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Vita has plenty of software for not being a year old. Vita has more games then the 3DS in the US.

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Hahaha, noooo.

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Persona 2 should be on the list.

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###### love this game!!!! LOVE IT!!! I want an HD release on the PS3.

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I love guns, day one.

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Cry me a river. Its one review and you have your panties in a bunch,chill out.

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WII is the champ of making soccer moms work out, what a champ.

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1. Copy Legends who carried your asses for years, not hard, really not hard, stop failing my god!!!

2. Make a voting system on Capcom Unity, the fans get to pick your projects by voting.

3. Get on your hands and knees, kiss Shinjis ass to make one more game for your asses, hint hint the best Capcom game ever made....................GOD HAND 2!!!!!

4. GO BACK TO SPRITES IN YOUR FIGHTING GAMES !!! you made it first and famous, you never going b...

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Nintendo fanboys are the worst You guys were getting curb stomped for two gens and I mean CURB STOMPED.
Nintendo needed dancing games and wiggle wagging games to finally beat Sony in sales, haah!!

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Dude...... when is this on sale ?

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Edge got exposed.

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F that, Ebay.

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Mind Blowned

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Dam the Japanese get the best shit. I want the blue one.

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Has there ever been sex on a Nintendo console ? Doubt it no Nintendo character gets laid even Mario doesn't get laid XD

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Launch games are always boring.

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Right way to boycott is playing God Of War which owned it in sales and is a more superior game. Silly Otaku's trix are for people who get owned.

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Hastune Miku Vita bundles are worth that amount too.

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Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft Goodbye. HELLO NURSE!!!!!! :)
I was joking about Sony.

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Haha, soooo true, but they just as bad. We made them into us, love it.

All Fanboys of X-box and Nintendo consoles look at what you play, compare them to Sony franchises, Yeahhhhh, Mario and Halo is too sick!!! Rightttttttttt.

Mario Kart is sooo much hotter then Gran Turismo, Righttttttttttttt, biggest fails.

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