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Bethesda is setting the bar again.

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The art style looks pretty good, and I especially wouldn't mind it if the gameplay is great.

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I like playing all the spies in my hand on the first round and let the AI take that round. Then I win the next 2 due to sheer brute force.

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"socialist BS"

LOL easy there Rick Santorum.

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From PC manufacturers mostly, since they have to buy the license.

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For story if your new to dragon age that is understandable, since considering how lore heavy the game is. That is like watching Star Wars Episode 6 without first watching episodes 4 and 5.

But no builds? What are you talking about? Every class has 4 skill trees and multiple specializations. Skills and abilities are allotted manually not automatically. You increase your base stats by either levelling up or investing in skills/abilities, plus equipping/crafting armor and weapon...

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I have been playing RPG's since Planescape Torment and the first Deus Ex. I particularly been a big fan of Bioware since Knights of the Old Republic. So I am not a "young" gamer. Of course resorting to such an attack only reveals your immaturity and insecurity

Anyways I disagree about the story, dialog, and combat as lacking. They have issues, but not big enough to severely effect the player experience and immersion. Storywise, it is understandable since the gam...

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DAI was an epic game. Great characters, great environments, a great musical score. Probably the only game this year to live up to the hype. Calling it a shadow of Skyrim is dishonest, considering DAI has more beautifully built and varied environments than Skyrim has, and has much more interesting cast of characters, a better story line and superior combat system. I am even a huge Elder Scrolls fan, and I enjoy both games but there are some things Bioware has done better in DAI. Personally I w...

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DDos is not a hack. Lizard squad also DDos PSN earlier this year and a bunch of other games like GTA5.

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You must not play a lot of games then if that is your top 5 in the past 15 or so years.

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Apparently PC gamers with some high end graphics cards can't even get 60fps with all the graphical settings put on low. Ubisoft dropped the ball big time.

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Like PSN never had server issues with launch games? Yes PSN was hacked, because of flaws in the networks security due to Sony's oversight. Unable to play a game for a couple hours is not as bad as having your personal information and credit card number being stolen.

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LOL but in all seriousness has Xbox Live ever been down for a whole month? This is one games servers, on launch day, not the whole network, like cmaan hardly equivalent.

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Never said Halo was first to do it doe

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Before anyone comes in here saying they copied destiny and CODAW, Halo 4 had jet packs and thrusters before those games. Anyways all those new abilities are doable, but I am still iffy about that smart scope.

Edit: Good thing they took out armour abilities and loadouts. Also another thing about smart scope is that it is has always been in Halo, but now they just put it on every weapon, not just the BR, DMR, and Sniper. Though much preferred a lone reticle (as it always has b...

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Bungie claiming the end game is where it's at, but apparently according to Primeguard, the first clan that beat Vault of Glass (Destiny's first raid), there were serious lack of loot and the few loot that dropped were not significant upgrades. This was a raid that took them 10 hours to complete. Destiny has been disappointing.

source: http://www.giantbom...

Two different reviewers reviewed TLOU and GOWJ. And last time I checked Polygon gave a lot of Playstation exclusives high scores (ex. Uncharted), and Destiny is not a playstation exclusive so your argument is moot.

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When activation said 10 years, I think they meant the entire franchise (Destiny 1, 2, 3, etc), not just one game.

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Sales? Yes because of larger install base. But better game than Halo CE or Halo 2? Have to wait and see, especially since a lot of people seem to be disappointed with the game.

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No one bashed Last of Us. Especially not on N4G, which is filled with Sony fans. This, just like Last of US remastered, is more like a ultimate edition/game of the year edition kind of bundle... which every game nowadays is getting.

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