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I'm so excited for the PC version. I hope it's not a typical Rockstar PC trainwreck.

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Why not just stop making new games entirely and rehash every moderately acceptable game since Wolf 3D?

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To answer your question, the review score was weighted by various categories, and the price is what brought the overall score down.

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Microsoft Windows and their DirectX API needs some competition. PC gamers always bang on about how the platform is the birthplace of gaming innovation; well, some love for Linux is just what we need.

Plus, considering the direction Windows 8 is taking with Secure Boot and the walled garden app store, PC gamers should rejoice at the prospect of a far more open platform being supported by the largest digital retail company, and one of the best-loved game developers.

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Yeah, I wonder if anyone actually bothered to read the opinion column and the valid points raised before simply flagging it.

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Cool pic round up; thanks :)

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Thank you! I was wondering if someone was going to point out the little discrepancy. While interesting, it shows no link to the Sony attacks.

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I think this is gaming related, although by a few degrees of separation. Sony manufactures the PS3, and the PSN and SOE was also hacked, so further news of Sony's security inadequacies should be discussed. The link to PS3 hackers has already been mentioned.

Perhaps it will spark dialogue about how this pertains to our gaming pastime, and the repercussions for it. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away. In fact, gamers should be voicing their opinions on such hacking att...

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Isn't this the flimsiest basis for a rumour ever? A Tweet that could easily be misinterpreted.

Anyway, they should have dedicated servers as a matter of course.

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Wow; make sweeping assumptions much?

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Wow; what a narcissistic pile of stereotype abusing trash.

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Bad grammar is bad.

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I hope Modern Warfare is a brilliant game that redefines the CoD franchise entirely (complete with a bug free release across all major platforms). Otherwise, I hope it tanks really badly and the lowest common denominator of gamers learn to speak with their wallets instead of blindly buying into CoD trash.

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What a load of tripe. There were demons, a Hell-like level, and fishing in World of Warcraft too. I suppose that's also teaching the biblical lessons.

Diablo? Hell, armor, demons, light helps.

This could go on and on...


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Good picks :)

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How did this article even make it through the pruning process?

They take Lamia's quotes out of the context of the original interview (which they don't credit) and then just tack on an assertion that he's defending MoH.


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I love a good MP shooter, but there is no way I'll be paying monthly for the privilege. MMO's are one thing, since there is an insane amount of content, and even then, people probably think of WoW right off the bat. Whilst WoW has proven successful, there are many, many MMO's that fell flat.

We are a long way off from paying monthly to play our FPS titles.

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Yes, we all play games for a realistic commentary on likely warfare scenarios that could emerge from today's political climate...

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Didn't even read the article because the notion is so preposterous and terrible.

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