23 years old. I play all different types of games. PSN-skateak. Blank request will be denied."


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Depends on how much you like it. I paid $60 for MAG and it was one of the best game experiences I have had and have never had one like that since. Sadly now it is a coaster.

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Nope, not yet.

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The same internet gangsters that would shake your hand and say how big of a fan they are.

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Probably have their top-tier devs working on Scalebound. I think they took to many projects on at once. Maybe they were in the need for quick cash flow.

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I really, really wish I could give you a bubble right now.

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Oh no... Iron Galaxy is porting it to console? I really hope they don't botch this port too. Arkham Knight is a mess on PC and Borderlands Handsome Edition has some pretty bad optimization on Xbone and PS4 considering the update in power and the games ran pretty well on 360 and PS3 already.

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That is the employees problem and shouldn't be held against Gamestop specifically . You don't get mad at a Midas mechanic because he thinks Ford is better than Chevy.

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I suggest reading the whole article that was written by Benji Edwards. A really cool write up and thanks Nintendolife for pointing me in that direction. I was born in 1992 so I missed all the stuff about VR and the VB around that time.

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Maybe Paragon is up your alley?

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Actually the exact opposite has happened. Devs have gone on record saying their game isn't releasing, or at least it's being a timed exclusive and coming to Xbone at a later date due to the sales gap in Sony's favor.

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Better hope they don't see Lego Dimensions.

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Just another form of paid DLC so they can hike the prices up.

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Even if that was the case, they are also voicing their opinion.

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She got a Gamestation.

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What just going to say: What's next? Flappy Bird.

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Don't feed the trolls. I found these gems in his recent comment history.

"Nah I think Sony should start making games for Nintendo."

"Sony has a much bigger chance of going third party than Nintendo LOL."

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Becuase Sony knows that putting out a sub-par release damages the studio and franchise. With the way the internet is, you only have to mess up once to feel the pain. They have the flexibility to allow delays knowing that gamers have an acute sense of a game being polished or just put out to patch a later dates at the expense of the consumer.

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Lol. Wow. I remember MK Special Forces. Game wasn't very good and I kept getting stuck in the same every time I rented it. I didn't have internet back then so looking up a walkthrough was impossible. Might go back and try the game sometime. Remind me of Subzero mythologies although I enjoyed that game a little more.

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That sucks man. I tried it with a 50mbps connection and it ran pretty well with just a hint of input lag. This is in the US region though. I am sure there are other factors that play into the servers running overseas.

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5mbps is the minimum speed required. While it might run the game, I am not sure how well the game will preform. When the app goes live, you can test your internet speed and it will tell you if that is enough inside the app.

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