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HIGHLY doubt it'd ever be an exclusive Strider, and I'm pretty sure if Dino Crisis ever got resurrected it'd be multiplat too (even though the HORRIBLE 3rd game was Xbox exclusive). A Natal game and to some extent Steel Battalion are the only things that make sense.

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Steel Battalion Natal.

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If all you know about Brutal Legend is from the demo, then you DON'T KNOW SH*T about the game. Seriously, the demo is a hair on the body of the game and I cannot stress that enough and yes I do have the full game.

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Liar, you're not getting the game, you don't even have a DS. You're just going to go play it at BestBuy and then read the ending on Gamefaqs, I know how you work man I know how you work.

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Dragon here, make sure I get my beta access Cat and I'll deliver that thing you wanted me to deliver that one time. They should have brought this out in the first place instead of messing with Conan, also where is my Anarchy Online upgrade!?

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Not really, those who were interested already preordered (myself included) and we get early access starting today in about 4 hours. SUPER awesome too since we now have a 13 day head start instead of 5.

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It's an MMO on a different platform, ODST won't be hampering any sales.

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Pretty weak that battle transitions are back in when XII's were seamless on PS2, it actually made the world feel more alive. Ahh well I'm still going to check it out.

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Wow, I thought Data Fly had been canceled all this time, glad to see that it isn't.

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In my head, like a hybrid of Captain Commando, Jill Valentine, and Captain America only without any of the weaponry of them all. One of his hyper combos would have him jump in the Mach 5 and rush in. Oh yeah and using his homing pigeon like Strider calls in his hawk option, with Pops, Spritle, and Chim Chim doing backup as well.

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The original Tekkaman was in already, not D-Boy/Tekkaman Blade UNTIL NOW. Dude this makes me unbelievably happy now as I wondered why they opted not to put him in the first place. Sh*t if they threw Strider in now. ..I'd probably die of nerdgasm.

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I know right!? Now bring me Strider and Speed Racer.

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–verb (used without object)
6. Informal. to get on well together; agree.
7. Obsolete. to prosper or succeed.
—Verb phrase
8. cotton to or on to, Informal.
a. to become fond of; begin to like.
b. to approve of; agree with: to cotton to a suggestion.
c. to come to a full understanding of; grasp: More and more firms are cottoning on to the advantages of using computers.

First time I've heard/read it in that context too so you're not alone. Lear...

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I love Shadow and all, but this game has NOTHING on Crackin' DJ. Sega nailed the DJ game with probably one of the most authentic music experiences a game could get outside of Guitar Rising. Video is attached so you can see, it looks like legitimate turntablism at first glance.

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It's an announcement related to Championship Mode's release.

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Damn, I was going to get this too until I saw that it had no online multiplayer, guess I'm sticking with SF, KOFXII, and BlazBlue.

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It's already over, they just bought the wrong card.

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I loved this game so much when I got to play it last year, it's been hovering near the top of my anticipation list so I can't wait until it hits. Hell I wouldn't mind paying 1600 points for it even.

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I was hooked on this game this morning. ..and then my SFIV copies came and everyone got online. DoW2 is awesome though, you have to keep an open mind though because it's a contrast with the first. It's pretty much Company of Heroes in the 40k universe.

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I'll be on both networks accepting all challengers, fight on fighters.

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