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"There will never be a language in which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs."


That might just be a symbolic reference though - "the box" - rather than a blurred out image of the actual console. #14.1
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Besides artstyle and name, Overstrike was the exact same game. The end result has more to do with Insomniac than it does EA. #1.2.3
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Hope she doesn't wear those earrings in her video though. Makes her look like a transformer. #7
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Yeah, I also love it when people throw around numbers without having a clue what they're talking about.

Just a quick note... GPU efficiency is a statistic generally used to measure wattage vs. performance. #3.1
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Then how is the PS3 region free? #21.2
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True, but that'd be a publisher decision, not a Sony decision. It's also something they can already do on PS3 if they want to - so could we then claim that PS3 has the same used-games policy as Xbox One? #11.1.1
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Here's the problem - the used games policy you suggest doesn't work without an internet connection. There's nothing to verify against if you're not connected to Sony's servers. Since it has been confirmed that the PS4 does not require an internet connection, unlike the Xbox One, blocking or charging for used games is a technical impossibility. #11
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That was confirmed fake a while ago. #58.1
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Because people like you still wonder what it looks like, and the PS4 is therefore still on your mind. It's a way to build hype, and this article shows that it's working quite well. #60
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- Quantum Break
- Ryse
- Next-Gen Fitness IP
- Next-Gen Family IP
- Next-Gen Sports IP
- Black Tusk IP
- Kinect based IP
- Cloud Based title

- Halo 5/2HD
- Forza 5
- Gears of War 4/Judgement 2/Whatever
- Kinect Adventures 2/Kinect Sports Season 3
- Fable 4
- Killer Instinct
- Crackdown/Project Gotham Racing

That's my predictions. #1.1.7
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The 184Gbps bandwidth for the GPU is already considered a bottleneck. Use of the cloud would restrict that bandwidth to about 10Mbps for the average household.

Microsoft likes shouting that the cloud is going to make their console more powerful, but it's nothing more than PR nonsense - it's spinning the truth in such a way that people believe games are actually going to look better because of the cloud. #4.6
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"By your logic PC isn't a hardcore games machine"
It isn't. PC is a general purpose machine that can play games, but it's a far cry from a games machine.

"How dare Microsoft add even more functionality to an already great gaming system what the heck where they thinking! "
It's not about the functionality. Nintendo and Sony have similar amounts of non-gaming related functionality. It's the focus that's different. Sony... #76.2
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I don't see how any of those companies are relevant to this argument, and VC-1 is a video codec used by -some- of the publishers, not all.

Read up: #224.1.4
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Haha Maddens, thanks for making me laugh uncontrollably! Bubbles for that one. #1.1.8
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I'm loving the Xbox defense force here. The conference was crap - they announced a GAMES console and spent 45 minutes of the conference talking about TV.

I look forward to seeing more at E3 of this console, but to claim that the conference was good just because they showed the box is just silly. #229
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Sony owns patents on the BluRay technology which means Microsoft has to pay royalties to them for every Xbox they sell.

I wouldn't go as far as saying that it really means much in terms of who's going to 'win' the next generation though. #224.1.1
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lol @ 4.9 TFLOPS

Also lol @ the people attempting to use TFLOPS as a measure of power.

This article (and its comments) are amusing, but no more than an ignorant fantasy. #102
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Sales numbers prove if a game is good or bad? Just Dance must be an incredible game then, and Psychonauts and Shenmue must be terrible games.

I bet Zero Punctuation and TotalBiscuit sold out to Capcom. In fact, I agree with you that Capcom spent millions to pay reviewers to give high scores. That's far more likely than, you know, it actually being a good game that you just happen to dislike. #1.3.5
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You should really have another look at how statistics work Steve. 3000 people is representative of all gamers with an error margin of about 5%. #20.1.2
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The other 99% of the book? #4.1
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