23 years old. I play all different types of games. PSN-skateak. Blank request will be denied."


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A good interview but I am surprised to see the author use asterisks to censor the word "pissed." Not what I would consider a word with a need to be censored.

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Will 3 ever make it to a Playstation console or was it funded by Microsoft? I remember seeing something about Microsoft Studios when the game was doing the intro cinematic.

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Ah nice. My girlfriend is a Vegan but I am more of a carnivore. Hunting is a necessity for a lot of people up here in Alaska. Do you eat fish though? Just curious because eating seafood is still a dead animal

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I remember who you are talking about, with the Lightning avatar.

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So you are a Vegan then?

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Why would I have to have a Steam account to sign up for the beta if I already gave them my PSN ID? Wonder if that is an error or something.

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It says the guys PS name at the bottom of the picture. Send him a message and ask him if he photoshopped it.

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Wow. Haven't played this in forever and will be buying it for sure. I hope that Battlefront 2 would be released but I highly doubt it.

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Cool that you get Shadow Jago.

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I had some fun with the game but it won't be a platinum I will be going for again.

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I agree about Project Cars. They really strung the community around with that BS. The game didn't even turn out to be that great anyways.

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The NX wasn't announced at the time and they are offering full refunds to anyone that pledged for the Wii U version. I think that is more than fair.

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Bummed about no Multiplayer for Bioshock 2 but it is more than understandable and could be seen coming. It was actually a lot of fun back in the day and I even reached max rank. There was a surprising amount of strategy in the game, like how you can freeze a door behind you to give you more time to escape from an attacker or mix plasmids to create a stronger plasmid. I have the platinum trophy for Bioshock 2 and Infinite but not the original Bioshock because I didn't trophy hunt when I p...

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Trying to read the article but for some reason it seems like they lost their website domain and it sends me to a default web server page.

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Ah man. I found that part hilarious in the old game. Looks like the enemies aren't Synthisters anymore since they don't need to be fully exposed to the sun to die. I had a lot of fun with the game and I got the platinum.

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I would rather have a waist of money than a waste of money.

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Wow. That is about 10GB over the PS4 Gold Edition file size. Wonder if it will be a more noticeable upgrade than RE6 on PS4.

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A good amount of people much to your dismay. It's still a fun co-op game.

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This isn't an RPG. I doubt the wold would even be close to the size of The Witcher 3 or even Skyrim.

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Wonder if Team 17 is the secret console publisher.

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