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My friend had a new iPhone and had a program that allowed you to giggle boobs. Made me realize I need an iPhone ;p That was like 3-4 months ago. It was an unlocked phone though. I am not sure if that would have something to do with it?

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Lol I like how you totally side-stepped the whole angle of explaning yourself or even writing anything thats worth reading. Good job. Hope you don't have a job that requires you to do any work or actually think on occasion. God forbid you get a job at NASA or the local McDonalds. I said I wanted no god [email protected] mayo!!!

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Yeah no doubt! How dare you form an opinion of your own?! We here at N4G let the numbers do the talking! Nothing else matters!! EVER!!

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Not Valkyria? If thats the bar by which we gauge RPGs then I am done with gaming all together. Don't get me wrong, it was a good game but it wasn't great by no means. The only moving you do is in combat. Other than that, its a slide show with voice overs.

I don't trust reviewers anymore personally. I will decide for myself.

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That would be f-ing great. I would sell your first born for that to happen!

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Did he get really REALLY close to cutting off his own feet or legs? When he cut the pumpkin the fell off the log, he got WAY too close to his own body parts.

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This is also the reason that digital distribution in general will not take off anytime soon. Guess Blu-Ray IS here to stay.

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it is not any better than the rest. Lol I have a PS3 and consider myself more evironmental than the most but [email protected] Its plastic and metal. All have to be made or processed expending resources in order to get to the customer. Unless its is made entirely of biodegradeably plastics and runs off the power of 1 watch battery for 5 years, its not really that great.

I can see it now! "F u PS4 fan! I get a dollar less on my bill cause I use 3.1 BTUs less! 720 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...

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Lol actually I thought the same thing he did, but now that you said that, it is him. No sh|t. Good pic sir!

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Ha! Did you ever have the misfortune to play FF8? Oooo I think that is the only one I DIDN't finish. That game sucked. Period. At least FF12 had a different battle system.

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Hear hear. I don't understand how a company in this day and age cannot understand how listening to their customer is the best thing. You want to become a company that sells millions of products? Listen to the people buying your sh|t! Give them what they want!

People want a remake of FF7? F*ck it. Make another one. Chrono Trigger. Do it. Or re-release it in 1080p on Live or PSN. You will make money. No question. And like Demonstalker said, give us something more in the meantime...

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I was excited till I actually played the game. Then I was bored to tears. The concepts were amazing and I thought the game was really well made except for the fun factor. It just got really old. I remember thinking to myself in the early stages of my rental that this was probably all that the game was EVER gonna be like. It ended up like playing Dynasty Warriors except not nearly as bad. Same sh|t over and over and over and over and over again.

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I couldn't decide whether I was offended that a developer would use nudity to promote the gaming industry...... or whether I really, REALLY enjoyed looking at those pics. [email protected] these moral dilemmas!!

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What EXACTLY does that mean? Does it mean that Rare will create all avatar mods from here on in and that all developers will now have to go through Rare? If so, I think that wouldn't be a great idea. I don't have a 360 but whenever I hear how one company wants to run all aspects of something, it makes me cringe a little bit. More is always better.

Also, I thought MS created the whole NXE and avatar thing. How is Rare in any [email protected] place to say that they "own" anything ...

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and I was super suprised. Giddy even! Not sure what is covered by the NDA but the only thing holding Home back is the content. More of that and it will be a hit. There hasn't been anything like it before and I, personally, think that it could really be a great thing. Not just for Sony or the PS3, but for gamers in general. Its a fun, novel experience that connects gamers in a more visceral way. I like it. I am there now and will continue to be when it goes live without a doubt.

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I can only imagine the ridicule if youtube vids were posted of people acting like [email protected] fools swinging at stuff with a helmet visor on! Lol! That would be worth it just to laugh at your friends!

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I kinda noticed some of the fallout screens looking like they had different times of day or something. Maybe I am wrong I dunno. Maybe the two consoles have different color setups too. I think there are too many variables involved to say that either one looks better than the other. They all basically looked the same to me except for lighting and saturation. And those can be changed via the setup of the consoles or the tv itself. Pointless article.

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Yeah I have to agree. I want to believe that people aren't that stupid but god [email protected], it seems like it gets harder everyday. People! They are f-ing video games!!

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Yeah thats what I tried to do but like 4 days later, there were lvl 30 soldiers running round blowin sh|t up with rocket launchers. Lol I think its a little early for this (and you probably) but I think a new little map pack is in order. IMO anyway :p

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Seriously. If a game doesn't need a story line, then why do developers put one in at all? Why even bother if it really doesn't matter? Cause it does matter thats why.

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