about a year ago and the one I have is hardly top of the line but it's a great device that allows me to make sketches, type out scripts, listen to music or podcasts or play retro rpg games while sitting in a taxicab or a waiting room or something. Maybe you can complain about the WAY mobile tie-ins are done but to complain about them simply b... #27
All I really care about is the dialogue system. I'm a lover not a fighter, I just need to be reassured that the conversation hasn't been 'streamlined' the same way Mass Effect was, ending up just having a limited choice of cutscenes between the all important brainless action. #3
IF it actually ends up working like that when everyone's playing it post release that's absolutely incredible. Crackdown was never my type of game but (again IF it works and I think anyone who's followed gaming for more than a week can understand the skepticism) this is a true breakthrough for gaming in general and could help so many games in so many interesting ways. #11
Apparently they're just taking all the lines he recorded for the Deadpool game, running them through a phaser effect then adding them to this game. Sounds like a good fit to me. #1.6
I can't say anything else I saw of the game impressed me but a fully destructible city is one of those pipedream ideas we've all had for a game but never really thought it would be possible. If they really do manage to pull it off that's pretty damn incredible. #11
If it's anything like the first game it's set in a police state basically where everything's clean and 'perfect' because everyone's being watched all the time and will be punished harshly for something as small as littering. #15.1
I only bought the reboot of Tomb Raider after it was released on current gen consoles (partly due to hearing it was amazing and partly due to the game drought of the time) but I really didn't like it. Faaaar too much combat for my liking, this looks about the same. Not trying to get involved in some fanboy war nonsense, I'm sure it's great for people who like pure adrenaline pumping action but for my personal tastes I'd much rather it have gone back to being mainly a puzzle ga... #8
Can't say I loved the constant panting. It's more realistic but it just kinda made me feel like I needed to drink a glass of water or something. Still, if you loved it I'd be willing to compromise and say they can keep it in as long as she stops panting while she's also talking on the radio. #2.2
I still think the environment looks a little busy and not as cleanly beautiful as the first game. You can tell they've tried to keep the same look to some extent and little parts like the corridor before she enters the room with the weird ninja hacker fellow are pure Mirror's Edge. It just seems like it's probably harder with the more advanced graphics to make the colours pop quite as much as they did in the first game.

The colours made the first game feel like a... #14
The graphics are nice and some aspects of the atmosphere but it does seem to have gone the wrong artistic direction. Mafia 2 had class and a real feeling of classic Mafia movies but also had a slight weird dudebro shooter feeling at points, this looks to have gone more in the dudebro direction. There are still classy looking elements but the 'badass' posing by the main characters and the explodathon parts ruin it.

I always thought Mafia 2 felt like it needed another g... #21
They're gonna get sued by Marvel and it's all your fault. #7.2
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