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"There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs."


Lol the only reason it's coming to Microsoft's press conference is because Microsoft wants to give us the same press conference they've given us for the past 4 years. #36
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The problem with this tech is logistics. They state in the video you need to put a projector on your coffee table. What does that mean?

1. You're going to have to buy a projector for this to work
2. You're going to have a projector on your table
3. You'll have cables running over your table and floor

Whilst I'm aware you could hang it on your sealing, or place it somewhere behind you, it would still imply a significant pain with... #8
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They're going to announce "Final Fantasy 13-4: Lighting Returns. Again." #17
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So I suppose I should also boycott Tomb Raider because they're running a campaign with Rustlers at the moment. #4
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But the question is - was the problem actually solved? Do the hackers not have access to the service anymore, and was the loophole sealed? An hour seems like a terribly short time to do so. #1.9.7
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and Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Command & Conquer, Crysis.

The company has countless franchises that perform exceptionally well in the market - like you said, EA isn't going anywhere, but it's not only because of their Sports branch. #3.2
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Oh a vocal minority spent hours making sure EA would win the polls. Must mean the company is doomed!

Short answer to the question posed: No.
Long answer: Nooooooooooooooooooo. #7
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That's not the point the article is making. Staying independent and making fewer games would not have been profitable for the company - that's the entire reason they were bought by EA in the first place. #6.2
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I think you misunderstood (perhaps didn't read my whole post). I never said _all_ gamers are narrow minded, I said we get that reputation because of a very vocal, very sad minority.

The backwards thing is that that minority is the same minority that also shouts they want to be taken seriously and treated as adults. #3.2.3
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"Second, this is an online poll that can be easily abused. EA may have won Worst Company thanks to a relatively small amount of people spamming votes using bots and various other means. The poll is in no way a direct correlation to the attitude of gamers because there is no way to verify that every vote was from a legitimate person with legitimate complaints. "

But doesn't a small group of gamers putting a lot of effort into making EA win the online poll prove M... #3.2
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Pachter stated that the Wii-U would sell out over the holiday but that the hype would quickly die out and the console would ultimately be a failure, losing a lot of third party support in the process [1], which so far has been proven true [2][3][4]

Furthermore, he only ever criticized Nintendo's hardware strategy, never their software. He hasn't flip-flopped about the Wii-U, you just haven't been paying attention.

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As long as they're an option and not a requirement (e.g. as long as they're not P2W) Microtransactions are perfectly reasonable. They also help keep the price of the actual game down, which would've risen significantly without alternative business models such as this one. #7
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Yes, I too would say a balance between the two is appropriate. But a lot of people appear to be saying EA should listen to everything the customer says, which to me just implies a lack of creative freedom in favour of higher profits - which in turn is exactly what a lot of companies seem to be doing. #2.1.4
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As companies become more succesfull they also become more corporate. That's what happened to Bioware and Crytek, and what would've happened to them regardless of whether EA was there or not.

Bullfrog failed to make a profit, so it would've been a bad decision to keep it open. If you want to blame anyone for that, blame gamers for not buying their games. #5.1
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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford

Blindly following the demands of your customers is not always smart. The problem is that even the customers don't know what they want - a very common problem in Software Engineering. #2.1
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$5,00 per character is just too much. You should get the stage and the characters for that money, and even then I'm not sure if it'd be worth the investment. #2
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The publisher LucasArts still exists, they just don't develop games anymore. And the article clearly states this in reference to the developer LucasArts, who had nothing to do with 6 of the 8 games in the list. #14.1
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Most of these games have nothing to do with the studio that was closed, but were merely published or licensed under the same label.

It's not exactly thoughtful to remember a studio's prime years by looking at games they didn't create. #5
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Yeah, because every developer has a few mil lying around to develop, market and publish a game. #4.1
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Rogue Squadron: Factor 5
Battlefront: Pandemic Studios
Lego Star Wars: Travellers Tales
Thrillville: Frontier Developments
Lego Indiana Jones: Travellers Tales
The Old Republic: Bioware

Only two of the games on that list (republic commando and the force unleashed) were developed at LucasArts. The others were licensed games developed by different companies.

The Developer LucasArts has closed, but licensing under the nam... #9
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