There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs.


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DmC holds a metacritic average of 84, so I'm not sure what you mean by "look how that turned out", other than it actually proving to be a good game despite controversy and unfounded hatred against it.

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1. Pick a high profile game that generally got favorable reviews and has a large fan base
2. Write an article proclaiming it's the worst game you ever played
3. ???
4. Profit

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"(1)Sony needs to clarify their policy about used games, (2) always on connection, and (3) what sort of exclusives we can expect"

They already have...

(1) Sony doesn't enforce one on PS4, it's up to the publishers
(2) There isn't one
(3) Killzone Shadowfall, Driveclub, Knack, Infamous Second Son, The Witness

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Euhm.. Why did this get approved?

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"but in the end, you are pretty much paying for an incomplete game that can cost you anywhere from $80 to over $100. "

So how exactly is DLC different from expansion packs? The idea to expand a game after its release has been around since pretty much the PS1 era, so I don't understand why suddenly we're assuming that the games are incomplete when we buy them.

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Just looked at the article in a bit more detail. Here's a few golden claims the author makes:

1. The Last of Us is coming out in two months
2. Naughty Dog is becoming EA because they're selling DLC
3. You have to pre-order the game to buy a season pass
4. DLC is sold close to the release date
5. Multiplayer won't be included in the game and you'll need a season pass to play it
6. The DLC content has already been develope...

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" That’s like buying a sandwich from a shop because, if you pay for the bready treat at full price, they’re willing to sell you the filling for just an extra few pounds. It’s a sandwich, the filling should come as part of the deal."

Sorry but that's a horrible analogy. The game that you'll be playing in June will be the full game (or sandwich) including the filling (full campaign + multiplayer).

To say that planned DLC means that you're...

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Good luck sticking to shooter mechanics when you've only got 4 bullets and 10 enemies.

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I don't like either to be honest, I hope they're not final

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It'll be interesting to see people's response when they find out that all the functionality that Microsoft pitched at their conference won't be available for the UK.

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Your comment is a classical case of ignorance. If the developer didn't have a clear plan on the future of their product ahead of launch, they'd be a poor business. A business makes decisions, sets milestones, goals and update schedules years in advance. None of that means that any of the content was kept away from the game, it just means that they have a plan to increase revenue by developing additional features or content for the game post-release.

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Same reason people buy the iPhone

Edit: This was in response to Kratos_Kills's first post.. Pressed the wrong reply button.

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That might just be a symbolic reference though - "the box" - rather than a blurred out image of the actual console.

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Besides artstyle and name, Overstrike was the exact same game. The end result has more to do with Insomniac than it does EA.

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Hope she doesn't wear those earrings in her video though. Makes her look like a transformer.

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Yeah, I also love it when people throw around numbers without having a clue what they're talking about.

Just a quick note... GPU efficiency is a statistic generally used to measure wattage vs. performance.

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Then how is the PS3 region free?

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True, but that'd be a publisher decision, not a Sony decision. It's also something they can already do on PS3 if they want to - so could we then claim that PS3 has the same used-games policy as Xbox One?

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Here's the problem - the used games policy you suggest doesn't work without an internet connection. There's nothing to verify against if you're not connected to Sony's servers. Since it has been confirmed that the PS4 does not require an internet connection, unlike the Xbox One, blocking or charging for used games is a technical impossibility.

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That was confirmed fake a while ago.

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