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"There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs."


Wouldn't be so sure. The slide refers to the current situation, which forecasts have nothing to do with. Then again, the wording may imply that the units are targets rather than what they expect to have achieved (e.g. they're never a 100% sure on the exact numbers).

The slide is ambiguous and I wouldn't pick either side of this argument. #2.1.3
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It's not that I don't understand where you're coming from, but I also see the benefit of the patent system.

Patenting the idea means that the company makes the information publicly accessible. Additionally, it gives credit to the person or the company that came up with the idea, which itself also pushes innovation and invention.

Whilst there's certainly downsides to the system, as you mentioned, I feel that the ability to protect an idea in... #10.3.2
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It's a step by step process that they patented. Innovation could come from other companies attempting to do the same thing using different steps.

They came up with the idea so I think it's fair if they are allowed to reap the benefits of it for a while.

PS. in terms of your comment to Minato - a patent is always on an idea, never on the code or technology behind it. #10.3
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"something like this shouldn't be able to have a patent."

Why not?

"It [A Patent] consists of a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or their assignee for a limited period of time, in exchange for the public disclosure of the invention. An invention is a solution to a specific technological problem, and may be a product or a process."

I'd say this process of awarding trophies by disk... #6.3
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"at least experience operating a successful business of this size? "

That's an interesting statement, since John Riocitiello and Bobby Kotick have both been very successful at running their respective companies. Whilst both of them get a lot of crap from a very vocal minority, Bobby is the only reason that Activision is still around, and John has been very successful at keeping the business profitable in a very tough environment.

THQ could'v... #4.1
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The issue appears to be that contact is incorrectly assumed to be a chargeback, which could really be an issue with either Amazon or EA.

It's only logical that EA would disable your game key once you get a refund. This sounds much more like miss communication than a deliberate act of evil. #9
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Ray tracing can currently only be faked or done in a very limited environment. The same used to be true for Radiosity, but the engine highlighted in the video shows Radiosity being achieved in real-time, as well as a large set of other lighting effects to make the final result significantly more realistic than other engines are able to achieve. #6.2
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" meaning that they will be outdated the moment they get out."

I recall that when Playstation 3 released, Nvidia had just released the 8800 GTX, which in turn means that the Ps3 was already outdated when it came out.

I also recall a little game called Crysis that still looks better than anything on PS3, so not sure why this generation was expected to be different #12
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I don't get it.. Where's all the trash talk for Bungie's always-on DRM on Destiny? #30
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Yeah, we'd never see a male character dress similarly in a game. Never. #21
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Wouldn't expect too much from this. The guy running this, Michael, isn't very nice to work with. Organisation of the team is terrible, and he doesn't appear to have any previous experience in Game Development. #3
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I feel another wave of 599 US Dollars coming.

I doubt Microsoft would be stupid enough to price their console at 599. Then again, they always manage to surprise me. #6
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You do realize the trophy is in relation to the son saving Kratos instead of his mother right? #1.1.3
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Maxis has been property of EA for 16 years, so they hardly began to trip and stumble as soon as EA acquired them. #7.1
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Finally, someone with common sense. Bubbles :) #2.2.1
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Except that hacking a game that was made to be played online is non-trivial, and unlikely to happen. A lot of the game's infrastructure is based on the availability of servers, hence why EA didn't just temporarily patch the game to solve the immediate problem. #2.1.1
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Most of these things actually make me want to buy the game lol. I'll wait for the servers to be fixed though. #2
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Ah Eureka.. How I miss that show. #7
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In my opinion most of the complaints people launch towards EA are petty, issues which they wouldn't make a big deal out of if it was any other publisher.

So no, I'm not going to stop buying EA games just because some people are having some issues with SimCity. Sure they made some mistakes, but they're working hard to resolve those and a petition like this one really doesn't help anyone. #15
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AMD doesn't develop games or engines. This is likely a reference to a new product they're looking to bring to the market, likely a hardware accelerated type of lighting solution. #1.2
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