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Sony If anyone says Different than they are idiots!

( if I said anything different I would get my last 3 bubbles taken)

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only ps3 game im getting this season is uncharted. rest on xbox and pc

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you are the one who is awake at 1 am trying to teach people who dont give a flying fuck grammar lessons.

and no MEZZO is a cunt.

you're the asshole.

go ahead and report me pussy, so people think that you got me real good.

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that bored huh

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were like SO excited for you .

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your an idiot. as usual.

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haha dude i lol'd IRL

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their a buisness idiot. does sony sell its games for free?

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haha sony. apologizing, as usual.

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if kinect is going away, what does that say about playstation move?

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haha go figure. ps3 fanboys going nuts in a gears of war article. cant wait for uncharted to catch a 8 and wait for that shit.

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For once I don't feel like playing a dumbed down version of a game because of cry baby console kids

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dude, sony or microsoft dont deserve this game.

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resistance left a bad taste in my mouth after the second one

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you feeling better now? you said that?

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hey gaffyh, are you a salesman or did you need to say that
to make yourself feel better

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how DARE you say that . this in N4G. you get trashed if you say something obvious about either system.

grow up people, not everyone is going to agree with you.
i have both systems and i play both.

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dude, more than half of those games are terrible. If you dont agree with me you have to take off them fanboy glasses.

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there is NO WAY battlefield 3 is as good as resistance 3.

skyrim gets KILLED by infamous 2.

thats a stupid comment man.

BTW your not born into an exclusive club when you own a ps3. you go and buy one for 300.AND infamous 2 was garbage. can not wait for uncharted 3. Just beign honest.

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